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Monday, July 11, 2016

Achieving Clean and Clear Skin with Colleen Rothschild.

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Hi guys!

For about a month now I've been testing out some skincare products from Colleen Rothschild to see how they would perform. I've had somewhat problematic skin for most my life. It's never been absolutely clear, so I'm always looking for products to add to my routine that will actually work and improve my skin. The big problems with my skin are:

-acne scars
-enlarged pores

All minor things in the big scheme of it all, but you only have one face. It's important to take care of it! I was excited when Colleen Rothschild Beauty  reached out for me to review some products. I'm usually a bit skeptical about skin product reviews because it takes awhile to see results and come to a real consensus on the product. Most companies don't have time for this process, and thus rush posting and reviewing. Colleen Rothschild gave me as much time as I needed to truly test the products and have my skin get used to them. I was sent two products: the Sheer Renewal Cream and the Radiant Cleansing Balm (their best seller; and for a good reason!). Although I liked both products, I was especially impressed with the Radiant Cleansing Balm and will mostly focus on that.

The Radiant Cleansing Balm is formulated to act as a high powered makeup remover and skin cleanser. I've been using makeup wipes to take my makeup off and although I use sensitive ones for the eyes, I always find they still burn a bit after makeup removal. Not only that, but I still wake up in the morning with mascara under my lower lash line no matter how hard I scrubbed the previous night! I was blown away with this stuff as a makeup remover.

Application is simple. Take the gel like substance and massage it over your dry face. Run the muslin cloth provided under warm water and place over your face to draw out all the impurities and makeup deep down in your pores. Then, you simply just wipe the balm off your face with the cloth and I swear...one wipe and it was all gone. My cat eye, red lipstick, and extra strength concealer. The balm has a gentle, soothing scent to it that I love right before bed time. It is the best feeling in the world to go to bed with completely fresh feeling skin!

Although the cleansing balm was my favorite, I still did really enjoy using the sheer renewal cream, as well. I found it to be moisturizing on my dry face without getting greasy--even in this crazy NYC heat. The renewal cream also acts as a defense against environmental elements which I really appreciate since that's not something you'll find in most  drug store moisturizers. With all of the smoke, dirt, and junk floating around in the NYC air, it has comforted me to know that I've got protection.
If you all would like to try something from Colleen Rothschild (I want to try out the Complete Eye Cream next for my dark circles!) you can use the code 'LIKE20' for the next week and get 20% off regular price items ♥

Leave any skin care products down below that you all are loving right now--- I'd love to check them out. x

With much love,




Nina Cat said...

Hello Lauren! I was looking at the make up remover you reviewed and it sounds really good. At the moment im thinking of using coconut oil (i heard it's a good remover), but I will check this product out too! thanks x

Kay said...

I am saving these pics so I know what an absolutely perfect eyebrow looks like! ;) Thanks, Lauren, I hope you are knocking their socks off in NY.

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