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Thursday, May 6, 2010


Lace Dress: Thrifted.
Floral Strapless Dress: Target.
Pearl Necklace: Kohl's.
Black T-Strap Shoes: Target.
Black Patent Belt: Kohl's.
Floral Ivory Antique Earrings.
This is an unexpected outfit I love. It's not something I would usually wear or put together, for it seems a little too rough around the edges for me. I like pretty, soft, vintage looks. This outfit, however, has a kind of edginess to it that I kind of like. Something out of my comfort zone. (which isn't very big!) The great thing about being so young and interested in fashion is that I get to experiment with all different kinds of looks and styles. My personal style is still developing with everyday that goes by, and that's amazing to think about!
The dress I'm wearing is actually the first thing I ever thrifted! The most ironic thing about it is that I thrifted it at my church rummage sale about two years ago. This Saturday my church is having that very same rummage sale. Perhaps I may have some gift from the thrifting gods? (I'm crossing my fingers!) Super excited to go out thrifting this weekend. I'm going out to my church rummage sale, and then also about four other potentially good places.

Oh, and this is the debut of these lovely earrings that I thrifted last weekend! I went to a little ole church rummage sale that was a complete dud.. Nothing interesting or worth while to look at. I did find a basket of junky jewelry though, and sifted through it. I found a pair of earrings that were marked four dollars when all the other pairs were only .25 cents. I asked the man in charge why they were more, and he told me that the earrings were actually very old and were antiques. Probably 50 years old! He sold them to me with saying they were 50 years old, (darn guy new my soft spot) and I bought them for three dollars; he lowered the price for me! I went home, curious to find out if the man had been lying to me to get to buy the earrings, but I was pleasantly surprised. I looked at the bottom of the earrings to find the manufacturar of them; it was called Florenza. I typed the name into the computer and came up with interesting results. A man named Dan Kassoff started making Florenza jewelry in 1930 and continued throughout the 40's and 50's. He based the jewelry on old Renaissance styles and Victorian styles. I found many pictures of other jewelry by the company, and it's all so gorgeous! Sometime I'll have to get a close up so you all an get a better look at these beauties!

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I love this look.. but you knew that already didn't you!

Thanks for the nice comment, regarding my prom dress. Yes, it does remind me of Belle. I guess I was actually ahead of the times.

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