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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Style N' Spring Fashion Show!

The fashion show that I was in today was such a fun experience! When I walked into the room where the event was being held at; my jaw dropped! Never in a million years did I think that so much work would have been put into this fashion show. I thought I would be modeling for a few women and it was not going to be a big deal. Man was I wrong...
The place was beautifully decorated; especially the tables. A napkin artist arranged the napkins in glasses to look like sea shells and every place setting was a different color. Flowers were set in each table, and it was so nice because at the end of the show whoever at each table had a dot on the back of their program got to take the flowers home! My Aunt Nancy got the flowers at my table :)
Once people started to arrive, the waiters and waitresses brought out pitchers of iced tea and water. Oh, they also brought out one of one of my favorite things to eat; brownies! The brownies were SO delicious! Powder sugar was even sprinkled on top and cut up strawberries were placed around the tray for fancy decoration.
For brunch, there were crescent sandwiches and little cups of fruit that was all laid out so perfect. I'm kicking myself in the butt right now for not getting any pictures! While we were all eating, a very talented lady showed the audience all different ways to wear a simple scarf. She was astonishing and really opened my eyes to see how much I can really do with the old scarfs I have laying around!
After I was done eating, me and the four other models got all set to start the show. I wore five outfits that I picked out with the head of the thrift store, and everything I wore was from What Goes Round. Three of the outfits I actually wore were things I had purchased from the store, and two of the outfits were clothes currently in the store. It was really cool though because I got to wear a lot of accessories and carry purses from the store that weren't mine, but I would in a heart beat. Unfortunately, the pictures of the outfits I modeled did not turn out too swell, but my mom did get a good picture of me in my final outfit. I wore the wedding dress that my grandmother remade, a fur stole from the store, a necklace, purse, and belt from the store, my 1930's hat, and my favorite pair of high heels. It was a hit!

In between modeling outfits, there were also raffle drawings for really great prizes. There was this delicious looking chocolate bunt cake that made my mouth water and this package of gorgeous jewelry that I entered my tickets in. I didn't win, but the same aunt who one the flowers from the table actually won a cooking supplies themed basket! She's so lucky!
It really was an amazing experience... I'm so thankful and grateful that the people at What Goes Round offered me the opportunity to be in their fashion show. Who knows, maybe this show will get my "modeling career" started? Soon you will see me on the runways of Paris! ;)


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Sofi Moukidou said...

lucky you! i envy your luck!
Ooo! about the outfit, was just perfect!

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