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Friday, January 31, 2014

Different Eyes.

Burgundy Dress: Modcloth.
Mustard Cardigan: Forever21.
Brown Opera Boots: c/o Pink and Pepper.
Lipstick in MAC's Diva.

Last night as I was putting this post together I wanted to write something meaningful, but nothing was coming to me. No use in forcing something to try and make content. So, I figured that tomorrow would be a new day and that perhaps I could find inspiration in something that happened.

I've recently been really hooked of the social experiment, Humans of New York. This guy named Brandon goes around the Streets of New York and captures photos of random people that catches his eye. Not in the sense of beautiful people, but real, interesting, people who seem to have stories. He always just talks with them and finds out a little bit about them and provides a quote or two under the photo. No matter what, the quote, however simple it is, is just always profound and insightful. I don't even think these people mean for them to be. They just are because they're real stories, real events these people have gone through and the rawness of humanity is just fascinating. 

So after being really fascinated with this site for a few weeks now, for some reason I just found myself somewhat doing the same thing today here at Kent. It wasn't really intentional, it just kind of happened. I woke up at 12:30 and laid in bed for a good 45 minutes before I rolled out and down my bunk bed. The mornings are always my favorite (even though it's never morning when I actually wake up), but just the sense of and feeling of a completely new day to make anything happen is always beautiful to me. I start off every day by going to get coffee at the student center--the center of all the hustle and bustle of campus. With my cinnamon, cupcake latte in hand, I went upstairs to the student center and just sat down facing the windows to where everyone walks outside and just felt this pull to just...sit there. Fridays I have no classes and had nothing planned today, so I thought why not just sit, relax, and enjoy my cup of coffee?

I found it absolutely fascinating and inspiring to watch all of these people on my campus walk by. These people whom most I've never seen before, or maybe I have seen and never realized it. I don' t know. I'm a chronic phone user--I always seem to be looking down at my phone, checking instagram, scrolling through feeds, ect so I never really take the time to look at all that's around me. Including humans. And you wouldn't think that students in a midwestern college town would be intriguing but they really, really are.

I'm not a people person by any means, but as I sat there, I fell more and more in love with people in a way I just can't describe. Not the individuals themselves, but the little things they would do that show how human we really are, the connecting thread that this guy and that girl and I all have in common. I saw the rawness and just the pure essence of these people as they walked by because they were unaware anyone was watching and observing them. They didn't feel the need to act in a prescribed way, but acted just as they naturally do.

I saw the way this boy looked at a girl with so much love and complete admiration in his eyes. The way he smiled at her was so beautiful. And the deep set lines of sorrow and the furrowed brow of students as they walked by, and I wondered what made them look so upset. Friends walking in groups, laughing at a joke I couldn't hear, but then others hurridly walking alone, their head down and in their own world with their headphones on. I wonder if they wished they were laughing with others, too. Everyone was so fast paced, had such an agenda, but there was this one man who walked slow as could be. It wasn't because he couldn't walk faster, but just because he chose to walk slowly, deliberately, absorbing the world around him like I was. A girl in a leg cast painstakingly trying to walk amongst the crowd. I wish someone would have helped her. I should of helped her. A couple smoking cigarettes together passed by and when they went to come inside, he held her back so he could walk in first and hold the door open for her. The outfits were of course interesting on these people, as well. The style is so diverse here and I marveled at each of these outfits I truly took the time to look at instead of just glancing and moving on with my day. I wondered if they were deliberate, if they had planned them out the night before or just put something, whatever on that morning. Each person had something special about their outfit; whether it was just sweats or full on business clothing. There was a piece or part of the ensemble that defined them as a person.

There was just so much more, but it's something to observe people in the moment and see the extraordinary in person that you can't replicate once you're back in your dorm and trying to write about it. The fleeting moment is gone, and it won't ever be captured again.  I sat there wishing so badly that I had my laptop, a piece a paper, pen, or anything so I could remember every single person that walked by me and what struck me about them as they passed by. You would think that I sat there for a long time people watching, but I only observed for fifteen minutes until my coffee was done, but I took more away from those fifteen minutes than I do almost all of my days.

To just see humans and the people live their life; the same thing I'm trying to do and you're trying to do. It makes me feel a lot less alone, and a lot more inspired. I don't know. This simple thing today really changed my perspective on a lot of things. Perhaps it's still just my large coffee talking through my pumping, caffeinated blood, but I feel different somehow. 

Like I've seen things with completely different eyes.

With much love, Lauren.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Heart In My Hand.

