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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Thank Goodness For Mothers...

Happy Mother's Day to all of you! Mothers truly are something special... When you think about it, how cool is it that they actually held you inside their tummy for nine months? How cool is it that they gave birth to you? How cool is it that they take precious care of you from the time you are a baby to an adult? Always there when you need them, mothers are amazing. My mother is no exception. We are so alike in many different ways that it often causes us to butt heads. But, a curse may also be a blessing in disguise. We eachother's feelings, and can relate to each other like twins. Often people say we look a lot alike. What do you think? I don't particularly see it, but I do think we look alike a bit in our eyes.
Here's some pictures of my mom throughout her life! A blast from the past you may call it ;) The pictures are from when she was a little girl, her senior picture, her and my dad as newlyweds, and her as she looks today! I covet her hair in her senior picture...it's so beautiful! And her picture as a child? It reminds me of me when I was younger. And the picture of her and my dad when they first got married cracks me up! A lot has happened since I came around! And the modern day picture? She's stolen my beret...again!

The first pictures above of the jewelry is actually what I gave to her for mother's day. While I was out thrifting yesterday I saw the jewelry set and I loved it. I knew though I didn't want it for me (although I would wear it in a heart beat), but I wanted to buy it for my mom! It is so intricate up close... unlike anything I've ever seen. Also when I was shopping I found the perfect little box to put the jewelry in. It even came with the gold twine and flower! She loved it and I am so glad she did!
I hope everyone has given their mom a big hug and kiss today! If you are not the one receiving the kiss and hug today, someday you will be.... :)

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That set is so Beautiful as is your mom!

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