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Friday, May 31, 2013


Tropical Peplum Top: Thrifted, (for sale in my shop!).
Black Bow Clutch: Thrifted.
Gold Heels: Plato's Closet.
Princess Di Ring: Gift from Kezzie.
Wishbone Necklace: c/o Katie Dean Jewelery.
Mini Skirt: c/o OASAP.
Cat Eye Sunglasses: c/o Sunglasses Warehouse.
Lipstick in Lime Crime's 'My Beautiful Rocket.'

I was a competitive swimmer for twelve years and did it my freshman year of high school. It was a very intense season of three hour long practices every night, mandatory team dinners, meets hours away, and pressure beyond belief. When it came to the end of the season for the big meets that lead to state qualification, my coach would have us do meditation to calm our nerves. She would have all of the swimmers lay down on their backs in this locked room with the lights off and tell us to get as comfortable as possible. Bring blankets, pillows, music. Whatever you wanted. And then she told us to go to a place that made us the happiest we could possibly be. Imagine every teeny tiny detail you could to get lost in this fantasy world into an almost trance like state. This is my world I go to still to this day when I have panic attacks from my OCD or just want to get away from the worries of life.

I'm in this field. It's so large and stretches farther than either of my eyes can see. It's a true summer day with clouds so perfect looking they belong in a painting. They frame the crystal blue sky beautifully, unlike I've ever seen. The fields aren't empty but filled with tall grass like in the prairie, not the short, itchy grass we have here in the Midwest. I come through this grass, taller than my head, swaying in the breeze all around me and come into a clearing.

My skin is bronze and my Native American heritage is more present than ever. Deep, coca brown with gold undertones and it's soft to the touch like shea butter. I'm bare foot and the soles of my feet are blackened with the soil of hundreds of years. Always the same outfit I'm wearing is a starch white dress with eyelet cutouts around the bottom and a ribbon belt with a square neckline. It's a dress I fashioned after one I saw in the Delia's catalog as a preteen girl and always wanted and never got. My hair tickles the sides of my face with the warm breeze and it cascades down in waves, passing my breasts and ending at my waist. No jewelery, no makeup, no hat, just me in a white eyelet dress.

I always enter the clearing and there's this huge tree, bigger than any tree I've ever seen. It's so old and I'm sure if you cut it open it would have hundreds of rings to prove its age. The leaves a vibrant green and I lay down onto my back in the shade and stare up at them while they wave at me. I close my eyes and I've never felt at such peace. A river babbles next to me and it's so crystal clear I can see the pebbles on the river bed. It makes the most glorious sound and talks to me; soothing all of my fears and anxiety as I watch the green leaves fall from the tree into the river one by one. They float down, down, down the river until I can't see them anymore.


I've always dreamed of finding this place in real life.

Happy Friday everyone ♥
 With much love, Lauren.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Now It's Just Me.

Lace Blouse: Forever21.
Red High Waisted Shorts: Thrifted.
Bunny Flats: Giveaway win from Le Bunny Bleu.
Headband: Found it.
Lipstick in MAC's 'Russian Red.'

I saw the old man yesterday when I pulled in the driveway with my 2004 red beetle, moon roof down and music throbbing through the speakers. The one we always ran into every summer when we would go on our summer evening walks. 

I would always complain because I was lazy, making up a half hearted excuse it was too hot out. But you would pull me out the front door into the haze of the impending twilight with the promise we would go to McDonald's afterwards. Persuading me with food like a dog. The nights were always so balmy, so beautiful. I wouldn't take them for granted now. We would walk along the sidewalks of the neighborhood and talk. Sometimes more, sometimes less. Sometimes they were serious talks and sometimes we couldn't stop laughing. We were always avoiding people and walking onto the other side of the street just to escape awkward 'hellos' and 'how are yous.' You were always more antisocial than you let on, maybe a part of me rubbed off onto you. But there was an old man who hobbled around the quiet houses and freshly manicured lawns with his wooden cane. 

