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Sunday, January 31, 2010

I'm Afraid I'm Becoming Holly Golightly.

There's something about these necklaces that intrigues me..They're so delicate and have a mysterious air about them. They seem magical, as if they could unlock a secret place of fantasy! If only in my dreams I could own one, they cost hundreds, some even thousands of dollars! I especially love the rose and gold heart keys directly above; so charming, ha.

Perhaps on my next thrifting expedition I may stumble across one that is more in my budget range. ( Which isn't very high!) It bugs me that I actually used to have a key necklace that had come with a Secret Garden book. I wore it all the time until the chain broke, but I still kept the charm. It has been a few years now, and I have no clue where the key could be; oh, how I wish I could find it!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Where It All Started,

Black Lace Dress: Thrifted.
Pink Silk Belt: China.
Pink Bow Headband: Forever21.
Pink Shell Purse: Thrifted.
Black T-Strap Heels: Target.

This outfit was actually not what I wore today,but I have been meaning to take pictures of it! The lace dress that I'm wearing is the first piece of clothing that I ever thrifted; it's what got me hooked! About two years back I went to my church's rummage sale and came across this treasure. I hadn't been looking for anything special, everything at the rummage sale was just junk, right? That's what I thought until I stumbled upon this dress hidden among some ugly, out of date prom dresses. I snatched the dress up before anyone else could and dashed away to try it on,keeping my fingers crossed that it would fit. It did in fact, like a glove that was made especially for me! That day was something I would remember forever, my first thrift!
Halloween two years ago was a blast;I ended up wearing the dress and being from the 1940's.( Although the dress is probably only from the 80's or 90's.) My boyfriend, the same one I have now, dressed up with me in a suit and fedora; we were a hit at school! Ever since I found the dress it has been my favorite thrift find. It makes me feels so invincible when I wear it. It's quite intriguing how a simple garment can have that much effect on self esteem!


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Breaking Dawn.

Light Blue Silk Top: (actually a dress) Forever21.
Grey Pleated Skirt: Thifted.
Grey Heels: Thrifted.
Navy Skinny Belt: Charlotte Russe.
Head Scarf: ?.
This morning I had a two-hour delay; hooray!! I took my blog pictures early this morning then, which was much better than taking them in the evening! Everything in the morning is fresh, serene, and beautiful.. The whole world is quiet as it wakes up from its night of rest. It was bone chilling cold outside though, slightly taking me away from all the beauty.I could only stay out for a few minutes, I then scurried inside to drink some hot chocolate!
School went abnormally fast since all my classes were shortened to only a half hour each. The day was fantastic until I got to seventh period Enriched Algebra 2.. Although I knew it was coming beacuse people told me, we had an atrocious pop quiz today. 20 problems, 20 minutes, no calculator, radicals set to exponents. Yeah, it wasn't pretty.
Since I was so freezing today in my light weight shirt and skirt with no tights, I have made a better outfit choice for tomorrow lol. I am kind of excited because I'm trying something a little new; ha, for once it's not so girly! (Although I will still have a bow in my hair :) ) Oh, and I must mention, it's pants! Lately, I've been wearing pants alot;which I don't particularly like. It's just so darn cold out I can't help it! Wind making my legs into icicles, or warm pants? The pants are going to win!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

You Know That It All Takes My Breath Away.

Lavender Ruffle Blouse: Forever21.
Skinny Jeans: Kohl's.
Turquoise Cardigan: Old Navy.
Silk Patterned Ballet Flats: Old Navy.
Charm Necklace: American Eagle.
Happy Birthday to my boyfriend, Matt! Today he turns 17 :)
I actually really like the color combination that I wore today of lavender and turquoise. It's something unexpected that doesn't particularly match, but looks pretty and sweet together. I remember quite awhile ago in Seventeen magazine about how mixing the two colors was a new "trend." After putting the outfit together, I thought about that article!Well, What do you know, I'm on trend.. Ha, now it's probably out of style knowing my luck.
That reminds me of a memory..In the sixth grade everyone was wearing leggings with denim miniskirts; it was the thing. I wanted so badly to own a pair of leggings to be cool...Oh, it makes me laugh so much now that it turned out as soon as I got them they went out of style. Figures, always my bad luck. That's why my philosophy now is to not be trendy, but to stay true to my own style. It works out much much better!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Bite From the Jealous Bug..

Isn't this ad from Dior just stunning? It is for Dior's Spring 2010 collection; the picture features model Karlie Koss. When I first saw it on the back of my Vogue magazine, my attention was instantly caught by the beauty and old glammor captured in the picture. The whole picture just screams 1940's; that sexy, mysterious, come hither look. Oh, and do I even have to mention how much Karlie looks like Lauren Bacall!? I'm so insanely jealous right now..

Monday, January 25, 2010

Reversible Dress Part 2.

Poka Dot Dress(Other side of floral one!): Target.
Yellow Jacket: Missing a button :( Forever21.
Black Heart Necklace: Forever21.
Black Tights: JcPenny's.
Black Boots: Thrifted ( For $3!)

