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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Gotta Keep Your Head Up.

Purple Floral Dress: Forever21.
Floral Blouse: Forever21.
Purple Satin Shoes: Target.
Aqua Belt: Thrifted.
Key Necklace: Gift from Matt.

I hate it when it randomly starts snowing in Ohio...
With much love, Lauren.

P.S. I'm so incredibly sorry I've been so behind on replying to your comments and getting back to you all. The past few days I've had the calling hours and funeral for my friend's brother and I can say I'm just thoroughly exhausted... On top of that, I've had massive amounts of homework. Ergh.Tomorrow I promise to get back to get you all since it's Friday (finally!).

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

First Time Print Mixing!

Floral Top (actually a romper): Forever21.
Polka Dot Skirt (actually a dress): Target.
White Belt: Thrifted.
Leaf Earrings: Thrifted
Black Pumps: Thrifted.

Hello, hello everyone!

So, while attempting to put an outfit together last night I can honestly say that I was completely stumped! It makes no sense to me how sometimes I can't seem to put an outfit on that I like even though I have a closet bursting with clothes. In my frustration, I randomly decided to try something that I never have before: print mixing! My personal style is not the least bit eccentric, so I've always been somewhat weary about print mixing. I'm such a matchy matchy girl at heart! But when all else fails, it's time to try something new and it was time to try a little print mixing.

Now, have mercy on me: I'm just a beginner! I thought back to tips on how to do print mixing to avoid looking like I just threw on random pieces. 1. Have a common color scheme. 2. Make sure there is a significant size difference in the prints. I used black as the common color, and had a dainty polka dot print with a more bold floral print!

Tomorrow I'm doing another bit of pattern mixing,but floral on floral! Should be interesting...

Hope you all are doing truly lovely.
With much love, Lauren.

Monday, March 28, 2011

What I Would Wear If It Were Warm...

Why hello everyone!

So, Ohio is being quite stubborn and withholding the warm weather from my vitamin D deprived skin. It has been stuck in the thirties and below here (17 this morning!), and it doesn't seem to want to change to warmer weather any time soon. It feels like all I can put together at the moment are spring inspired outfits... Airy dresses and shorts with sandals. Light colors and whimsical prints. Fun, warm weather accessories such as sunglasses and floppy sun hats. Sigh. Too bad I had to scrape the inch of frost off of my car this morning and wear my winter coat to school...

Since it seems that I can only be inspired by spring outfits, I decided to just put together a few I've had in my mind as of late and show you all! Oh, if only it were warm...

Ergh. I need to get back to writing the outline for my Junior paper... Boy oh boy, someone please save me from this torture!

With much love, Lauren.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring Thrifting Finds.

Hello everyone!
Yesterday morning I did a bit a thrift shopping and here are my finds...

  • Sheer Tie Neck Dusty Rose Blouse ($2).
  • White Velcro Vintage Belt ($2).
  • Pink Polka Dot Romper: ($3).

I'm so sad that my new finds are more appropriate for warm weather rather than for the rather cold spell we're still experiencing here in Ohio. However, I know that soon enough it will be beautiful and warm out and I'll get the chance to wear my treasures without a cardigan and tights for once! Goodness, I can hardly wait for that day. But until then...

Hope you all are doing just wonderful!
With much love, Lauren.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Life Is Fleeting.

Growing up I had one best friend who I did everything with. She was like my sister and her family was like my second family. We were best friends for nine years, but as we started to grow older we both started to change. Her interests were not my interests anymore, and vice versa. So, the end of my eighth grade school year we ended our friendship and haven't really talked throughout the past few years. However, this morning I was reconnected with this friend of mine through a tragedy. Her twenty three year old brother who I grew up with died.

When I found out I was in such a state of unbelievable shock. I've never had anyone in my life pass away and it just didn't seem real that he could really be gone. Forever. Never to come back again. I just started to cry and couldn't hold anything back because everything seemed so surreal. He couldn't be dead. He was too young and had his whole life ahead of him. I contacted my old friend and went over to her house. Something I haven't done in a very long time. When she answered the door we both just burst into tears and sat there crying and hugging each other in silence. We were both just in disbelief.

