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Friday, August 19, 2011

Lovely Little Packages.

Hello there everyone!
So over the past few weeks I've gotten some absolutely delightful and wonderful little packages in the mail from my beautiful followers! The first came all the way from England from the lovely Kerenza of KezzieAG! She was so kind enough to make me one of her beautiful and original cards with a little polka dot dress on the front. What can I say: she knows me well ;) Inside the dainty card was the most beautiful message...Along with handmade card she sent me the most adorable little porcupine paper clip and some stunning hand made jewelry! She pretty much made me feel like the luckiest little gal in the world :D
I've also received a few lovely cards in the mail from April of April, Maybe! She honestly sends the cutest little cards with the sweetest messages inside! I'm so very thankful to have such wonderful followers who truly care about me...

Interested in sending letters back and forth with me? I have a few different bloggers whom I send mail to so if you're ever interested feel free to email me your address! I'd love to exchange lovely little letters with you :)
Hope you all are doing just wonderful and I'll be back later with a super exciting outfit post you won't want to miss!
With much love, Lauren.


dahhlayne said...

Oh this is so darling! I would love to exchange letters and little goodies with you! :) I'm gonna email you right now!


Victoria said...

I would really love very much to maybe be penpals with you. Or something :). And maybe I'm just being a dummy, but I can't find your email address aywhere!

April said...

Got down to that last picture and was like, oh. . . those look familiar! haha ;)

Kezzie said...

I forgot to say that that was really sweet you did a post about it- really glad you liked them!

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