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Monday, May 31, 2010

The Wind Whispers To Me Softly..

Photos by my mother! Didn't she do a fantastic job!?
Bandeau Polka Dot Bikini Top: Target.
Aqua High Waisted Shorts: Thrifted.
Black Peep Toe Wedges: Target.
Pearl and Gold Clip On Earrings: Thrifted.
White Floppy Hat: Thrifted.
For ages and ages I have been wanting to go to my favorite childhood park and take blog pictures! When I was younger, we lived within walking distance of this park and I would always love to spend my summers there with my family. The park is still fairly close to my house: only about 10 minutes away! I definitely wanted to show you guys this little retro 1940's inspired swim suit outfit, and what better place to showcase it at then by a peaceful river!? I think the pictures turned out exactly how I wanted them to, and I cannot thank my mom enough for taking the pictures for me in this crazy humidity! I do have to apologize for my hair... I sort of on a whim decided to do this little photo shoot today and did not do anything with it! Oh well, such is life :) I am super excited for summer! It's so much fun to make up little stories and pretend that I am really from the 1940's.... So this summer I hope to venture out and take my blog photos at all kinds of different locations!
Hope everyone is having a wonderful Memorial Day! Please remember and pray for all of the brave soldiers who have died for our freedoom... I am forever grateful for their bravery.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Pandora's Box.

So lately I have been holding out all of the new jewelry I have thrifted lately! For the past few weekends when I have gone thrifting I haven't had good luck finding clothes, but I have had extraordinary luck in finding jewelry! I have been wanting to expand my jewelry collection and I have certainly gotten my wish.... Here's a little about all of my new treasures that I have recently acquired!
  1. Double Strand Pearl Necklace (two for $1). I believe it was two weeks ago that I had such an ironic but truly touching experience when I got this necklace. Let me first of say that my speech teacher is ALWAYS sick, I mean sometimes for weeks in a row. So often we have a sub in the class, and one day we had this sweet older woman who wanted to hear something interesting about everyone. My interesting fact was that I liked vintage clothes, and she was just so fascinated with me! Everyday that week she talked to me about vintage clothes, and I actually got to know her really well. Later that week in the newspaper I found a garage sale to go to that looked promising. When I pulled up into the driveway I was so surprised to see the same sweet sub! She was so incredibly nice enough to bring out her jewelry especially for me to look through and pick out what I wanted. I jumped at the chance to own the beautiful pearl necklace and she only made me pay a dollar for the pearl necklace and an additional necklace!
  2. Gold Choker Necklace (two for $1). This was the other necklace from the sweet lady. I fell in love with the sheer simple elegance of it. It looks fantastic with a simple dress and it makes me feel like Audrey Hepburn when I wear it for some reason!
  3. Blue and Gold Beaded Necklace( Free). Finally, the extrodinarily kind sub gave me this necklace. As soon as she saw me, she went into her house and brought out this necklace. She told me that it had been her mom's, and that she had been saving it to give to me!! Wow, I was just blown away by her kindness. It was probably one of the nicest things any one's ever done to give me something so old and precious...
  4. Gold and Pearl Clip On Earrings (.50) Haha, you all know about my crazy cat encounter I had whilst thrifting yesterday, but these earrings were actually what I got at that place! I'd say the earrings are worth almost getting attacked by a crazy cat ;)
  5. Pink Oval Clip On Earrings (.50) Nothing too special, but still pretty nonetheless! I bought these little earrings at a sale in an abandoned Value City along with a beige purse I still must show you all! The purse and the earrings were pretty much the best things there....
  6. Bouquet of Roses Clip On Earrings ($3). These little treasures are probably one of my favorite pairs of clip on earrings I own now! I've kept my eye on them in the local antique store for months, and finally last week bought them. I wore them with my red one shoulder dress the other day to the awards ceremony, and I must say the two went perfectly together! I already know these earrings will get a ton of use!
  7. Pink Floppy Sun Hat ($4). This was a purchase actually from yesterday. I am in love with floppy hats: I truly could never have enough! This pink on matches perfectly with some of my bikinis, and bonus! It's going to save me from getting sun burnt! Ahh... how I love double benefit clothing!

