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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Updated Room Tour ♥

Square Cubical:
 I bought this white shelving unit for college and it's been a great piece to work into my room. I have some of my higher heels in the cubbies and on top I display pretty beauty products. Lipsticks, nail polishes, lotions, and perfumes. I've recently been getting into thrifting pretty mugs to hold my lotions!

Mirror Vanity:
Probably my favorite part of my room right now! It's right across from my bed so it's the first thing I get to open my eyes to in the morning. I am a hoarder of all pretty things. I know some people might think my room just looks messy and like a bunch of junk, but I love looking at pretty things that make me happy. On my vanity I keep bits and bobs in little glass jars and display all of my jewelery. I hang my dainty necklaces on a tree I bought for college, keep my bracelets on a holder for easy access, and then keep the rest in a thrifted 70's jewelery box. I hang some vintage evening bags + more necklaces + some scarves on the top!

Shoe Rack + Full Length Mirror:
For a few years now I've displayed/held most of my shoes on a shoe rack against my wall. It doesn't hold all of them, so I've had to find other ways around my room to store them! My parents got me a full length mirror a few Christmases ago so I can try on my outfits. I store all of my purses on the sides, and the rest underneath. 

Wall Shelf:
I've always wanted fairy lights in my room and after bringing home my strand from college (that I didn't even use!) I found the perfect spot handing on my shelf. It creates the most warm, soft glow at night and makes me giddy with happiness. On my shelf  knobs I just hang a few vintage scares and more jewelry. Sitting on top are items near and dear to my heart. My first print magazine feature, my favorite Audrey mug, and the best dressed award I won in high school which was the most surprising and gratifying moment of my life.

The Nook:
A new little re-arrange to my room! Before this corner was just stacks of clothes for my shop my closet and...junk. I turned it into a little reading corner with all of my posters and my comfy lounge chair. I love this spot so much! I also recently hung up some film photos I took over spring break around my town and I'm eager to try out more.

Book Shelf:
Before I came home from college I had every book I've ever owned on this shelf. That means books from when I was in 2nd grade; yeah. So I cleared it out and kept my favorite books + books for young adults and arranged them by colors. I displayed some of my Seventeen Magazines that I've been collecting since I was 14 and my Teen Vogues, too. On top I re-decorated my cork board from college and have all of my precious berets color coordinated :)

I have a teeny tiny closet and have recently come to acknowledge my clothing addiction. So, you can imagine the problem I have fitting it all in! I store my flats in a shoe holder on the door. Inside I arrange my clothes by the colors of the rainbow on top and on the bottom my blacks and florals. 

I hope you all enjoyed this room tour! My room is smaller than my dorm at college but I love it now more than ever since I've been able to make it more 'me' and feel like home. I spend the majority of my time here blogging, reading, and relaxing so it's important that I love it and it makes me happy.  It's kind of just like a big walk in closet since all of my fashion related things are displayed all over, so I DO get to live out my dream of having a walk in closet! ♥ 

With much love, Lauren.


Unknown said...

so fun to see your room! I'm telling you, you need to use wonder hangers! It will quadruple your closet space!


Nerd Burger said...

Everything is so pretty and feminine. I wish my room looked like this.

Unknown said...

My room here at home is so much bigger than my dorm room at school, now I feel overwhelmed with all the extra space and clutter! Funny how we all have to adjust in different ways. Your room looks super cozy and more than just a place to sleep at night and really well thought out. Thanks for sharing! :)

Sammi said...

So pretty and girly! It's exactly what I'd picture your room to be, actually! And my room at home has always been bigger than any of the dorms I lived in during college (plus I'm an only child who is used to having her own space and not sharing it with anyone), so it's funny you have the opposite experience! I'm glad you've been able to feel like you've updated your room; I think that's a good thing to do! All of my childhood books and stuff are still on my shelves, and it's sort of strange living at home in this same room!

xox Sammi

Imogen said...

I love it, totally my style, so girly and fun!I have the same kitty cat ring holder. love the audrey poster, I have an Audrey cushion.

Unknown said...

Oh I didn't live with a boy! this imagine is what my room would be like! the photos, the books, the shoe layout....totally up my street, thank you so much for sharing something so personal!! xxxx

Laura said...

Your room looks amazing, great job!!

Anonymous said...

What about your bed?

Unknown said...

I love your room, especially the vanity with all of your pretty things on display :)

Jeannee said...

I love how you put your heart and soul into every piece of your writing (the post before this one, about the summer; OOTD posts; even talking about your very beautiful room here!) so I'm not at all surprised that you want to marry a boy who writes <3

Alexandra Marie said...

It looks great! I love the way you have everything set up! I totally understand, my closet is the same size :-D

Camille said...

I LOVE your room! It is totally how I want my room to be like: full of pretty little things. It so fits your style! I really like how you have all of your fashion things lying around.

I was wondering, if you could do a post about majoring in fashion merchandising. I want to major in fashion merchandising next year in college.


Unknown said...

My room in my college apartment was so much bigger than my room at home also! I also had the best walk in closet in my college apartment...moving back home was the hardest thing when I finished because I didn't realize I had so many clothes lol. Made me think smarter on how to utilize what little space I had in my room...yours looks great, so organized! Love the shoeracks, that's my next challenge!!

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