Here is the other side of the floral dress that I wore yesterday! I just cannot get enough of this little dress..ha it's going on the third day of being worn. (That's kind of gross..) I had a matching gold beret to go with the outfit, but since it was so windy today I gave up trying to keep it on my head!

Lately, I've been a tad bit bored with my style; I'm trying to mix things up! The outfit pictured here is an excellent example..Usually, I would pair red shoes and pearls with this dress for a classic look;however, today I just wanted to try something different, so I added a pop of yellow! I hate when I get stuck in fashion ruts..You know that feeling where nothing seems to work? It's so agonizing! Currently, I'm trying to break out of a big fashion rut.I think perhaps it's been caused by all this somber winter weather?

Oh, and I almost forgot to talk about these lovely boots in the pictures! Quite a few months back I saved these babies from an eternal life on a thrift store shelf and brought them home into my loving arms :) They were too hard of a deal to pass up of only for only three dollars..and they look like they're in new condition! No scratchs, scuffs, or chips! The boots are probably one of the best finds that I've ever had!

Today, Some news I got in band actually made me excited? Our teacher told us that on February 20, the marching band will be having a rummage sale.Although I am not in marching band but regular band,you can bet you will see me sifting threw all sorts of treasures on the 20th!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Reversible Dress Part 1.

Pink Flower Dress: Target.
Black Cardigan: Forever21.
Black Tights: JcPenny's.
Black Heels: Target.
Pink Beret: Target.

Sorry for the extremely bad quality photos! It was raining cats and dogs out all day, eliminating my option to take pictures outside, haha. Along with the new dress I got, I am also wearing my new beret! I had to get a little creative when taking pictures inside; I didn't want them to be too boring..

This morning after church my family and my boyfriend, Matt, went out to Denny's to celebrate Matt's birthday! I got chocolate chip pancakes, and let me tell you..they were delicious :)

For his birthday present, I got Matt tickets for him and I to see Sinbad, who is coming in April to our town's theater! He had mentioned quite a few times that he was wanting to go, so I thought "Why not?!" The tickets were a hit of course, making him and I very happy :)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Change Can Be Good!

Hello there! Today was actually a really great day..Now that my mid-terms are over I have no worries. ( ha this won't last for long!) For weeks I've had a thirty dollar gift certificate from Christmas to Target burning a hole in my pocket, and today I finally had the chance to spend it! Target is such a wonderful store..you can walk in not looking for anything in particular and come out with ten things!

While I was there, the first thingI saw when I were bathing suits! Bathing Suits in January!? Jeez..seems a little soon. I found this adorable flower bikini in the picture above though while I was looking. The bright colors, ruffles, and strap that goes around the neck made it so cute and quirky!It has matching bottoms, but everything was too busy; a solid color on bottom will look much better; therefore, I decided not to get it. I have a black suit bottom, and also a purple suit bottom that will match wonderfully!

Along with my suit top, not pictured is a dress that I got with the remaining money! Tomorrow hopefully I can put up pictures of me in it,for it does not look the same just laying on the kitchen table lol. The dress is a really nifty piece..it is sleeveless,silky, and is reversible! On one side is a black and white polka dot print, then on the other side it a lovely floral. I really do like it a lot..the whole car ride home I put together outfits in my head with it!

Finally, the first picture above has to be of one of the best deals I have perhaps ever got... At Target,they had different colored berets on sale for only $3!! That's a steal! Usually they're selling for fifteen dollars a piece and my mom and I got four for less than that! Berets are perfect to wear when having a bad hair day,but still wanting to look cute. Now, I can have one to match just about every outfit :)

This evening I went out to Applebee's with my boyfriend's family for his birthday, which is not until Wednesday. Dinner was delicious, and I actually was adventurous tonight and got something different for a change! Instead of my usually chicken tenders and fries, I ordered the grilled Caesar chicken salad; it was delicious! Perhaps change can be good?

Friday, January 22, 2010

A Flight Attendant From The 1960's..

Navy Dress: (Christmas) Charlotte Russe.
Cream and Navy Hat: Thrifted.
Navy Knee Socks: Mom's.
Grey Heels: Thrifted.
Pearl Necklace: Kohl's.
Isn't it funny how so many people interpret/see an outfit differently? Today was an excellent example! My "inspiration" was 1940's; however, people at school told me I looked like all sorts of things. For example, some being; a 1960's flight attendant, a catholic school girl, and finally a teacher. I can definitely see the flight attendant ha ha ha...

Also,today was my last day of exams, Hooray! I feel like a giant weight has been lifted off my shoulders; now I can breathe again! I took ridiculously easy Gym and Band midterms, and then had a challenging Spanish midterm. Now, I'm waiting in anticipation to see the grades on all my tests!
Oh, and I have to mention; it's going to be 50 degress here sometime soon!! That could possibily be better news than a snow day.. :)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It's Here!