To this very moment I'm still sad,hurt, and confused. It doesn't seem right that someone so young should die. Someone who had everything going for him. Why did he have to die...? Seeing my friend's family crying, people who had been like a second family to me for so many years was devastating. The hurt and grief I saw as I looked into their eyes was so heartbreaking. I know what I'm going through, and I just can't even imagine what they're going through. I just can't stop asking, why...?

This whole situation has been such a realization and wake up call for me. It doesn't matter if I'm seventeen of seventy: any day could be my last. I need to start to appreciate my life and cherish everything and everyone in it, because I'll never truly know when my last day will be. When it will be my last time to say goodbye to the people I love in my life. I need to stop feeling so sorry for myself all the time and instead live my life to the fullest. To live my life with no regrets and appreciate every single thing God has given me.... I've so often thought today, "why did he die and I get to live? What makes me so special that I get to live my life while his ended so soon?" None of this makes sense to me.

Wednesday will be the funeral and I plan on taking school off for it. To be there for my old best friend and her family. To be there for the wonderful man who passed away to heaven <3

With much love, Lauren.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Rainbow Bright.

Mustard Yellow Pea Coat: Forever21.
Plaid Skirt: Thrifted.
Navy Lace Top: Forever21.
Navy Knee Socks: Gift from my aunt.
Tan Flats: Thrifted.
Red Beret: Target.
Key Necklace: Gift from Matt.

Oh why hello everyone!
My goodness, I believe that I have just about every color wrapped all up in one outfit! I felt like a walking primary colored rainbow today...

So, it's Friday night (finally!) and I'm sitting in my pajamas playing the Sims3... Oh, what a truly exciting and "on the edge life" I live, hehe.

Hope you all are doing just lovely and are enjoying the beginning of your weekend!
With much love, Lauren.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mirrors Show Our True Reflections.

Floral Romper w/ Tan Belt: Forever21.
Mirror Necklace: Target.
Cream Open Front Sweater: TJ Maxx
Cream Bow Headband: Forever21.
Tights: JcPenny's.
Pointy Black Flats: Thrifted.

Hello everyone!

Although I don't wear it very often, I just love this dainty little mirror necklace I'm wearing with my new floral romper. I have such a fetish for cutesy necklaces with mini objects as charms. The coolest thing about this necklace is that you can actually look at yourself with the little mirror... Ahh, just too adorable!

I really can't wait to wear this floral romper without sweater tights and a cardigan over it. Spring hurry your behind up please, he : )

Hope you all are doing wonderful!
With much love, Lauren.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


1950's Velvet and Satin Wiggle Dress: Thrifted.
Black Stilettos: Burlington.

Hello everyone!

So, I had big elaborate plans to shot this outfit today in a beautiful forest and wear a vintage hat that I wore to school today, BUT... Ohio likes to play mean little tricks on me and send down quarter sized hail, severe thunderstorm warnings, and a tornado watch. My plans of a whimsical photoshot were pretty much thwarted after that. So, I had to take these photos in the span of two minutes in my front yard before it started to pour down rain. When I got inside to edit the pictures, I was dissatisfied that they were so dark because of the impending storm. No matter! Black and white always saves the day :)

I've had this dress since October and actually have only worn it once although I absolutely love it. Right after I wore this dress for the first time, the zipper broke and I just now got around to having it fixed. I've really missed this dress though and I'm disappointed with the poor quality photos because they truly don't do this gorgeous dress any justice! The bodice is velvet and the skirt is a beautiful satin material. There is an adorable little satin bow adorning the waist that is just the perfect little detail. Perhaps I'll get to wear this dress on a nicer day and show you all how beautiful it truly is!

Hope you all are doing just lovely! I know I am doing much better....
With much love, Lauren.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Trying To Heal My Heart.

