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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Raindrops Fallin.'

Laser Cut Blouse, Earrings: Thrifted.
Red Peplum Skirt: c/o Lulu*s.
Bracelet: JcPenny's.
Hair Bow: AA.
Red Heels: Inherited.
Lipstick in MAC's 'Lady Danger.'

Hello  ♥
I haven't take that long of a blog break in years. I just had to take some time to myself, not because things are stressful in life or anything, more so they got stressful around this blog. Sometimes it just gets too much for me and I get burnt out with posting every day and doing all of the 'duties' my blog entails. I never want to seem or sound ungrateful because that's the last thing I want to be; I cherish this blog with all my heart and all of you who read it. Sometimes I just get so caught up in it that I need to take a step back, breath, and learn to post with ease again. I tend to be hard on myself, making it a goal to do 18 outfit posts this month, get my email inbox caught up, comment on 20 other blogs, and update every single social media I have with every 'interesting' thing I'm doing. I forget that in a way, this blog isn't real life. I mean, well, it is real. I'm real, you all are real, but at the end of the day this computer doesn't talk back to me. Having 1 follower or 1,000 doesn't matter because it's not tangible. I don't have anything physical to show for it; it's all here on the internet. 

But I can stay up late reading a really good book. Feel content hanging out with friends and chatting. Spending time with my grandmother and playing Webkinz with my little sister. All of these things are real in a sense that this blog is not. Someone Like You brings me insurmountable joy that a lot of other things in my life couldn't come close to. I just think that making it my everything and forgetting about living my life was certainty getting to me.

Anywho, I am excited and happy to be back! I'm going to ease back into things I hope and not push myself as much. I've still been taking outfit photos (my favorite part of the blogging process) so I have a bunch piled up. It's been disappointing because none are really great quality/ones I'm satisfied with since it has been a constant downpour here in my town. The past three days I've attempted photos and got caught in nasty thunder storms each time! The blogging Gods must really want me to take that break ;)

Thank you as always for everything you do for me! I love each and everything single one of you.

With much love, Lauren. 

P.S. If you follow this blog with Google Reader, make the switch over to my Bloglovin' before it closes tomorrow! x

Monday, June 24, 2013

Long After You're Gone.

Polka Dot Blouse: c/o OASAP.
Black High Waisted Shorts, Flats, Bracelet: Thrifted.
Camera Necklace: Forever21.
White Bustier, Purse (c/o): Aeropostale.
Lipstick in MAC's Lady Danger.

So if you follow me on instagram or twitter you've probably heard the big news already but for those of you who aren't quite as connected to the world via social media (wish I could be like you) I have news!

Yesterday was surely my lucky day. Although I don't think luck has anything to do with it, but I'll get to that point later. Anywho. Last night I was given three enormous trash bags filled to the brim with late 1960's and 1970's clothing. They were given to me completely by surprise from my aunt who got them from a friend who was cleaning out the house of an elderly woman. And they thought I might want them.

It was like I was five years old again and it was Christmas morning, pulling piece after piece out of the garbage bags, each one more of a delightful surprise than the last. Skirts and sweaters and dresses and blouses and in all sorts of colors and patterns from candy hued pastels to vibrant primaries. I couldn't believe my luck.

But there I go using that work again. 'Luck.' Because I don't believe it has anything to do with luck or the stars aligning in my favor. I believe it has to do with God. Nothing else can explain it. The perfection, the coincidence, the astoundment. It has God's handiwork all over it. Remember when at the beginning of the summer I was unsure what to do with this time away from college and He gifted me that beautiful, red, 50's dress to show me I am to sell clothing online this summer? Well I think this is another push towards that.

God shows us our path in the smallest ways, but also in the largest. The smallest in a dress for $2. The largest in 200 pieces of vintage clothing mostly in my size. Before I came home from Kent I was scared about nurturing my relationship with Him and just, honestly, what I was even going to do with my summer because I hadn't a clue. One thing is for certain; I have been shown that He will NOT let me down. Through all of these blessings this summer He has shown me to always have faith, to pray with all my heart, and to "lean not on my own understanding." He will provide, He will show the way, He will love me forever.

I plan on selling most of these beautiful items in the shop because, of course, it's what I feel I've been called to do. I am keeping a few for myself though because come on; how could I resist? ;)

God, you are so great I cannot even fathom. Thank you ♥

With much love, Lauren.

P.S! I fixed the button at the top of my blog page for the link to my facebook! If you're interested in 'liking' it there's more personal posts from me and updates on all things blog related that I don't always post on here.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Remix #20.

Remixed Item: Magenta Lace Skirt, Forever21.

