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Thursday, May 2, 2013

April Outfits.

Hello everyone!
Here is my April outfits in review :)

April has been my favorite month out of this year so far for fashion. I drew inspiration from many different places and it really helped form some outfits I'm quite proud of. One of the first inspirations was from nature around me. With the weather warming up and the trees/flowers starting to bloom I reflected a lot of feminine, floral filled pieces and not to mention a bright color palette! Winter be banished and so should blacks and greys. Last month I wanted to try out more shorts/pants and made myself try and do so in April. I'm proud that five of my outfits weren't dresses or skirts which is a pretty big step for me! I'm looking forward to trying to maybe even have six outfits of non dresses for May.

I also got bit by the vintage fever bug and incorporated a lot more vintage hair styles, shapes, and makeup into April's outfits. I plan on re watching The Notebook again soon so hopefully that continues me on my vintage kick for the summer (as it usually does), and returning to my favorite home thrift store will allow me to find some vintage pieces to create looks with. Also! I'm very proud that I got out of my comfort zone with outfit picture locations and ventured out of my usual spot by the trees. I found a rekindle of my love for taking outfit pictures because of this. I'm mega sad that April will be the last full month until SEPTEMBER that I'll have outfit photos in beautiful Kent

Favorite Outfit: Bringing Back the 60's.
 Least Favorite Outfit: Safe Hands

I'm looking forward to making May a beautiful month! x

With much love, Lauren.


Delaney Y said...

The one with the hat, floral top, and high wasted shorts!

Sammi said...

I think my favorite was definitely the black and white dress with the red sweater (and the vintage hairstyle), but I also love the shades of brown one! :) Lovely as always!

xox Sammi

Unknown said...

I love the outfit with the dress and the red cardigan!


Mary said...

I agree with your favorite outfit choice. Do you think you could do a tutorial on that hair? It's splendid!

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