    Total: $9.00

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Cherry On Top

The sweet Jessie of [jc]fashion chef gave me a lovely blog award: The Cherry On Top Award! I can't thank her enough, when anyone gives me a blog award I am always so surprised that someone would give my little ole blog an award! Thank you Jessie again!
The rules of this award are....
List three things you love about yourself.
Post a picture you love.
Three things I love about myself:
  1. I love my legs. They are my favorite body part! Why do you think I always wear skirts and dresses?! ;)
  2. I love how I can wear anything with confidence. It wasn't too long ago when I never thought this could be possible.
  3. I love my smile. I'm never, ever afraid to show off my bright, one of a kind, smile!

And the picture I choose that I love is something so inspiring to me! I love how confident and sexy the model looks in this picture. She has that beautiful pinup girl look: I'm so jealous! I'm truly in love with everything in this picture. I wish so badly I could get my hair to curl beautifully like hers. And her red lips? One word. Gorgeous. Her outfit is to die for, too. The high waisted shorts are killer!

Here are some of the wonderful ladies who I choose to give this award to! All of them are too sweet and brighten my days with their kind comments!

Jen in the Purple Pants

the other girl


style en mi opinion


That Girl Has Some High Heels...

Do you like my smiley face I drew on my hand in Speech class!?

Cream Lace Blouse: Old Navy.
Floral Skirt (actually a dress): Forever21.
Teal Belt: Thrifted, came with shorts.
Satin Peep Toe Purple Heels: Target.
Silk Pink Bow: China, came with a robe.
Why hello everyone! I'd like to thank some of you that commented on my post, The Forgotten Soldier. I tell you enough how much your kind and considerate comments mean to me.... They really do help and make me appreciate you all so much when I'm feeling down! A big THANK YOU once again! :)
I'm happy to say I'm feeling much better, and it seems the weekend has been the remedy for my feeling down. The outfit above is actually what I wore Friday to school, but never got around to posting. I just wanted to show you all a little something new I tried out: wearing a scarf tied into a bow! There is this lovely girl on Chictopia who always wears her scarves in bow around her neck, and I thought I would give it a whirl myself! I liked the look a lot, and it kind of for some reason reminded me of Fred from Scooby Doo that always wears ascots!
Oh... and now for the explanation of the absolutely beautiful shoes that I now call mine as of today. Since January I have been coveting these wedge heels at Target when I first saw them. At the time I saw them I did not buy them, and always regretted it. The wedges from Target always kept popping up in my mind as the perfect summer wedges, but I figured that all of them would be gone. When my mom, sister, and I went to Target today,however, I was so pleased to see that the wedges were still in stock. Everything about the shoes is perfect: color, look, height, and they don't hurt or are hard to walk in! Pretty much these wedges are God's shoes. Ironically enough, the first pair of heels I ever purchased were wedges from Target. Ha! What goes around really does come back around.
Man, do I have a crazy story to tell about when I went thrifting today.... I went to this garage sale that was sort of out in the country, but the house was absolutely beautiful. The couple that lived there were old, but really sweet and nice. They did have about five or six cats though, but that didn't bother me because I love cats! When I was leaving the sale and going to my car, I was quite shocked to open my car door and have a cat fly out at me! It just about scared me half to death... I thought " how did that stinken cat get in my car?" The window was only cracked a tiny bit, but..... I had left my moon roof open! I still can't believe that the cat would have climbed on top of my car...

I actually had a really fantastic day overall. After thrift shopping in the morning, and going to Target with my mom, Matt and I went to the pool today: it was the first day open! It was really fun, and I got a little sun, too. ;) We then came back to my house and had my dad's home made pizza and took a walk around the neighborhood. Snack size Reese's Cup Mcflurries from Mcdonalds were the cherry on top of the perfect day!
I hope everyone is doing well and having a good weekend!


Friday, May 28, 2010

Louis Vuiton Fall/Winter 2010/2011.

Wow, wow, wow is all I have to say about the Louis Vuiton Fall/Winter 2010/2011 collection! I'm not a big trend follower, and usually don't care too much for designer collections, but when I caught a glimpse in my latest Harper's Bazaar of the Louis Vuiton collection, I knew I had to check it out!

Clearly, Marc Jacobs was feeling 1950's inspired when he created this to-die-for collection! I watched a video of the runway show on louisvuiton.com and even the music for the show was old and had a sort of jazzy sound. This is probably one of the most inspiring and beautiful collections I've ever seen.

It has everything from elbow length leather gloves, structured jackets, full circle skirts, peter pan collars, nipped waits, bow high heels, fitted corsets, feminine blouses, and everything in between! This collection is a vintage lover's dream. Oh, I covet so much the pretty blouses with the ruffles and bows on the bodice. I drool over the extravagant New Look inspired skirts and jackets. And I just about faint over the figure flattering corset dresses. I want every piece in this collection, hands down, end of story.

