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Saturday, June 1, 2013

May Outfits.

Hello everyone!

May is done and that means time for an outfit review for the entire month (I love doing these!). Half of May I was still in Kent and the other half I've been back home so it's strange to see so many outfit locations. I can't really pin point my inspiration this month on my style; it seems to be all over the place from preppy, vintage, and classic. I'm kind of sad because I didn't post as many outfits as I have in the past months, but every outfit I did post I was proud of and liked. I don't even have a least favorite this month! About mid way through May I became obsessed with wearing scarves in my hair for an easy, retro look that helps keep my bangs back since I'm growing them out. Oh! And apparently lace was my favorite fabric; I wore it for 8 of my 14 outfits!

My goal for June is to post more outfits now that I have a lot of time on my hands. I'm shooting for at least 18 outfits! I also want to focus on wearing more vintage looks because I feel like I'm always more in tune with that side of my style during the summer. Bring it on June!

Favorite outfit: Laser Cuts and Lattes.
Least favorite outfit: none!

What is your favorite outfit of mine I wore in May?

With much love, Lauren.



Ruby Sterland said...

I loved all of them, I'm so glad I followed you! It's really hard to choose a favourite but I think I like the white top and coral pink shorts most :-) x


Delaney Young :) said...

They're all really well put together and cute, but I have to say the maxi skirt one. Really love that look! :)

Unknown said...

I love the wrap up that you did! Your favorite outfit is mine of your too!


Elizzabeth Hope said...

Loved your May Outfits!!! Can't wait to see this months!

xo, Lizz

Unknown said...

I think your May outfits are beautiful :) I love your favorite outfit, the black lace dress, and the lace shirt under the bluish floral dress!


Unknown said...

Laser Cuts and Lattes is definitely my favorite May outfit! So retro and so you :)

Camille said...

All of your outfits were so cute and well put together.


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