He was old, but not too old. African-American with a little bit of a beard that was mostly gray. He wore a base ball cap and always held a toothpick in the crook of his mouth. Sometimes he would walk with an older woman who we assumed was his wife. When we didn't see her with him, we would hold our breaths and hope that she hadn't passed because we cared about this old man. Why, I don't know. We just did. He was so kind with the most sparkling eyes and he would always greet us with such endearment, the two kids he had been seeing walk around the neighborhood at the same time he did for the past five summers. He didn't know our names. He didn't know our ages. But he knew us. And for some reason, I didn't know how much he meant to me until I saw him yesterday for the first time since last summer.

Because I had forgotten about all of these little things up until that moment that he gave that same wave he always did and that same, 'how you doing young lady?' It brought me back instantly, almost scarily. Nostalgia taking over my entire body and mind. And then in that moment he looked at me with that same smile he used to give the both of us I sent a silent prayer to God that he wouldn't ask me about you.

Because now it's just me.

With much love, Lauren.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sunnier Days Ahead.

Orange Lace Dress: Local store in Kent.
Straw Hat: Gift from Erin! :)
Shoes, Purse: Thrifted.
Binocular Necklace: Giveaway Win.
Lipstick in MAC's 'Myth.'

Hello everyone! 
So remember a few weeks back when I lost my favorite hat when I fell in the river? Well, this is proof I have thee best friends ever at school. Even though it wasn't her fault (but my own), Erin felt bad that I fell in the river and lost my hat, so she bought me a new, look-alike one! Oh my goodness, who does that?! Erin, if you're reading this you're the best. Seriously.

Things have been going well over here in little Ohio. I applied for a second job today that I'm not sure yet if I want to get or not. I love my job at Aero but I'm simply just not getting the hours I need to make money this summer. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. Today was the sweetest because I volunteered in my sister's third grade classroom and got to walk with them to the local ice cream stand. Sometimes I can't believe she's nearly ten because I remember holding her for the first time in China when she was just a baby. I mean, I know I'm growing and getting older but why does she have to, too?! Yesterday she had me put a full face of makeup on her and curl her hair (which is amazing because she's the kind of kid who makes farting noises with her armpits and won't wear a dress). Look at this little monster I'm creating! ♥

Hope you all are well, too!

With much love, Lauren.

P.S. If you'd fancy you can take a gander at my online store!  x

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Vintage, Thrfited, Shop My Closet Store Update!

Mademoiselle Dress. 

There's Always a Silver Lining Dress. 

Call of the Wild Cardigan. 

Elegant Musings Blouse. 

Ditzy Floral Dress. 

Clouds on the Horizon Skirt. 

Denim Date Dress. 

Black Coffee Blouse. 

Hey, Ho Sailor Dress. 

Sail Away Shorts 

Picking Poseies Romper. 

America the Beautiful Tank. 

Betty Boop High-Waisted Shorts. 

Hello everyone!
I've updated my shop with lots of my own personal clothing, thrifted items, jewelery, and also some vintage. I've had more success than I ever thought selling clothing online and I have you all to thank for it. You have been so supportive of me and my little shop and for that I am so grateful. Thank you all for being the very best out there;truly!

You can visit my store, Passing Whimsies, here.

With much love, Lauren.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Sound of Silence.

Dress, Blouse, Purse, Earrings, Shoes, Bracelet: Thrifted.

Hello ♥
Hope you had a swell weekend. I got to work two out of the three days this weekend which was really wonderful. I've been doing a bible study during the weekend with one of my friends which has made me feel comforted because that's what I used to do in Kent. Tomorrow is half off day at the thrift store so I plan on going to that and also to some swing dancing lessons tomorrow that I'm rather excited about. I'm going to see The Great Gatsby sometime this week and hopefully do a lot of blogging and stay busy. 

I uploaded a new video on my most recent thrift haul. One of the best ones I've had in a long time. Also I think I'm getting less awkward in front of the camera (maybe).

Talk soon! x

With much love, Lauren.
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