Black Infinity Scarf: c/o OASAP.
Cream Cable Knit Sweater, Boots: Thrifted.
Camel Colored Beret: American Apparel.
Lipstick in MAC's Russian Red.

Do any of you remember the children's story book The Mitten from when you were a kid? It was one of my favorites and I still have images of my kindergarden teacher reading us this tale of a boy who looses his white mitten in the snow and all sorts of animals find their home in it until it's stretched beyond belief.

Or how about the ever classic Three Little Kittens Lost Their Mittens? My grandmother on my father's side always would read it to me when I came over to her house and she would do these perfect voices for the mamma and baby kittens. It's strange that you forget about all of these little remnants of your childhood until something as simple as a pair of $8 mittens brings them all back up. I wonder if my kindergarten teacher or grandmother knew I would remember these moments in time fifteen, sixteen years later as an adult? It makes the memories all the more special.

And then I remember when I fought my parents tooth and nail about wearing gloves over mittens as I grew older. Mittens were clearly for babies and I was most certainly not a baby at age 9 and 10. If I can recall, they got me a pair of mittens one year for Christmas and I cried and cried, refusing to wear them. I was also quite the sneak and would wear them going off to school to appease my mother, but then change into gloves as soon as I got to the bus stop.

Amazing how a pair of white mittens with little red hearts on them can make my own beating heart feel so full of happiness (and warmth)  ♥

With much love, Lauren.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Life's Snapshots #39.

Always match your lipstick to your cookie.

Haven't been to a cuter Starbucks than the one we have here in Kent.

Cold, cold January.

The most perfectly mixmatched and home-y coffee shop.

Favorite shoes :)

Ying Yang cafe mochas.

Relax, it's just coffee.

Been working my way through this. Surviving your 20's from a Christian standpoint. It's been helping a lot!

Had to rep my favorite coffee shop, even at Kent.

After a long day, this got me through.

The sky is the limit.

A horrid picture of me, but I love my little sister too much to preserve any dignity that I have left and I'm going to post this on the internet anyways.

Breakfast hangs before I left for school.

So I realize that 8 outta 10 of these photos have something to do with coffee. Now I'm ashamed.

You can follow my instagram with @passingwhimsies if you'd care to! ♥

With much love, Lauren.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Here We Are Again.

Floral Sweater, Green Jacket: Thrifted.
Chambray Top: Target.
Beanie: Aeropostale.
Light Wash Jeggings: Forever21.
Cream Knee Socks: Urban Outfitters.
Tan Tall Boots: Old Navy.
Lipstick in Wet N Wild's Mauve Outta Here.

Hello everyone! ♥
I guess wishes become dreams come true sometimes; I got school off today! Just a nice little surprise. Not that I really need to be off of school or anything because I enjoy my classes a ton this semester, but hopefully this will give me a chance to catch up on emails today. My apologies if you've been waiting for a reply...I will be getting to them ASAP! 

I toured some apartments around campus this past weekend and am feeling really hopeful and excited. Out of the four I visited, I really liked three and could see myself living in there. It was kind of scary to talk about things such as cosigners, leases, payments, and such...but that's a part of growing up and getting older I guess. The things you do are scary, but exciting nonetheless. I'm looking forward to taking this next step in my life here at college. Super thankful that I was able to find places and it's just a matter of choosing now so I can secure it. x

With much love, Lauren.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Prettiest Makeup Products.

Like most girls, I am an absolute sucker for anything that comes in a pretty package, and makeup is certainly included in that. I've gotten more into makeup within the past year or so, and many times what draws me to buy something is the packaging. Silly, I know but I am a hoarder and displayer of beautiful things. I wanted to show you all some of my prettiest makeup products, BUT let you know--do they really do the job? Don't stumble into the pit fall I often do and see if these products are more than just a pretty package ♥

 I bought this over winter break, interested in trying out the seemingly popular lip gloss to lipstick finish that a lot of cosmetic companies have been presenting lately. I didn't want to spend a lot on one, and the shimmery gold top and beautiful peek of the product in the tube sold me on this lip gloss from Forever21. It's nice, I do like it for the $3.80 I paid for it. But is it phenomenal? No, not really. It does apply nicely with the doe foot applicator and goes on smoothly which I like, but when it dries it is quite...well, dry on your lips. The taste if it accidentally gets in your mouth isn't the greatest, but it's a pretty nice product for the price tag.

