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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Vintage Paisley Scarf

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blogger wearing vintage scarf
Vintage Paisley Scarf (very similar to mine) : Fort Green Flea.
Navy Sleeveless Sweater Dress (identical!): Thrifted.
Brown Purse (similar from Target): Thrifted.
Pearl Drop Earrings: Thrifted.
Black Sandals: c/o Boohoo (old).

Hi there ♥

Back with an outfit I shot the other day! I usually get off work at 5 and can be back home to Brooklyn by 5:45. I shot this outfit in the nearby neighborhood of Fort Green: filled with quiet, brownstone lined streets. Although this is a sweater dress, it surprisingly offers a lot of air circulation: much needed in these exhausting 90 degree temps we've been having in NYC. That may not seem high to some of you, but when you add in the hot exhaust from all the cars + the sheer number of bodies in the city + no air circulating around massive buildings...winter starts sounding not half bad.

Anyways, there is also a flea market in Fort Greene every Saturday and Sunday. It's a spin off of the Brooklyn Flea, and is an amazing maze of vintage dealers, food stands, antique knick knacks, and artisan made goods. My kind of place. I've been looking high and low for the perfect vintage paisley scarf with red coloring for awhile now, and found one at the flea! I was so pleased since it was the perfect size for wearing around the neck, or tying it around my purse handle. For $5, even cheapster Lauren could pay that. It's been adding such a pretty, classic, vintage vibe to my outfits. I'm kind of bored with my wardrobe here (it feels like I wear the same things over and over) so having a scarf to mix things up with makes me feel a bit more creative with my outfits.

Alright, now to crank up that AC for tonight and try and cool down before another day in the heat wave tomorrow! Hope you all are well; talk soon. x

With much love,


Monday, July 18, 2016

I'm 23 and Don't Drink: and That's Okay.

I don't drink

I'm nearly 23 years old and I don't drink alcohol.

I can.

I just choose not to.

I understand why people struggle to comprehend why I don't drink. Most people my age do. Most people even a lot younger than me do. There seems like no reason why you wouldn't. I can accept that confusion, but I can't accept the shaming.

It's my choice. Not yours. And you shouldn't make me feel ashamed of it. Or embarrassed. Or outcast. Or weird. I have no problem with people who drink. I don't hate them, look down upon them, want to change them. I'm just me and just because I don't drink nothing changes that. When invasive questions on why I don't drink are asked, it's uncomfortable. That I don't should just be enough.

"You don't drink? Okay, that's fine. We'll get you a Coke instead." And we can move on like it's no big deal. Because it isn't.

But people poke and prod and make me feel like this anomaly. "You couldn't possibly not drink, can you? Why on earth would you want to do that?"

Because I have OCD. Because I've struggled for over a decade with crippling anxiety that's left me in therapy multiple times and medication and countless panic attacks. Drinking triggers my OCD. So I don't do it.

I shouldn't have to tell people all that. To make my very personal struggles the first thing people know about me when they meet me. I should just be able to say I don't drink, and leave it at that.

Maybe what's worse than having them not just accept my choice is trying to change my choice.

"oh, well ___ doesn't get you drunk quickly"
"just drink a lot of water before hand and eat. You'll be fine."
"I've never thrown up, so you should be good."

People think that in .25 seconds they can offer me a solution that will fix all my problems. That will make me normal. Like them.

They don't realize that I've lived with this for 10 years? That I've thought of every possible solution and resolution to fix this "flaw" in myself that makes me an outcast to people my own age (and above) (and below)?

It's just a let down.

I can never shake the feeling after it happens. The shame haunts me through the rest of the evening, into the night, and when I lay cocooned in my sheets in the morning. Thinking about having people drawn to me like a spectacle, trying to fix me like a broken toy.

"Hey guys, get over here! You'll never guess what I just found out. Lauren doesn't drink! Can you believe that? Let's help her, let's figure it out. Let's get her to finally have some fun"

I just want people to accept that I don't drink and treat me like every one else. Also to respect my decision enough to trust that I know what's best for my mental health. And just because I don't drink doesn't mean I don't want to go out with you. I can still be out, have a fun time, and not drink. I don't want to be treated like an outsider. Like a charity case. Like a nut job. I just want to be treated as Lauren, who doesn't drink, but that's okay: she'll just take a water instead. x

ps. this cosmo article is actually really great on the subject and worth a read.


Monday, July 11, 2016

Achieving Clean and Clear Skin with Colleen Rothschild.

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Hi guys!

For about a month now I've been testing out some skincare products from Colleen Rothschild to see how they would perform. I've had somewhat problematic skin for most my life. It's never been absolutely clear, so I'm always looking for products to add to my routine that will actually work and improve my skin. The big problems with my skin are:

-acne scars
-enlarged pores

All minor things in the big scheme of it all, but you only have one face. It's important to take care of it! I was excited when Colleen Rothschild Beauty  reached out for me to review some products. I'm usually a bit skeptical about skin product reviews because it takes awhile to see results and come to a real consensus on the product. Most companies don't have time for this process, and thus rush posting and reviewing. Colleen Rothschild gave me as much time as I needed to truly test the products and have my skin get used to them. I was sent two products: the Sheer Renewal Cream and the Radiant Cleansing Balm (their best seller; and for a good reason!). Although I liked both products, I was especially impressed with the Radiant Cleansing Balm and will mostly focus on that.

