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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Senior Picture Sneek Peek!

Hello there everyone!
A few weeks ago I had my pictures taken by the lovely Cassidy of Cassidy Dawn Photography , and she was so very kind enough to send me a small sneak peek!

For some of you that live in different countires, I didn't even think about explaining to you all exactly what senior pictures are! Here in the United States when you're a senior in high school it is a tradition to get what's called 'senior pictures' done by a professional photographer. These senior pictures will be put in your graduation announcement invitations, displayed at your graduation party, given out to family and friends, and used for the year book. Additionally, they are just a nice keepsake to capture an important milestone in life! Hope that little explanation helped some of you understand who are unfamiliar with what senior pictures are!

I was so excited with just the little sneak peek of the above photo Cassidy sent me though...in the photo I'm wearing a vintage 1940's prom dress that is a total dream! I'll hopefully be getting to see all of the photos that she took around next Thursday and the anticipation is just killing me... I'll make sure to share the rest of the photos with you all when I get them ❤

Hope you all are doing lovely, and I'll be back later with an outfit post!
With much love, Lauren.


sfiziesfarzimoda.blogspot.com said...

Piacere di conoscerti, io sono Marcella hai un blog molto carino. A presto. Baci

Ashley said...

love that dress the back is darling!

Nikki | The Ginger Diaries said...

The whole transfer from highschool to college/uni sure gets celebrated big time up in the States! Here it's only a small ceremony where they give you your highschool degree and then they kick you out, haha ^^ No pictures, no party, no yearbook. Too bad, cause I've heard those senior parties are pretty awesome and fancy! Did you have yours already? ^^ x

Midwest Muse said...

You really are the most beautiful girl! I CANNOT WAIT to take your photo.

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

How exciting!!!!

Shady Del Knight said...

Based on this first picture alone it seems clear that you have already graduated, Lauren: from girl to woman!

OrigamiGirl said...

Thanks for the explanation! I think I said in my comment when you talked about them before I didn't really get them.
We don't really have official things like that in the UK but my school did have a big thing about scrapbooks. I've since found out that not every school in the UK does but we all wrote little essays to each other (literally a page long even from people you didnt know well and 8 from my best friends) and then stuck in photos and such.

I've done one for uni and sixth form too. So yeah I definately appreciate mementos.

dahhlayne said...

Ahhh! I love it, I love it, I love it!! I know it's only a tease, but still. What a tease! haha Red lips and a black dress make you look oh so sultry. Gosh, I'm so antsy to see the rest now. :)


mishuella said...

lovely blog dear !


Jackie @ EatLove&Style said...

You look beautiful, Lauren. I can't wait see the rest of your photos.


Wild Flower said...

Lovely picture! I wish I was pretty as you are when I was a senior in high school!


Taryn said...

This is so lovely! I bet the rest of your photos turned out just as amazing :)

claire said...

This pnoto is absolutely stunning! I cannot wait to see the rest!

claire said...

cant wait to see the pictures! This one if fabulous :)

Bree said...

This dress is beautiful! I Love the picture!Can't wait to see the rest!

Unknown said...

That dress is perfection! I can tell your senior pictures turned out amazingly. I wish I'd have been more creative with mine, but I just went to a studio and got them done. Perhaps I could get some senior college ones done this year? haha

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