Peter Pan Collar Dress: Forever21.
Light Pink Cardigan: Forever21.
Grey Knee Socks: Delia's.
Silver Locket: Thrifted.
Tan Flats: Thrifted.
Silver Clip Earrings: Thrifted.

Hello everyone!

Although I am doing slightly better with feeling down in the dumps as of late, my parents are still concerned about me. My OCD is a result of low levels of a chemical called serotin in my brain, and low levels of serotin can also be linked to things such as eating disorders and depression. My parents are concerned about me possibly being or becoming depressed, and I am actually concerned, as well. I've been just feeling hopeless and extremely sad lately and it seems as though nothing can cheer me up. I looked up some signs of teenage depression online and many of the warning signs I have. Hopefully with spring being here I will begin to perk up with the warm and sunny weather. Right now I'm really praying and counting on God to help me through this rough period I'm in. I know though that he'll give me the strength that I need <3

With much love, Lauren.


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Life's Snapshots #2.

Hello everyone!
Here's just a few snapshots of my everyday life...

  1. The new buys from my Columbus shopping trip yesterday. A pair of polka dot, draw string shorts (Delia's), a pair of grey over the knee socks (Delia's), and a strapless floral romper (Forever21).
  2. I'm just crazy over the new miniature treats that Starbucks is serving now. (So stinkin' adorable). One day for a surprise my mother brought me home one to try along with a delicious iced drink!
  3. The contents of my makeup bag. Yes, as you can see I don't just need one mascara,but three...heh.
  4. My kitty cat Rascal! He's practically as old as I am, and the only pet I've ever had. (Well, besides a goldfish. Does that count?)
  5. More delicious and quite festive cookies my mother brought home for me and my little sister in honor of St. Patty's Day.
  6. This is my American Girl Doll named Kaylie that I've had since I was eight! Sadly, she only sits in her box and is never played with, so I've decided to sell her on Ebay to put money towards my new camera fund.
Hope you all had just a lovely weekend!
With much love, Lauren.

P.S. So sorry I've been so behind on commenting and replying. Life has been more hectic than I'd like it to be lately, but I'll try to get around to doing those things as soon as possible! :)

Saturday, March 19, 2011


Straw Flowered Hat: Thrifted.
Sweater Dress: Kohl's.
Bird Cage Necklace: Target.
Tan Clogs: Target.
Messenger Bag: Thrifted.

Hello everyone!

It's probably a little creepy (and not to mention strange), but I've been wanting to take blog pictures in a cemetery ever since I started my blog. There's just something mysterious and mesmerizing about graveyards that facinate me. I've been searching for the perfect old and abandoned one for awhile, and today I found what I've been looking for. It was surprisingly very peaceful and actually relaxing in the graveyard. The sun was shining and the birds were chirping and I felt strangely at peace.

Today was also my shopping trip in Columbus and although I has such a lovely time, I am thoroughly exhausted... I plan on posting the few little things I got tomorrow, so stay tuned!

Hope you all are enjoying your weekend.
With much love, Lauren.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Sunlit Eclipse.

Coral Maxi Skirt (actually a dress): Forever21.
Flutter Sleeve Top (actually a dress): Thrifted.
Gold Chain Necklace: Thrifted.
Brown Wedges: Target.
Gold Bangles: Forever21.

Why hello everyone!

Today was so incredibly lovely... It felt wonderful to have the warm sun hitting my skin today and giving me some much needed vitamin D, hehe. I took these pictures by a little babbling creek and an old, warn down covered bridge. I'm so excited to be going on adventures to take blog pictures again. This coming summer I'm hoping to discover many new places around my town and get some new regular spots to hit up.

I'm also very excited because tomorrow I'm going on a shopping trip to Columbus with my mother, grandmother, and aunt! I'm looking forward to it so much because Columbus has all my favorite stores that my local mall doesn't have. I also hope to visit H&M for the first time ever tomorrow. I've heard it's beyond wonderful...

Hope you all are doing just great!
With much love, Lauren.
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