The Forever21 vintage inspired twist collection is here! This morning I was stressing out about midterms;however, I clicked on forever21.com and low and behold...the vintage collection popped up! This,as you can probably imagine, lifted my spirits up, making me a very, very happy girl. The clothes in the collection surely did not disappoint me.. the bright colors, interesting shapes,fun patterns are enough to make me go crazy. The best part? As you already might know, Forever21 is ridiculously cheap, and these clothes are no exception! Therefore, perhaps I might need to be saving some money to satisfy my ever growing addiction to clothes?!

I copied some pictures of my favorite looks and pieces of the collection...My two absolute favorites probably being the poka dot romper and the sailor shorts. I'm head-over-heels crazy for the jumper, I just don't know how it would look on me. The image in my mind is not so good.. Maybe that's just because a romper is something I've never tried before,but it would be exciting to try something new! The sailor shorts I think are just darling... They would be perfect for running around in the summer with a floaty blouse tucked in and some red flats! Oh, There I go thinking about summer again... :)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Pretty, Pretty, Pokadots! (And Some Tennis Shoes!)

Multicolored Poka Dot Skirt:Forever21.
Denim Top: (Actually a dress) Forever21.
Red Cardigan: Gaberial Brothers.
Navy Skinny Belt: Charlotte Russe.
White Tights: JcPenny's.
Red Sneakers(!): Wal-Mart.
Gold Heart Necklace: Forever21.
Red Bow Clip: ?

Oh,how I just love wearing poka dots! They spice up any outfit just right! Don't know what to wear? Wear poka dots! I got this skirt last spring and was obsessed with it..for awhile I forgot about it, but now I'm becoming obsessed again! The only downside is that not many things go with the colors in it..I manage though :)
Tommorow I have my first mid-term; Enriched Algerbra 2. Oh boy...
P.S. We had a two hour delay because of ice this morning! I was quite happy as you can imagine :)

Monday, January 18, 2010

She Listens Like Spring and She Talks Like June.

White Blouse: Kohl's.
Flower Skirt: (actually a dress) Forever21.
Purple Belt: Forever21.
White Tights: JcPenny's.
Satin Purple Heels: Target.
Teal Cardigan: Old Navy.
Purple Quilted Purse: (Christmas) Kohl's.
Pink Earrings: Thrifted.
As you can see from my outfit today, I definitely have Spring on my mind! Florals, swingy dresses,pastels; ohhh yes! Perhaps it's because everything is so dreary and somber outside that I want to brighten it up a bit. I have to admit, snow is beautiful; however, when it starts to melt it leaves everything muddy and slushy! Not so pretty for the back round in pictures..
Today was sort of a lazy day...I was just around the house studying away for my midterms that are coming up this week( I'm scared to death!). For lunch I went out with my mom, sister, grandma, and boyfriend to Steak N' Shake; one of my favorite restaurants! The interior of the place is wonderful..a little, comfy fifties diner! The food is just as praise worthy; and the milk shakes? One word. Heavenly. When I was a little kid I always loved getting the "cook" hats that were made of paper. I think I still might have one downstairs..Who knows?
On Forever21.com today I saw a preview of their next Twist Collection....IT'S VINTAGE 1950'S INSPIRED! I'm so antsy it's not even funny right now to see the collection. I will definitely be doing a post on it very very soon..

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Recycle Fashion;Wear Vintage!

T-Shirt: (Christmas) Charlotte Russe.
Cream Bow Headband: Forever21.
Pearl Necklace: Kohl's.
Probably my favorite T-shirt ever hands down! This was actually Friday's outfit, but just today I finally got the computer working. No school tommorow for it will be Martin Luther King Day! :)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Dior is Being Cruel To Me Again..

The other day I was just surfing around the internet for some inspiration and I stumbled upon the Dior Spring/Summer 2010 collection. This collection is truly stunning with the little belted trench coats, corset tops, ruffles, and lace! The pieces have a girly ,light, and almost a vintage inspired feel to them! (especially the corset dresses!) The hair and makeup is flawless, as well... oh those red lips and glamorous waves!
My favorite outfit has to be the forth one.. I love how elegant and simple the dress looks, yet it has little quirks about it that make it look totally unlike anything else. I wonder if my mom will buy it for my to wear to Prom? Ha..ha..I crack myself up :)
Currently, I'm having some technical problems uploading photos..My computer is failing to recognize the camera memory chip; therefore, I can't put any outfit pictures up! This is quite heart breaking for me because I took pictures Friday of a T-shirt I wore which says, " Recycle fashion, wear vintage." The perfect T-shirt if I do say so myself. Hopefully my dad can get the computer fixed.. Next week though, I won't probably have too many fantastic outfits because of midterms..ah how I'm dreading them. I don't want to result to comfy outfits, but I think perhaps it will be best if I'm not in four inch heels and a dress taking a hour-and a half long test...
I must enjoy this three day weekend I have as much as I can!
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