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Friday, January 15, 2010

How To Walk In High Heels.

Millions of girls around the world have the same problem; of how to walk in high heels! It is not something that comes natural to most people, and takes lots of practice and patience. Here is a guide, however, that may perhaps help so walking in those heels isn't quite so shaky!
  • Start first with heels that are chunky and low rather than skinny and tall. It's impossible to wear sky high heels and expect to walk perfectly if you never have before! As your feet get more accustomed to wearing heels, start going higher gradually.
  • Wedges are an excellent starting shoe start out with to getting used to wearing heels. They are solid,so it helps give you balance and more support if you're a beginner. Another perk of wearing wedges is usually they are alot less painful!
  • Standing up straight with your shoulders back is a big key to walking gracefully in heels. Don't bend your knees excessively, try and keep the legs straight,close, and parallel.
  • When walking, make sure to first put down the ball of your foot, then shift your weight forward to the front.
  • It is also important to take smaller strides when wearing heels. The higher the heels, the shorter your steps will have to be in order to keep balance and avoid falling. Just because you are taking smaller steps doesn't mean they have to be faster. It's okay to take your time when walking in heels!
  • A trick I like to use is swinging your arms slightly when walking. This, along with shorter steps, creates balance. It also adds a little pop to your walk that looks great.
  • Pointing your feet straight ahead will cut out the problem of possibly twisting your ankles. Pointing your feet straight allows you to move forward efficiently in one fluent motion, and not back and forth like a ping-pong ball!
  • A great tip is to practice wearing your heels around the house the day before you wear them out. It may seem silly, but it really does help! It's important to get a feel for what walking, turning, and climbing steps is like in them before you go out in public.
  • When wearing your heels, avoid hazardous surfaces like ice, gravel,sand,grass ect. It could get messy is you venture into any of these areas...Trust me, I know from experience/
  • Avoid cracks and holes in sidewalks and streets. It will only take a few seconds after your heel gets caught for you to go down...
  • Walking up and down stairs may seem like a death trap in heels, but just remember; place your whole foot on the step. Never put only half of your foot on the step! Still wary?It's okay, hold a rail for support.
  • When out buying shoes, make sure they fit properly. No one wants to be walking in floppy heels! This only increases the risk of falling... Make sure your heels are tight;however, not so tight it cuts off the circulation!
  • Never, ever, ever drive in heels! Especially in a standard car. Heels are not meant to drive in, so opt to keep a pair of flats in your car.
  • Feet getting tired? Take a break. Don't wear heels to an event you'll be walking alot at, your feet will thank you later. If you just can't stand the pain, refrain from taking off the shoes. Your feet will only swell more once you take them off, and be near impossible to put back on!
  • The biggest and most important tip? Be confident when you strut your stuff! Confidence is the key to looking graceful, confident, and great in your heels. If you know you look good, everyone else will think so too!

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