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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My Feminine Bravery Story.

Hello there everyone!
Just dropping by to let you all know that the lovely Charlie of Feminine Bravery did a special feature post on me about a time when I had feminine bravery... It is a very personal and dear story to me about my journey of finding myself and becoming the Lauren you all know today. I would love nothing more than for you all to know and read about that part of my life... Here is it is if you would like to check it out:

Also, I'll be back with an outfit post later on so stay tuned!
With much love, Lauren.


aki! said...

Lovely post. And I think you're so right.

A lot of the "popular" or "beautiful" girls are in the boat that you were in. They too yearn for acceptance in all that they do. I found out that some of the prettiest people are the most insecure.

dahhlayne said...

Lauren, I am so encouraged by your writing. Your story is just what lots of girls in that pre-teen age should hear, that confidence should not come from others but from within. I too learned that around when I was starting to become a teen. Feeding from other people's compliments got tiring and even dissatisfying, especially trying to look like everyone else. I then decided I wanted to avoid the trends and the hypes, and I wanted to pursue my own individual style, even if most girls would go "eh" about it. Sometimes I choose to don ridiculous things, but I wear it with such self confidence that people even compliment how I "work what I wear." But in the long run, I really do not pay attention to what anyone says because it is how I feel that matters.


Natalie Leung said...

beautiful post. <3



like dahhlayne said, preteen girls need to read this! I think alot of girls go into highschool with that mindset of seeking that approval and losing themselves in the process. you had a beautiful story to tell and articulated it so. despite a time of confidence being extinct your growth from that is phenomanal from assimilated style to your individual own.

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