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Friday, August 19, 2011

The Past Is Never Far.













Polka Dot Skirt (actually a dress): c/o StopStaring!
White Top (actually a dress): Kohl's.
Black Stilettos: Burlington Coat Factory.

Hello there everyone!
One of the most incredible things I've found about blogging is the genuine friends you make through just a simple internet connection. As you all know I haven't a lot of friends in my everyday life, but when I come to my blog I have such an abundance of beautiful ladies and gents who truly care about me... Because of location I probably won't ever be able to meet some of you in real life, but I was lucky enough to get together with some of my fellow Ohio bloggers this past Wendsday!

For quite sometime I've been emailing back and forth, swapping clothes, and really getting to know the lovely Jessica of Dresses for Dinner. It was an absolute dream to be able to meet her fellow blogging partner, Anna, and a bunch of other wonderful Ohio bloggers! I traveled an hour and a half north to the big city of Akron where I met Jessica and Anna for the first time. They are just a sweet as I imagined, and I was so relieved and felt like I finally belonged somewhere! Jessica was incredibly kind enough to take outfit pictures for me in such an interesting and unique alley way covered with graffiti... I marveled at the beautiful and artistic drawings and ahem, even got to see some of it done live! You can see in a few of the photos two guys spray painting...They were quite a surprise to me, but I found what they were doing to be so interesting and they didn't bother us in the least bit!

After pictures we met up with five other blogging gals to go thrifting. We went to the local Goodwill where I was totally blown away with the amount of actual vintage for sale! In my town all of the clothing is just,well, used clothing and there really isn't an abundance of actual vintage. I was also really surprised at the prices, as well! I live in the third poorest town in Ohio, so everything is dirt cheap. I was quite shocked when my total came to fifteen dollars for just four pieces of clothing because in my town it would have only been about six! I did get some lovely pieces though: a vintage 1950's white sundress, a vintage purple 1970's dress, a handmade vintage 1950's floral dress, and a pretty hot pink silk blouse.

Unfortunately because I lived so far away I had to go home without getting to go out to dinner with all of the ladies, but I still cherished the time I got to spend with them. I'm truly hoping that I'll be able to get together with all of them very soon because I have a feeling that we'll all get to become wonderful friends.

Hope you all are doing lovely today! Stay tuned because I'm going to keep the blogging a comin'!
With much love, Lauren.


Shady Del Knight said...

These are pro class shots, Lauren! You pop against those graffiti covered walls. Stunning images, some of your best ever! I'm glad you got a chance to meet some of your friends in person. You should never again feel so alone or doubt that you have real friends who care.

Anonymous said...

I love the black & white combination, so classic! You look amazing. Sounds like you had such a great time.

Victoria said...

That sounds so incredibly amazing. I feel exactly the same way about blogging friends and "real life" friends. *sigh* I just wish I knew more bloggers who live in the New Mexico area. But anyway, you look absolutely gorgeous as always! I love the bright red lipstick with the black and white!

Sara said...

i love your dress! the quality is amazing and you look so pretty!

Natalie Leung said...

wow such a stunning outfit, you look so great in these heels and polka dot skirt! great contrast with the grafitti back wall!


Unknown said...

That's so fun that you got to meet up with everyone! It sounds like it was a really nice get-together. I love these pictures too. The juxtaposition of your prim, girly outfit against the graffiti background is so great.

dahhlayne said...

That Goodwill sounds SO legit. So happy you scored crazy deals there. I can't wait to see you rock them later in future posts.
And once I saw these pictures, I couldn't help but yell,"GRAFFITTTIIII!" What a change of scenery and I love it! I love how the artists are just chillin' there in the background doing their thang. :)
My fave would have to be your "Marilyn Monroe" shot. ;)


April said...

Yay! That sounds like so much fun! And these photos? Wow. Great background!

Unknown said...

Sounds like fun, and those prizes are nothing compared to vintage here in Helsinki! At thrift stores a pair of normal used jeans is somewhere between 5 and 15 euros, and vintage dresses are sold for 20 to 200 euros! It is CRAZY, and that's the reason to me visiting H&M more often than thrift stores - it's cheaper! lol

Anonymous said...

I adore your skirt!

The Semi Sweet said...

Isn't Akron the funnest!! I can't wait to finally move there:) All of these pictures are super darling!! I love what you guys are wearing.

Laura said...

Your skirt is gorgeous and I love the background!


Me said...

Thats amazing!!

OrigamiGirl said...

Those shots are awesome. Also I feel kind of smug because in my last comment I was all 'meet some bloggers! It will make you happy' and it did. Ok you obviously planned the whole thing without needing my comment but at least it says my advice is not so foolish. Or something.
Sorry for rambling. Love the photos!

Jackie @ EatLove&Style said...

These photos are amazing, Lauren. You look stunning and so beautiful. Love this look so much.


Liz said...

These photos are amazing! I love the first one especially with the graffiti happening in the background. You're so beautiful and you just put together the best outfits :D

Mila said...

These pictures are absolutely gorgeous, Lauren! Your outfit is so perfect for the background too--I love it! I'm so glad you got to meet bloggers like you, and do such fun activities with them too! Sounds like a perfect day:)


Renée said...

Lauren!! It was so so so nice meeting you! I hope we can stay in touch, you are such a sweet girl! We need another meet up soon, maybe something more halfway for you:) Have a great weekend girlie! <3

jess said...

The skirt is so adorable. The photos look great too.

Agnes in Wonderland said...

Amazing, very feminine and retro skirt, and great look as well ;)

Midwest Muse said...

We need to plan another meet up! YES! I loved taking photos of you. You're so stunning.

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

It always seems so lovely when people can meet others. You look so pretty with the color behind you as you wear monochrome.

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