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Saturday, August 6, 2022

29th Birthday in Montauk

Outfit Details
60s dress / found in Italy studying abroad in 2015
Earrings / thrifted

I turned 29 in Montauk on Monday. 💗 I decided to take a solo trip on my own to Montauk for a few days over my birthday. Usually I rely on others to help my birthday feel special but I wanted to take it into my own responsibility so I could make my birthday full of my favorite things. I found just spending a quiet, low-key day with myself and connecting with those closest to me was just what I needed!

This is my third summer spending time in Montauk and it reminds me a lot of Ohio. Montauk for me has always been a place for me to reflect, disconnect from social media and reconnect with myself.

One of those ways is through photography! I shot outfit photos for so many years for this blog and in more recent years haven't continued to practice that passion. I've been re-discovering it lately and man, it feels good. Shooting with a DSLR has helped me feel more creative and passionate about creating something again. I didn't realize how much I missed finding a location and building an outfit around it to tell a story.

I felt proud of these photos and loved taking them. Reminded me of how I used to race against the sun for that perfect golden hour light before it disappears. Ignoring the bug bites, dripping sweat, smeared makeup to just to keep trying to get that perfect shot. Honestly, it's worth it every time.

With much love, Lauren

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