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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Dior is Being Cruel To Me Again..

The other day I was just surfing around the internet for some inspiration and I stumbled upon the Dior Spring/Summer 2010 collection. This collection is truly stunning with the little belted trench coats, corset tops, ruffles, and lace! The pieces have a girly ,light, and almost a vintage inspired feel to them! (especially the corset dresses!) The hair and makeup is flawless, as well... oh those red lips and glamorous waves!
My favorite outfit has to be the forth one.. I love how elegant and simple the dress looks, yet it has little quirks about it that make it look totally unlike anything else. I wonder if my mom will buy it for my to wear to Prom? Ha..ha..I crack myself up :)
Currently, I'm having some technical problems uploading photos..My computer is failing to recognize the camera memory chip; therefore, I can't put any outfit pictures up! This is quite heart breaking for me because I took pictures Friday of a T-shirt I wore which says, " Recycle fashion, wear vintage." The perfect T-shirt if I do say so myself. Hopefully my dad can get the computer fixed.. Next week though, I won't probably have too many fantastic outfits because of midterms..ah how I'm dreading them. I don't want to result to comfy outfits, but I think perhaps it will be best if I'm not in four inch heels and a dress taking a hour-and a half long test...
I must enjoy this three day weekend I have as much as I can!

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