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Monday, May 27, 2013

Sound of Silence.

Dress, Blouse, Purse, Earrings, Shoes, Bracelet: Thrifted.

Hello ♥
Hope you had a swell weekend. I got to work two out of the three days this weekend which was really wonderful. I've been doing a bible study during the weekend with one of my friends which has made me feel comforted because that's what I used to do in Kent. Tomorrow is half off day at the thrift store so I plan on going to that and also to some swing dancing lessons tomorrow that I'm rather excited about. I'm going to see The Great Gatsby sometime this week and hopefully do a lot of blogging and stay busy. 

I uploaded a new video on my most recent thrift haul. One of the best ones I've had in a long time. Also I think I'm getting less awkward in front of the camera (maybe).

Talk soon! x

With much love, Lauren.


Shey said...

I love your videos Lauren, and I loved the things you thrifted, too bad they don't fit, maybe that 60's dress will though! =D

Sammi said...

Cute cute outfit in the photos (and love the shoes)! And you are too adorable in the video! Such amazing finds (PLEASE tell me if you list either of the high-waisted shorts! Especially the pink ones!), and the red dress is divine. I have a VOA literally 3 minutes from my house, but I can never find anything that isn't super matronly and out of fashion (and not in a cool, vintage way). You must have some secretly fashionable people in your town that like to give things to Volunteers of America! It's too bad about the spectator pumps! Were they like, a painted faux leather? I love the anchor shorts you found, too. I think your idea to sell thrifted and vintage items is a great one. You are incredible at finding the best pieces, so it makes perfect sense!

xox Sammi

Alexandra Marie said...

You remind me SO much of my best friend!

Unknown said...

Your outfits are always so inspiring! I'm loving your purse and your dress in today's look :)

And your haul was so much fun to watch! I think I actually tried on those anchor shorts at Forever 21 a while ago. They are so cute! You are awesome at finding great things while out thrifting--it's a gift!

xo, gina

Unknown said...

This is seriously one of my favorite outfits that you've worn since I started reading. I love the pattern of that dress! And the lace top underneath is just beautiful! And, on top of that, it's something I would wear! As much as I absolutely love your style and reading your blog, it's not always stuff I would wear (but that's the fun of other people's blogs--seeing other people's style).


Alissa said...

You have such a pretty outfit on! I love that you are a thrifter too! I love going through stores looking for bargains. Such a great haul!

Charmaine said...

Girl, you are so darn pretty.

Anonymous said...

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Demy said...

I could watch your videos all day long and never get bored <3

Lauren said...

omg your thrift store tho!

My thrift store is so expensive (I can never find things under $6) and things are always so ugly. TAKE ME TO YOUR STOOORE!

Nerd Burger said...

I lOVE your videos. You are so adorable and I extra love that your wearing one of your trademark hats. So rad.

Martyna Samecka-Naczyńska said...

I like your blog and videos, but it is such a pity you cannot see the whole clothes when you sit like this.

Ohhh and I love your nostalgic-sweet style. It suits you oh so much!

Kezzie said...

Awwww, cute! Nice items, especially the first romper! I'm going swingdancing later too! And tomorrow night, and Friday night and Friday afternoon for a private lesson!!! LOVE it! recently, I went to a swing-dance evening at a church in Primrose Hill (uber chic West London place where lots of famous UK celebrities live!) and they'd moved all the chairs and pews out the way so we could swingdance in the church! It was an awesome environment for it!
Glad that the red dress had such a pinnacle meaning and moment for you!x

Margaret said...

Your outfit is VERY pretty and I had the biggest smile while watching your video. That red dress is a gem. I wonder why there aren't any cheap thrift stores in NYC. You will never find a dress for $3. It just doesn't happen here! I haven't been able to find any vintages pieces like that red dress here in the city. The 50s dresses I have found were from tiny towns in the middle of nowhere in Washington State and Idaho.

Anonymous said...

Your style is so impeccable. Classy and elegant, but completely your own - I love all the retro. The lace shirt and floral dress are an unexpected combination, but I love how it turned out and I LOVE your shoes.

Unknown said...

SO JEALOUS of your thrift store finds!! They are awesome! When I saw that peacock dress in your store update I totally didn't think it would fit me, but now that you've said it's around a size 12 I reaaallly want it. Ha, I'll have to seriously browse your shop.

Also, I think if you look into editing your videos a little bit, it might help you to feeel less awkward in front of the camera because you'll know you can take bits out of the video after. That is a run-on sentence. Sorry! :/

Unknown said...

This is such a pretty, feminine look! I love how the lace top looks layered underneath your gorgeous floral dress.

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