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Monday, August 8, 2011

I'd Give You a Bouquet of Wild Flowers ❤

Floral Blouse, Lace Socks: Forever21.
Red Purse, High Waisted Shorts: Thrifted.
Tan Clogs: Target.

Hello there everyone!
So after what seems like forever I'm finally back with a proper outfit post! Some of you probably forgot that this was a fashion blog, hehe ;)

Everything about this outfit just perfectly came together for me...It was one of those outfits that you didn't have to think about, but it just came together on its own. It has all of the favorite pieces combined together: coral lipstick, dainty florals, lace socks, and my go-to tan shoes. If I had to pick one outfit to depict my summer style, this would be it!

And even though Queen Anne's Lace is actually a weed, I'm still always so enamoured by how beautiful it is...I just had to pick a bouquet full for some pictures! Speaking of Queen Anne's Lace..that reminds me of my senior pictures! When I got my pictures taken a few weeks ago, one of the locations was in a huge, beautiful field of Queen Anne's Lace... it was like something I could only dream of! My photographer Cassidy sent me a sneak peek of my senior photos, and would you all perhaps like to see it? I was so very happy with the little snippet I saw!

Hope you all are doing just lovely ❤
With much love, Lauren.


Brenna said...

We must see the previews! Don't tease us so!

leah jean said...


Jenna said...

I can't believe Queen Anne's Lace is a weed!! It's too pretty!!
Show us the pictures!!!

dahhlayne said...

Aw, just a snippet? What a tease! I'd love to see even just the little sneak peek you have. But once you get all of them...oh man, senior picture blog post galore!!


Unknown said...

I love the blouse :)
Oh, I'm dieing to see your pictures, im sure they're fabulous!


Elanor said...

cute outfit! i can't wait to see your senior photos too! for some reason where i live, nobody gets senior photos/does their own shoot...hmm..! :(

Stacey Kay said...


Me and Dina just found those shoes at the Hartville Goodwill! So cute!

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claire said...

Thoose socks with your shoes are soooooo cute!!

Grace said...

Amazing shirt and lovely photos!!!

Kezzie said...

Of course we want to see them!!!!!!!! Cannot wait!!! This shirt is so pretty!

maggeygrace said...

I love these pictures! They're stunning! The combination of your lovely blouse with those shorts and your socks/wedges is just perfect. You're gorgeous! i love everything Queen Anne inspired:)

Libby said...

Ooo I love this outfit! I also love that you can pull off these great shorts without looking like a mom (which I would not be able to do). I also agree about Queen Ann's Lace...

Wild Flower said...

Cute blouse, I love the socks and sandals, wonderful! xx

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

I love this blouse!!

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