I think the hair and makeup that went with the clothes is brilliant, as well. I like the soft, feminine look of the makeup. It's very natural looking and is such a breath of fresh air from all of the usual hard, dark, and edgy makeup you see in runway shows. Since the strong silhouettes of the clothes speak for themselves, I like how Jacobs kept the models' hair pulled back in simple pony tails, but added a little pop at the end with a elegant curl.

It's times like this when I wished I was either filthy rich or a celebrity....


Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Forgotten Soldier.

Purple Sleeveless Lace Overlay Dress: Forever21.
Red Silk Ribbon Belt: Forever21.
Black T-Strap Shoes: Target.
Gold Long Chain Necklace: Thrifted.
Gold Clip On Circle Earrings: Thrifted.

I just can't help it. As much lately as I have been trying to be happy that summer is here and carefree, I have felt kind of lost, lonely, and forgotten. I know that it is not fun to read sob stories all the time on a blog; people want to read positive things. I am sorry, but this is my real life and how I feel, not some fantasy world where I am happy all the time. Being me is sometimes...very difficult, and this blog is a place not only to showcase my clothes, but to release about my everyday life.
I feel as though no one in my actual life cares about me a lot. The supposedly "best days of my life" are slipping away with no one to spend it with. My boyfriend has been rather absent from my life lately, and it's hurting. I always feels like he would be okay without me, for he has so many friends and he gets along really well with people. Me, though, I am very introverted and often come off as perhaps snotty to people because I will not talk. It's not because I'm snotty, it's because I'm scared and shy to talk to them. Everyone in my life is leaving me behind and forgetting about me: I'm not important to them. I feel so silly for crying when writing this, but I just feel so miserable. I smile in these blog pictures and act like I'm always okay, but sometimes I'm just so unhappy.

Even today, I felt so silly. The one thing I feel I'm good at in the world is putting together outfits and wearing my clothes. Lately, I have felt as though I can't even do that right. Even today at school when I know it goes to another deserving person and they I am happy for her, someone else won the Best Dressed Student Award at the awards ceremony. My outfits lately have felt half-heart and blah... nothing I am very proud of, which makes me feel as if I have lost my talent.
I am terrible sorry for the little pity party on here, but it's just that it does make me feel better to let some of these feelings out. Hopefully things will get better, and I'll start feeling better so that I can post some happy instead of sad things on the blog! Tomorrow is Friday, so there is something to definitely look up to! Perhaps a little thrifting adventure on Saturday morning alone with help ease and comfort me.
Hope everyone has a lovely night and day tomorrow....
Sincerely, Lauren.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Another Excuse to Dress Up!

One Shoulder Red Dress: Forever21.
Red Rose Clip On Earrings: Thirfted.
Black T-Strap Heels: Target.

This is probably my favorite dress (besides my prom dress!) that I own. There is something so simple yet so beautiful about the dress that makes me feel so confident when I wear it. I was going to wear the dress for homecoming last year, but never ended up wearing it. So, on several occasions I have pulled this baby out and used it as my go-to formal dress!
Last night I went to the academic award for school, and ugh.... I sat there for about two and a half hours to get two awards. I recieved an award for Spanish II and also American History II! Now, I'm very thankful for both awards, but it got more than a tad annoying listening to every single scholarship that a senior had won for hours. I guess when I am a senior it will be important to me, so I need to just be patient and wait my turn and stop being a sour puss!
My life has felt so hectic and out of control lately... Everything around me is just spinning around and around... School has been the most overwhelming. Finals are approaching on the horizon and that = stress city. Also, my teachers have been jamming last minute lessons down my throat, and let me tell you. It has not been pleasant. Thankfully I finished my chem unknown that I have been totally freaking out about. I had a solution that could contain up to 8 different ions and I had to do a ton of tests to see what ions I had in my solution. There were 28 possible ions to mix and match, so as you can imagine with my history of being terrible at chemistry I was freaking out. It's finished,however, and I got my grade back: I only missed one ion! I put down that I had sodium when I did not, so it was only minus 10 points. Not too shabby I must say.
Tomorrow will be busy, as well. I have an awards ceremony in school, and also a music awards ceremony tomorrow evening! It has been hotter than blazes here in Ohio, so I have been royally cursing my principal for having a dress code not allowing sleeveless tops and dresses....
Hope everyone is having a lovely week! Summer is almost here: I can taste it :D
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