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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Life Updates

I found myself disappearing again (thankfully not for two years this time), but this little blog remained on my mind. When I last wrote in June, I was getting ready to embark on my solo trip to Ireland, and was still searching for a job after leaving my position in the beauty industry. It's hard to believe this was only a few months ago because so much has happened in-between, but that's just how life works. The day-to-day seems to go by so slow, but when you look back on time it goes unbelievably fast. I am grateful that I'm no longer unemployed because it was a highly emotional, tumultuous time where I often felt like I had made the wrong decision to leave.

Looking from the other side now, thankfully things happened to work out, but it wasn't anything to do with happenstance. I had to put my fears on the back burner and buckle down to do what I had to - find that job. When you're in a position of compromised comfort, it allows you to truly cut all the bullshit because you simply have no other choice. I was running out of money for rent. My trip abroad was coming closer and I was worried I may not have enough money to still go. And I think the biggest push for me was the unsurmountable mountain of shame and guilt I felt, but that I also felt I had brought on to my parents.

It's now been nearly three months since I started my new position. As difficult as everything was, every decision proved necessary as a stepping stone for the life I want to build for myself and the career I want to grow into. Surprisingly, I wouldn't have done things any different if given the chance, but I definitely don't want to do them again in the future. But, you just never know where life will take you. 

Since starting my new social job at Gap, immersing myself every day in fashion has reinvigorated the love for what this blog developed nearly 9 years ago. As I've taken my time adjusting to the new job, I've still been creating a lot of content over on Instagram, but I have really missed long form writing and photo sharing. Trends in social networks fade in and out (RIP Vine), but for me at least, blogging is an irreplaceable platform that will never go out of style.
It's been a comfort over the years to always find this space waiting for me right where I left off, just like an old friend welcoming me back. It always feels right. It always feels good. It always feel like a part of me is whole again. Excited to share as inspiration or contemplation comes (and inevitably goes). Hoping to also really focus on the quality of posts rather than quantity - something I've been pondering on a lot lately.

Other than my new job, I also travelled to Ireland for 11 days (more on that to come!), visited Ohio a few times to see family, started an Etsy shop, signed on for another year at my Brooklyn apartment, an booked a weekend trip to stay in the mountains upstate with my boyfriend for October. Life has been good!

How have you all been? Leave me a note down below to what you've been up to the past few months! I would love to hear.

With much love,


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