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Monday, June 7, 2010

You've Been Holding Out On Me?!

On Saturday I went on my first official thrifting adventure of the summer! Here's some of the items I bought on Saturday, and a few that I have been holding out on all of you ;)

  • Red, Brown, and Cream Drop Bead Clip On Earrings (.25) Seriously one of the best deals I've ever gotten. I bought these earrings along with two other pair on Saturday for twenty-five cents a piece. That's such a steal it's not even funny. I don't have any clip on earrings that dangle either, so these are great!
  • Black Glamorous Sequin Bag (free). A few weeks ago my sweet aunt Nancy bought me this gorgeous purse! It's so fancy that I have no idea where I'm going to carry it to. Oh, but trust me, I will definitely find a use for it!
  • Gold Chain Dangle Clip On Earrings (.25) These earrings match perfectly to the chain necklace I have (see my previous post!) I think my new obsession is dangle clip on earrings....
  • Black Patent Leather Purse (free). My aunt also bought me this purse that I love! It's so chic in a simplistic way and it completes any outfit perfectly. Now that it's summer I'm so excited that I get to use all my purses that are smaller!
  • White Stone Clip On Earrings (.25) These were the final pair of earrings that I bought at the sale on Saturday. In my collection of earrings I have a lot of gold, but I actually do not have any white ones. These are just what I have been looking for!
  • Beige Purse ($1). About a month of so ago I picked up this purse at a dud of a sale in an empty Value City. Beige goes with pretty much anything, so I thought "why not!?"
  • Boy Scout Magazine from 1954 ($2). This actually is not for me if some of you are wondering,lol. Yes, I am interested in it because it's vintage, but I bought it for my aunt, uncle, and two younger boy cousins. One of my cousins is a boy scout, and the other is a cub scout, and my aunt and uncle are masters of their troop! I thought they would really enjoy this vintage magazine, heck I enjoyed looking at it and I'm not even a boy scout! ( I was a girl scout though!)

    The last few pictures aren't of anything I have thirfted of recent, but just some silly shoots of my outfit, makeup, and hair today. The thing I love about summer time is that I usually let my hair just dry to it's naturally wavy texture. Sometimes it dries too flat and I'll straighten it, however, every now and then it will dry how I want it to: like today! Also,I tried a little bit of eyeliner out today. Eh, don't know if I really like it that much. I'm a die hard mascara girl! It's always fun to try out new makeup trends though. Even though half of them just look strange and terrible on me!


Mandy said...

Such a pretty romantic dress :) I <3 thrifting adventures!

Mila said...

Lucky!! I love the pictures, and your dress. I can't wait to go thrifting myself!:)

Sofi Moukidou said...

hey sweety! so cute outfit! i do love the bag and the earrings!!!

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