 I've had this product for a few months now and went on a spree of watching Youtube videos about it before I bought it. I was enamored by the thought of having something smell and taste like chocolate...and it would be makeup! I was weary of bronzers though as I know they can be fickle to look good, but this bronzer had good reviews for not looking muddy. It's beautifully packaged with the sweetest details and comes with a gorgeous little 'flatbuki brush' that I find handy. I thought the milk chocolate shade was actually going to be too light for me, but it turns out that's not the case! I don't know, I'm not 100% in love with this bronzer. I hardly dip the brush in the pan and when I put it on my cheeks, it's so dark. I've watched a bunch of bronzing tutorials so I know I'm applying it right, but perhaps my skin is just a bit too pale for it in the winter. Looking forward to trying it when I have a much darker complexion!
Got my first taste in the wonderful world of Lime Crime cosmetics when I was in high school and have been hooked ever since. To me, they have the prettiest, most unique packaging out there. Seriously, follow their instagram (@limecrimemakeup) and it will blow you away. I have six of their lipsticks which all come in bright purple tubes with an iridescent unicorn on them.  Lime Crime is very reminiscent of MAC where they have phenomenal opacity, a sweet smell, and don't taste 'lipstick-y.' I chose the prettiest shade of them all-- a lovely lavender called Airbourne Unicorn. I've never come across anything like it, so if you're looking for something unique this one is it. I find the color hard to wear, but I do like to sport it on occasion like here. I really want one of their newer colors, Babette, and am saving for it!

A relatively new product I picked up over break, but will never go without having again. I've never really understood highlighting and the task of achieving a glowy face, but this is my holy grail product! Seriously amazing for a drugstore item. Hard candy has a line of liquid bronzers, but in it is this one which is an illuminator. It is such a pretty, light pink shade that I put on the apples on my cheeks to have a glow, or put it underneath my blushes for a dewy sort of look. The packaging was what totally sold me on this at first, but at the end of the day the actual product makes me love it even more. 

Another Lime Crime item! The Carousel lipgloss stays true to its name in adorable packaging made to resemble a carousel. The lipsgloss is beautiful with super high quality and the smell...oh the smell! If I could have purfume in this I would. Heavenly. I do find it a very thick and somewhat gloppy lipgloss, but that just means you have to apply less. Someday I'd love to try out the 'icicle' one of these which is clear with sparkles. 

I got this little sample size of a Benefit concealer in a Birch Box early this year and was excited because I love Benefit products. I think they work really well, are unique in their product design, and have quirky cute vintage style packaging. Have to say I was disappointed in this one though and glad I didn't spend the money on the full size. The stick has concealer in the middle surrounded by a moisturizer so I thought it would glide on smoothly, but I found trying to do my under eyes it just wouldn't flow or blend in nicely. Maybe the sample size is too dried out or something because I have a friend who swears by this stuff, but for me the beautiful packaging isn't enough to make up for a lackluster product.

Do you all have any products to recommend me to look into that look pretty and work well? I'd love to try out some of your suggestions! x

With much love, Lauren.

Survival of the Fittest.

Striped Shirt, Black Boots: Thrifted.
White Blouse, Bow Headband: Forever21.
Red Coat, Boyfriend Jeans: Aeropostale.
Lipstick in MAC's Russian Red (of course).

We have a winterpocalypse going on here in the Midwest of the United States, you guys. The snow. The wind. The cold. Good thing I'm a nature lover in general or this would be one rough time for me right now. Although it's not particularly the most ideal weather (would love to be wearing the pretty, vintage 50's sundress I thrifted on Friday), I do appreciate it. I love to watch the snow seem to suspend itself in the air from my dorm window. I've loved having warm tea every night with lots of spoonfuls of sugar while I read for class. And call me crazy, but I don't mind walking across campus in this. Although by the end of the walk I usually can't feel my feet, I revel in the beauty that God has made this earth in each season, and winter is no less.

Now despite all this would I like to have school off the next two days when it's -35 degrees out? Ain't no amount of nature's beauty will I not wish for that. x

With much love, Lauren.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Half Way There.

Vintage Cape, Black Loafers, Wool Hat: Thrifted.
High Waisted Jeggings: Aeropostale.
Nordic Sweater: c/o Chicnova.
Lipstick in MAC's Russian Red.

In nearly six more months it's hard to believe I'll be 21. Which is really strange for me to think about because I mean...didn't I just turn 20? That was August, Lauren (come on, keep up dummy). But it's had me thinking lately with 20 being almost half over what 21 means. 

It means I'll legally be allowed to drink in the United States.

