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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Camera Contemplating.

Purple Grecian 70's Maxi Dress, Gold Jewelry: Thrifted.
Nude Heels: Gabriel Brother's.

Hello there everyone!
Like the lace dress I wore on the first day of school yesterday, I've been saving this 70's maxi dress ever since I bought it in Akron a few weeks back. I was drawn to the interesting and unique draping of the garment which is unlike anything I've ever seen before. It almost has the appearance of a jumpsuit or MC Hammer pants, but the intricate draping actually makes a dress! The slitted sleeves are another detail that I love... it was fun finding a way to beat the 'no shoulders' rule for the dress code today! ;)

Although I do love this dress, I'm rather (and when I say rather I mean quite) unhappy about how the pictures turned out. I've been unhappy with how all my pictures have turned out recently actually. I have a very amature camera and have long been lusting after a beautiful, new DSLR. When I first started my blog I knew nothing about photography and my sub par camera and images didn't really bother me because I was still learning. But after years of taking pictures everyday I realize how much I am missing out on by not having a nicer camera and how much my blog is lacking with so-so pictures. I've saved every penny of my money from working so far at Cheddar's and have about $550 saved up at the moment. Not a lot, I know, but it is something! I've been reading up on all sorts of cameras as of late trying to figure out what one will give me what I want (soft, dreamy photos) for the lowest price. After some research so far I'm thinking about the Canon EOS Rebel T3. Do any of you know any helpful information about the camera? I'm quite naive and clueless when it comes to what cameras are good or bad, so feedback from you all would be much appreciated and valued!

Hope you all are doing lovely...
With much love, Lauren.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Last First Day of High School!

Gray Lace Dress: Forever21.
T-Strap Wedges, Gold Jewelry: Thrifted.

Hello there everyone!
Here are just a few quick photographs of my first day of school outfit that I've had planned out since what seems like forever! I bought this pretty lace dress from Forever21 all the way back at the beginning of August and haven't worn it once yet because I wanted to save it for the first day of school. Are you all like me and feel as soon as you see a piece of clothing you just know it's going to be what you're going to wear for a specific occasion? No...?Okay, well perhaps I'm just an odd ball, hehe!

The first day of school went alright and pretty smoothly and would have gone even better if I hadn't been sick. When the seasons start to change I always get the most awful sinus colds... Sore throat, constantly running nose, pounding headache, dizziness, and weakness... Today was the main day of the sinus cold and I was just miserable! To make matters worse I got less than two hours of sleep last night because my head was bothering me.I was practically falling asleep on my desk all day! I think the worst is over though and hopefully I'll start feeling better tomorrow.

Hope you all are doing lovely, and I must apologize for being so behind on commenting and reading... I must catch up tomorrow!
With much love, Lauren.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Oh, Summer You Shall Be Missed...

Vintage Floral Jacket: Giveaway win from Wildflower.
Red Polka Dot Dress: Modcloth.
Yellow Beret, Tan Clogs: Target.

Tomorrow is my first day of school which means the end of summer... Beautiful, beautiful summer. The days of summer are like no other. Each day blends into the next into a kaleidoscope of memories. In the morning you're greeted not by an alarm clock, but by the chitter chatter of birds outside your window and the spectrum of light cascading through your window. Each day is so succulent and pure, nothing to worry about nor nothing that needs doing. Lazy days are spent laying in the soft grass, so green and it blows in the soft, humid breeze. Floating at the pool in the crystal clear water with the sounds of laughing children all about and the aroma of fresh popcorn being cooked. The sound of the ice cream truck and it's cheerful dittle, you can always hear the child yelling the ice cream man to stop or wait up. Summer nights are filled with fireflies who always hold your secrets and dance with you as the sun goes down. The moon always peeks out from the clouds but not until late, late evening. In the summer time the day is so long and stretches on forever. The sunsets in the summer time are like no other. The brilliant oranges, reds, and pinks blend together in a water color painting of epic proportions. Having a loved one to watch the setting sun it always special, too. Summer, I'm dearly going to miss you. All of your cool ice cream cones, singing cicadas, romantic wild flower fields, and magic will be remembered and cherished until next year ❤

With much love, Lauren.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

You're Stronger Than Your Label.

Ever since you were probably a little child in grade school, you've had somesort of a label. It might have been about your physical appearance; fat, ugly, pretty,anorexic, midget, giant. It might have been about your intelligence; know-it-all, retard, mindless, genius, nerd. It might have been about your personality; hipster, popular, jock, nerd, emo, goth. It might have been about your sexuality; gay, lesbian, prude, slut. Whatever the label you were given, and we all have been given one, it seems to stay with us the rest of our lives...but it doesn't have to.
In just two days I will start high school again. My final year, and it's the place where labels are spread like a wildfire in the dry summer. My labels have been various things over the years, and always evolving as I evolve as a person. As a little girl it was four eyes; I had glasses that took up my whole face. As I grew older and read constantly, I was deemed a nerd. During junior high school I was seen as the loud, obnoxious girl vying for attention. My beginning years of high school I was called fake for trying to change who I was when all I really was doing was becoming was myself. And my most current label? A hipster. A negative word meaning someone who likes thrifted clothes, alternative ways of life, and coffee: lots of coffee. Labels have followed me my whole life and whether they still describe me or not, they'll always be engraved in my heart...

