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Monday, August 29, 2011

Oh, Summer You Shall Be Missed...

Vintage Floral Jacket: Giveaway win from Wildflower.
Red Polka Dot Dress: Modcloth.
Yellow Beret, Tan Clogs: Target.

Tomorrow is my first day of school which means the end of summer... Beautiful, beautiful summer. The days of summer are like no other. Each day blends into the next into a kaleidoscope of memories. In the morning you're greeted not by an alarm clock, but by the chitter chatter of birds outside your window and the spectrum of light cascading through your window. Each day is so succulent and pure, nothing to worry about nor nothing that needs doing. Lazy days are spent laying in the soft grass, so green and it blows in the soft, humid breeze. Floating at the pool in the crystal clear water with the sounds of laughing children all about and the aroma of fresh popcorn being cooked. The sound of the ice cream truck and it's cheerful dittle, you can always hear the child yelling the ice cream man to stop or wait up. Summer nights are filled with fireflies who always hold your secrets and dance with you as the sun goes down. The moon always peeks out from the clouds but not until late, late evening. In the summer time the day is so long and stretches on forever. The sunsets in the summer time are like no other. The brilliant oranges, reds, and pinks blend together in a water color painting of epic proportions. Having a loved one to watch the setting sun it always special, too. Summer, I'm dearly going to miss you. All of your cool ice cream cones, singing cicadas, romantic wild flower fields, and magic will be remembered and cherished until next year ❤

With much love, Lauren.


Kathryn from Schoolmarm Style said...

That jacket is so adorable! Lovely pictures. The light is wonderful this time of year.

Amber Schmidt said...

Farewell sweet summer..
Today was my first day of class, and it's unusual to get back into the routine of things.

You look so stunning as usual-- that third photo of you is brilliant. I really love your new haircut, by the way.

Missed you. :)

The Semi Sweet said...

Beautiful writing:) It makes me sad that summer is coming to a close so soon.

Sara said...

i just loved the way you described summer, you have beautiful writing!

Unknown said...

This outfit is amazingly cute! I love your jacket with a passion. And you always wear berets so well! I want one so badly so I can style it in the fall! Hope you had a nice day back to school.

Aurè said...

Hi there in USA,
Ciao, just found you Blog: it's Brilliant, Very Intersting, Artistic!
Great photos: the Nature, the Countryside is so Beautiful.
You have a Great Artistic Talent in Wearing . . . Cheers!
Ciao dall'Italia
Best regards from Italy by fellow Artist Aurè

aki! said...

I'm very much a fan of your shoes! And the colors you used in your outfit.

Have a great time at school!

Margaret said...

Good luck at another year of school! You're so good at pulling together a vintage look. Consider me your newest follower :)

Lynshock said...

I also love summer but hate when it ends and hate the first day of school for some reasons.... By the way nice outfit. I adore your heels so much!


Kezzie said...

You write like me when I am trying to describe a setting! Hee hee! Therefore I love it! :-)

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