I've never drank before--not even a sip of alcohol. It doesn't make me 'better' than anyone, it doesn't make me superior or smarter...it just means I haven't drank and for people who drink underage that's their own prerogative and decision. Since it's never been legal for me before, thinking about drinking has just never crossed my mind until recently with the realization that I (can?) in half a year. And it has me wondering what I'll do, really. I don't really want to drink. I have no itching desire and I'm actually (call me a sissy) quite scared of it.

With my OCD, I love to be in control. I don't like to do anything where I cannot control my actions and what I'm doing. And the thought of willingly doing something that makes me lose control actually really scares me. Now I know that one drink isn't going to knock me flat on the ground and have me riding mechanical bulls, but at some point it could. It's the thought, the chance. I don't know where my limits stand and the thought of pushing them doesn't really appeal to me. It's been quite awhile since I talked about my OCD, but it's very specific in that I'm completely terrified of throwing up which, is a side effect of drinking too much. I know it takes a lot of alchol to throw up, but even just the thought that it could be possible if I were to drink terrifies me.

And then on the other hand I feel just this duty (?) to society to drink. Not really a pressure, but just that it's like this rite of passage to have drinks on your 21st. Will I regret if I don't do that? It sounds silly and stupid, but I'm an insanely sentimental person and I'll never get that 'first day to legally drink' back. But then again, do I really want my reason to drink to be just because 'it's what you do on your 21st birthday?' Or do I want it to be when I'm ready, when I feel confident, and when it feel completely my decision?

I guess society just has this way of drilling into us that we have to drink, that it's just a part of our culture (At least in the US it seems). There's no right or wrong time to start drinking, preferably when it's legal, but like I said that's other people's decision and that's fine. But I suppose it's okay to drink or not drink after you turn 21; at the end of the day it's your decision and your right.

What my decision yet is I'm not quite sure. I suppose I'll let you know in another six months.

With much love, Lauren.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Last Minute Lauren.

Green Sweater, Boots: Thrifted.
Polka Dot Pinafore: Forever21.
Cat Tights: Delia's but gift from my aunt :)
Black Scarf: c/o OASAP.
Lipstick in MAC's Rebel.

Hello everyone!

I have a really bad problem about being last minute for everything I do, and that includes my clothing choices often times. I always do these last minute decisions about my outfit before I go out the door, and I always end up regretting them. Take this outfit for example. It was perfectly fine right before I was going to leave and then I felt like it was missing something, so I put a hat on which doesn't go with the style of this outfit at all. Then I thought I needed lipstick and picked out a deep purple and wasn't thinking that I was wearing green...so now I'm the colors of Barney the dinosaur? Wish I would have just listened to my gut instinct and left my outfit as it was and I would have liked it a lot better. Sigh, I'll learn someday I suppose.

With much love, Lauren.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Mauve In Mind.

Lace Dress, Brown Chunky Scarf: Forever21.
Cascade Sweater: c/o Chicnova.
Brown Boots: c/o Pink and Pepper.
Lipstick in Wet N Wild's Mauve Outta Here.

Hello everyone!

Something I've really been struggling with lately is trying to find housing for next spring. Since I'll be gone the first part of the school year in the fall, it makes things difficult to get any place to stay for only half a year; especially the second half. On top of that, it's hard to find roommates because, of course, no one wants to have to pay the extra for rent with me not being there for the first semester and I don't blame them.

I had something in the works with a few girls, but unfortunately plans fell through this past weekend and now I'm left on my own trying to find a place. It's stressful and I'm sort of at a loss of what to do. Firstly, I feel just like a complete and utter loser to have no one to be roommates with. It makes me feel unwanted and like such a loner, and although I know I'll get along just fine being by myself I wanted a roommate(s) to help me get out of my social comfort zone. Secondly, everything for one person is so expensive and not to mention it's hard to find some place that will house me only half a year since leases are usually for a full year. My parents are coming up this weekend to go tour some places with me and hopefully I can find a potential apartment.

Despite all of this hardship and worry I've been going through to find a place to stay, I am confident in God that He will find a place for me. I really am. I was thinking about how Jesus and His disciples had NO CLUE where they were going to stay as they went from town to town spreading the word. They had nothing and no one, yet they still made it through and God helped them. I'm trying to apply this to my housing situation and know that it's truly in God's hands and that I give it all up to Him. 

I'll let you all know how the apartment searching goes after this weekend. Hopefully I have good news to tell you!

With much love, Lauren. 

P.S. The Modcloth Style Gallery just made it so you can follow individuals' outfit uploads now! I really enjoy uploading on the site, linking similar items to the ones I'm wearing, and drooling over the beautiful Modcloth pieces others own and style up. If you'd like to follow along, you can find me here :) 
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