Why do humans feel the need to label each other? Labels like drugs can kill. It can take one simple snide label to push someone over the edge and kill themselves or do harm to their body. Some of the labels I've been called have been said to my face, some behind my back, and others anonymously on formspring (and I know you current formspring haters are going to have a field day with this post: bring it.) I've let all of my negative labels in the past bring me down. I would look at myself in the mirror and see all the words that people at school would call me. I would let the words eat away at me until I became those labels that people wanted me to be.
But I didn't have to do that and neither do any of you. We're stronger than the labels our fellow human beings give us. We're stronger than the harsh, cruel words that people stamp on us from day one. We are who we are and no name or label can ever change or make us that.
With this new school year, I'm going to try and break the labels people have given me in the past. Not only that, but I need to try myself not to label others. I need to stop and think. To think that every person is a person and can't be defined by their label.
With much love, Lauren.

P.S. And in case you were wondering; I'm dead on with the "o7' hipster." ;)

Remix #2.

{June 5th, 2011}
{July 15th, 2011}

{March 15th, 2011}

{December 22nd, 2010}

{December 5th, 2010}

{February 4th, 2009}

Remixed item: Purple Ruffle Forever21 Dress.

Hello there everyone!
I'm so sorry that my posting has been somewhat sporadic and unconcentrated as of late. I've been going through an uninspired patch, along with various personal issues. Especially with my grandmother...I'm very, very close to my grandmother on my mother's side and she's been quite sick as of late. I'm incredibly concerned and worried...It makes me cry just to think about anything happening to her because I love her so much... My parent's are taking her to the ER right now because we're just not sure what's wrong with her.

Hope you all are doing well though...
With much love, Lauren.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Notebook Inspired Engagement Photos.

Hello there everyone!
It's been years and years since I've been to a wedding, but I can remember even as a little girl loving to attend them and dreaming about my own wedding day. Today I'm lucky enough to actually be attending a wedding though for the first time where I can actually dress myself ;) The relation isn't particularly close to me (Matt's brother's best friend), but that doesn't make the wedding any less special or romantic.... I'm the type of person who is always dreaming, thinking, and creating my wedding in my mind and constantly watching WE T.V. wedding Sunday, haha!

So, in honor of attending the wedding today I thought I'd share with you all a set of engagement photos I stumbled upon a few weeks ago. You all are pretty familiar with my absolute obsession with The Notebook, and when I saw these Notebook inspired engagement photos my breath was literally taken away! I just cannot express how in love I am with these photos...I look at them everyday! The bride looks so similar to Rachel McAdams, and everything about the shoot is right on T with the movie... To say I'm jealous and totally inspired at the same time is an accurate statement!

I hope to be back later with pictures from the wedding!
With much love, Lauren.
P.S. Here is the site I found the photos if you are interested.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Your Presence Still Lingers.

Green Silk Tie Blouse, Floral 90's Skirt, T-Strap Wedges: All Thrifted.

Hello there everyone!
I am super duper excited because tonight I received the proofs of my senior pictures! I was blown away and so, so happy with how they turned out... I'm going to have the most difficult time ever deciding which ones I'd like to purchase, and especially which one I want to chose for the year book!

I'm not exactly sure when I'll have the rights to the photos to share with you all though. I have to talk to my photographer if it's okay to post the pictures on my blog, and when exactly I'll be able to do that. I really can't wait to show you all though: you're going to love them (but not as much as I do, hehe).

With much love, Lauren.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Remix #1.

{January 24th, 2011}

{December 25th, 2010}
{July 7th, 2011}
{April 21st, 2011}

Remixed item: Blue Peter Pan Collar Modcloth Dress.

Hello there everyone!
So the other day I was brainstorming some new post ideas I could use for the blog, and a 'remix' feature came instantly to my mind... I think it's so important to gain inspiration from others, but more importantly to gain inspiration from yourself. At times, no other person can be more inspiring to you than your own self once your personal style is developed. I've always found it fun and interesting to look back into the old archives of my blog and see what I was wearing or what I was inspired by at the time...So why not make a series out of it?!

For this new series I just plan on taking one item and posting the different ways and dates that I wore it. Fairly simple, right? I don't particularly have a set schedule of days or the frequency of how I'm going to do this new feature, but perhaps I'll just figure it out as I go along.

{I have to ask you all: which of the above four ways do you like how I wore this Modcloth dress?}

With much love, Lauren

I'll Be Seeing You ❤

Floral 1950's Dress, Cream Hat, White Gloves: Thrifted.
Tan Clog Heels: Target.

Hello there everyone!
It's a tradition for me every summer to watch The Notebook before I go back to school. It's such a great source for vintage fashion inspiration that gets me set for the school year. Not to mention it's inspiration love and for living life to the fullest, as well! It never fails that every time after I watch the movie (and cry all my make-up off...) that I deck myself out in some vintage attire and go out pretending I'm Allie Hamilton...Golly, how I wish I could own her wardrobe and live her life!❤

This dress is a handmade vintage 1950's dress, but is new to me. I bought it in Akron when I went to visit my fellow Ohio bloggers and fell in love with it as soon as I saw it! The only bad thing about this dress though is it's made of really stiff material that doesn't particularly move...like some kind of material you would use for a plastic table cloth for your picnic table! I'm hoping though that after a few washes it might loosen up.

Hope you all are doing lovely! I had such a truly wondrous day filled with thrifting, coffee, and relaxing before I had to go to work for the evening :)
With much love, Lauren.
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