The Radiant Cleansing Balm is formulated to act as a high powered makeup remover and skin cleanser. I've been using makeup wipes to take my makeup off and although I use sensitive ones for the eyes, I always find they still burn a bit after makeup removal. Not only that, but I still wake up in the morning with mascara under my lower lash line no matter how hard I scrubbed the previous night! I was blown away with this stuff as a makeup remover.

Application is simple. Take the gel like substance and massage it over your dry face. Run the muslin cloth provided under warm water and place over your face to draw out all the impurities and makeup deep down in your pores. Then, you simply just wipe the balm off your face with the cloth and I swear...one wipe and it was all gone. My cat eye, red lipstick, and extra strength concealer. The balm has a gentle, soothing scent to it that I love right before bed time. It is the best feeling in the world to go to bed with completely fresh feeling skin!

Although the cleansing balm was my favorite, I still did really enjoy using the sheer renewal cream, as well. I found it to be moisturizing on my dry face without getting greasy--even in this crazy NYC heat. The renewal cream also acts as a defense against environmental elements which I really appreciate since that's not something you'll find in most  drug store moisturizers. With all of the smoke, dirt, and junk floating around in the NYC air, it has comforted me to know that I've got protection.
If you all would like to try something from Colleen Rothschild (I want to try out the Complete Eye Cream next for my dark circles!) you can use the code 'LIKE20' for the next week and get 20% off regular price items ♥

Leave any skin care products down below that you all are loving right now--- I'd love to check them out. x

With much love,



Saturday, July 9, 2016

Vintage Celine

buy vintage celine

Hello everyone!

I've photos I took in this gorgeous vintage Celine Paris shirt I thrifted a few weeks ago sitting on my camera card...Last night the card broke off into the SD slot in my computer though and all my photos were lost :( A bummer! I did have the two photos above I'd emailed to myself for Instagram, so I'm glad that something was still left to post. I am OBSESSED with this Celine shirt. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the tag. It's probably the most high end brand I've ever thrifted before. For $5 I couldn't pass it by because I originally planned on selling it to a vintage shop in Brooklyn. I tried it on though back home and realized it was impeccably made, and I did really like the style of it. So, it's for keeps!

The weekends here in NYC are so lovely. Usually during the work week it's go, go, go: so, I don't have much time to relax and appreciate my surroundings. During the weekends I get to breathe a little and I realize how much I do love living in this place. Well, I always love living here, but I realize it in particular on the weekends. I feel like home. I've settled into life here and it's comforting to have consistencies again that I've created for myself. The coffee shops I frequent, the regulars I see on the train, the routes I taken to work or the grocery store...every aspect of my daily life has come together to paint a picture of living I dreamed of for so long. Things aren't perfect, but I love the life I live here and ultimately am happy with my decision. That's something I couldn't say a few weeks ago. Honestly, I was having doubts. The changes were a lot for me and I was missing the comfort of the familiar. I frequently wondered if I had made the right choice. It's hard to know if you made the right choice until you look around one day and it just hits you whether you're truly happy or just faking it. For those of you in places (physically or metaphorically speaking) that you're not happy in right now...don't let it get to you. One day you'll get to where you want to be. And when that day comes, It'll be all the more sweeter.

With much love,


Outfit Details:
Vintage Celine Paris Shirt (super similar) : Thrifted.
Corduroy Skirt (similar midi option I love) : Thrifted.
Braided Belt (identical): Thrifted.
Sandals (very similar from Steve Madden): c/o Boohoo.
Black Satchel (similar): Forever21.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Simply Put.

Hey everyone!

After being on a computer for 8 hours a day, it's usually hard to motivate myself to come home and get on the computer again. Hence, the lack of blog posts. The thing I've always loved about my blog though is that no matter what stage of my life, my blog is always there. Sometimes I have more time, energy, and inspiration to dedicate to it than others. The important thing to me isn't how much I post, but if the posts are something I'm proud of and feel "me." Those are always two items I make sure to check off on my list!

Lately I've been unwinding in the evenings with Jane the Virgin on Netflix. Do any of you watch it? I got through season one within two weeks and am already forging through season two rather quickly. A little two quickly, ha. Can't decide if I'm team #Rafael or team #Michael. It changes every episode!

For my commutes in and out from work on the subway I've been carrying along "Girl Boss" to read. I've read it once before, but figured when I was packing for NYC it would be a good one to bring along as for the next chapter of my life. I'm pretty sure I raved about it the first time I read it, and I'm gonna rave a second. You HAVE to read this book. It's a motivaor, a confidence instiller, and you-can-do-this-you're-a-badass mantra. The advice Sophia gives is so poignant to my life as a 20 something professional trying to find her way...and it's so on point for people in other stages of their life, too. Are you a girl? Do you want to own your life? Then Girl Boss is for you. Even if you're a guy, it's still for you. Kicking butt in your professional life is for all genders.

Anddd  final, concluding notes of the evening. It's totally acceptable to eat an entire box of macaroni and cheese by yourself for dinner, Satan created the moring subway commute in NYC, buy plants (surrounding yourself with living things is proven to make you feel better), and being nice won't make you finish last--it'll always put you in the lead before crossing the finish line. x

With much love,


Outfit Details:
Aeropostale Shirt.
Thrifted Skirt
Boohoo Sandals (c/o)
Thrifted Scarf

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