Woah, long time no remix post? January was my last one; now THAT I cannot believe! Since my outfit pictures didn't turn out that great today I thought I'd do a remix post instead of no post at all. For me it's always fun to go back through my archives and reflect on old outfits and how my style transforms. A favorite of mine this past year has been this full, lace skirt from Forever21. I bought it before I went to college and it stayed in my closet there the whole year, getting lots of use (much of it without photographic evidence, unfortunately). This skirt is the perfect length for tucking dresses underneath (see second photo) and looks great with an assortment of blouses I have in my closet. The color is easy to color block with which I did for most of my outfits. I'd like to find a floral blouse that has the same tone of pink though to do a more matchy look. I'm going thrifting tomorrow to see if I can find some things for the store so who knows, I might pick something up ;)

Would you all like me to continue doing remix posts or retire this feature? Let me know! x

With much love, Lauren.

P.S. Other remix posts;

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Pink and Pleats.

Skirt, Floral Mary Janes, Pendant Necklace: Forever21.

Hello, hello, hello ♥

How has your weekend been wherever you are in the world? Here in Ohio it's sunny and hot! I've spent quite awhile at the pool this weekend relaxing by the waters and reading. What a way to spend the weekend; I surely can't complain.

My weekend may or may not also have included Steak N Shake, homemade cookies, Yahtzee, free Starbucks drinks, and finger nail painting. Life is pretty swell right now!

Also, I just got the blouse I'm wearing in these pictures + a polka dot one in the mail thanks to OASAP the other day! I've been trying to stay away from dresses because that's all my wardrobe consists of any more. Gotta keep telling myself to buy more blouses and skirts! x

With much love, Lauren.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Strawberry Lemonade.

Polka Dot Blouse: c/o Lulu*s.
Lace Denim Shorts: c/o Aeropostale.
Yellow Beret, Pink Crossbody, White Mary Janes: Thrifted

Hello everyone!
I took these photos yesterday and man, I swear I couldn't take a good photo in my life was on the line. Ever have those days? I must have taken 100 photos and most of them were out of focus, bad lighting, weird posing, or a mishappen face. I managed to get a few and I suppose they'll do. We all have those days! 

Also! I just started the instagram account for my local Aeropostale! I'll be posting new inventory we get in, behind the scenes looks, sales we have going on, and employee outfits! If you'd like to take a peek at what I do for my job, you can follow the account with @richlandaero. Almost all Aeropostale's have the same deals going on and stock, so everything is the same at your local Aero, too!

Hope your weekend is starting off right! ♥

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Lady Danger.

Blouse: Forever21.
Skirt, Flats, Bracelet: Thrifted.
Lipstick in MAC's 'Lady Danger.'

Hello everyone  ♥
Just like every other girl, I dream of going to Paris. I want to wear monochromatic outfits with stripes and simple, delicate jewelery. Spectator flats on my feet and a butterschotch colored trench coat that keeps the rain off of me when I walk through the rain drenched streets. Bright, poppy red lipstick with my lips perfectly outlined and shaped. I'd like to wear a single strand of pearls and have my hair curled; and in my dreams it would actually not come undone.

I think about walking those cobblestone streets at night like they do in the movies. You know, where the only light is the street lamps and there's this eery glow beneath the surmounting fog. I would walk by myself, swinging my satchel with buckles, being the happiest girl in the world.

Oh. And I would go to street cafes where I hear that they only have super strong espresso. I'd probably be bouning off the walls. But I'd like to think it would be the best cup of coffee I've ever tasted and that I would take my time savoring it. Partly because I spent an arm and a leg for it and partly becuse I would want to spend time sipping it and people watching Listening to angery conversation, funny conversations, sad conversations, love converations. All in French. It would be wonderful to walk among the streets and stop at the vendors, smelling fresh flowers and picking up ripe fruit and vegetables for dinner. And trying a macaroon for the first time. Those little, pastel colored treats everyone is so keen on. I'd love to try a real one. But I feel like I won't like it. I hope I'm wrong.

And I would stop and look at the Eiffle Tower from a distance. Smiling at all of the couples there; whether American, French, or any other nationality. Love is love, you know? I would stare up at the momument in amazement, thinking..." I'm in Paris. Paris, France."

With much love, Lauren.

P.S. I updated my store if you're interested!


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Store Update + Reader Photos!

Crop To It Blouse.

Cream Dream Anorak. 

Hello everyone!

I'm here with another store update :) I went thrifting a week or so ago and picked up all of these items except the 1970's dress. That beauty I found this weekend at a Goodwill in Columbus! Email me if you're unsure of the sizing of an item and I can do exact measurements for you to see if it'll fit! I want you to be 100% happy. Also, if you are interested in buying something and think a price is unreasonable please let me know. 

The support I have gotten from my online store has been tremendous and it always makes me so excited when people send me pictures of themseleves in the items they bought.

Here is my good friend Lauren of Introvert's Introduction.

And the sweetest reader Elizabeth Davenport in a vintage 70's dress!

And literally one of the most stunning ladies I know (and fellow MAC addict!) Fernanda wearing a leopard cardigan she purchased!


If you've purchased from my online store and have worn an item, send it to me! I'd love to show everyone how beautiful you look ♥

Thank you for your continued support and love!

With much love, Lauren.
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