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Friday, January 17, 2014

We're Mint To Be.

Pink Coat, Heart Tights: c/o OASAP.
Mint Lace Dress: Delia's.
Black Loafers: Thrifted.
Black Beret: American Apparel.
Liquid Velvet Lipstick, Mint Bracelet: Forever21.

Hello everyone!

This outfit feels very 'Valentine's Day' to me, but I suppose it never hurt to let the love start early. I know I wore this jacket not too long ago for an outfit post, but I couldn't help but wear it again soon after! It's perfect for overcast, dreary winter days to brighten things up and put a smile on people's faces as they walk by. 

I'm kinda bummed/kinda excited thatt I have go back home again this weekend. I found out I need to get my passport ASAP so we can do our visas and such; so, it just made the most sense to do things back in my home town. I'm just staying for 24 hours and luckily I only live an hour and fifteen minutes away so it'll be an easy trip. Just somewhat exhausted and down about going home again after trying to get myself used to being up at Kent. But I always enjoy a trip to my home town (even if I was just there) so I suppose make the best of it while I have to be there.

Ha, perhaps it's a good thing to be going home though because I forgot SO much there. I'm such a scatter brain. All of my tights I accidentally left which is why I've been wearing strange ones lately just so I can have something on my legs. I also forgot all my makeup remover so trying to get that it off is always quite the challenge every evening! 

Sorry if I seem down or uninteresting lately. I am just really stressed with everything going on and never feel like writing about my woes more in depth--I mean, who wants to hear about that? I just hope it all passes soon.

With much love, Lauren.


LaurenLovesLaugher said...

I probably said it before, but that coat is just so gorgeous! Such a lovely bright pop of colour! And so cute paired with the heart tights! :)
Good luck with getting everything organised, I know how stressful it can be planning everything you need for a trip (particularly if you'll be away for a while), but it will all be worth it once you're in Italy! So exciting!

Lauren xx

Kezzie said...

Woes???? Really? You seem cheerful!!I won't ask you to read my current moan fest!!!!
I reaaaaaally like that coat!!!

Good luck with the planning- I remember sorting everything for my scholarship year in Bali- nightmare!!! Just don't forget to factor in Essex,London to your trip!!! X

Britney @ Scout and Company said...

Love this outfit Lauren! Its super adorable. And don't apologize for how you write. I'm sure people love reading about your life. Its why they keep comin back :) You are brilliant :) Brit

Angel said...

don't you look like a pretty doll!

Natasha Atkerson said...

Cute! Nice title too, very inventive!
I think it's always good to just write whatever comes out-not just the interesting!
A modest fashion blog: www.natashaatkerson.blogspot.com

Unknown said...

Poor sweetie. You sure do not seem uninteresting at all though. I know it is silly of me but I figure why not, if you are ever down or just feel like it, my email is shamuboo@yahoo.com . No expectations at all, just thought I would offer. Very shy so that was tough and now time to quickly move on :)

So sorry for the passport thing but you will have fun. Just stick with the java to help with fatigue. You must rescue the tights for goodness sakes :).

Of course, the heart ones I enjoy quite a bit anyway so very happy reader here. So enjoyed that shot of them on your beautiful legs. And those colors are so fun and yes indeed they spread some cheer my way as well. I love how you consider that when planning an outfit. What a kind heart you have :) Happy travels to you!

Unknown said...

I'm exactly the same way on my blog lately. All I have to say is my complaints and woes and who really wants to hear that anyway? But I always enjoy seeing your pretty outfits no matter what you have (or don't have) to say. This one is gorgeous and I definitely get the Valentine's Day feel from it. The combination of mint green and pink is super pretty. I love the heart print tights too.

Emmy said...

I absolutely love the color on that coat! It is beyond beautiful and looks great with that mint dress.

I hope and pray that everything gets worked out for you. You are very sweet, and those sound nothing like complaints to me. ;)

Anonymous said...

Ugh just LOVE this pink coat! cute!
xx Missy

Camille said...

I love love love your coat Lauren! I have been dying for a coat like that!


Wild Flower said...

Love the scallop hemming on the coat, very cute :) xx

Unknown said...

Great color combination of the mint green and bright pink coat. The bracelet must have provided the inspiration.


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