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Friday, June 29, 2012

Summer Brights.

Blue Silk Blouse, Magenta Skirt, Rainbow Headscarf: Thrifted.
Wedges: Lulu's.

Being colorful is fun. I love mixing different shades together whether they go together or not. My grandmother is laughing at me and shaking her head as she reads this probably, but I can't help it gram- I'm an odd ball.

Hmmm, what else. I'm not feeling too talkative tonight. It's still 95+ degrees. I work a double shift tomorrow. I got a new journal. I'm addicted to playing LIFE on my phone. I just two pairs of shoes in the mail. I went out for pizza and ice cream with my family & Matt tonight. There was a severe thunderstorm warning. I put crazy pink makeup on today. I finished up the monotonous and never ending graduation thank you cards. I'm behind on emails like always. Andddd I've eaten animal crackers for breakfast everyday this week.

Happy Friday everyone

With much love, Lauren.

Thursday, June 28, 2012


Linen Sailor Dress, Square Bracelet: Forever21.
Polka Dot Head Scarf, Tan Heels, White Bracelets: Thrifted.

I used to go on photo adventures a lot. After the first year or so of taking my blog pictures in my front yard, I decided to venture out into new, unexplored territory in my town. I fell in love. That summer I went to every nook and cranny of my town. The brick laid streets, nature centers, kiddie parks, and even the secluded no trespassing properties. I even went adventuring into that next winter,despite the cold, and into my second summer of blogging. This past fall and winter though something changed. I found myself going to routine, familiar spots. Not wanting to adventure any more. If you look in my archives from September to May, you'll see me standing by the same, molding tree in almost all the pictures. I got into such a habit of being hardly present for blog photos. It was something I just 'did' rather than enjoyed anymore. It was a monotonous task of running back and forth (trying not to slip on the ice) and taking pose after pose, after pose in the same position by the same tree.

Even though I eventually got out of my habit of posing by the tree the past spring (but only because it became overgrown with poison ivy) I found that I explored for different photo op places, but hardly much more than I had been. Today it hit me. I don't want to be doing the same poses by the same tree every single day for the rest of the time I have this blog. I remember how much fun and giddy I used to get upon finding a new, beautiful little cove and the funny little memories I made. I vowed to try and change my habits.

I went adventuring today. I took these photos in a place I never have before. A little shady spot by the resavoir, where you can see the river stretch on endlessly. It was hot. 96 degrees and I was dying. If my skin seems shiny and glowing, it's not from the magic of makeup. It's from the sweat, as gross as it may sounds, but hey that's the details bloggers don't share with you. There was a lot of goose poop, a creepy man sat in his truck for a good 15 minutes and watched me (I thought about calling the cops), and I nearly tripped and fell into the water when trying to run in these heels....but you know what? I had fun taking these pictures. The sunlight was so beautiful, the water glistened, I watched the geese float away in the water, and I got to blast my car radio on the 20 minute ride here.

People ask me a lot why I post so many pictures on here. They tell me not to, that it's annoying, that I really shouldn't so I can 'gain more readers.' I love to post a ton of pictures because it captures a beautiful, sincere, real moment in life that memories sometimes just can't live up to. Looking at these photos...they mean so much more to me than the ones by the molding tree. All of my favorite photo shoots I've done are in obscure, new places I adventured to for the first time. No amount of badgering is going to get me to lessen the pictures that represent me and my life.

I really need to do go adventuring more often this summer.

With much love, Lauren.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

600 ♥

Yellow Polka Dot Blouse: c/o Lulu's.
Straw Fedora: Thrifted.
Tan Clogs: Target.

Ohmygoodness! Someone Like You hit 600 followers yesterday! To say I was thrilled is an understatement...you all make my wildest dreams come true, did you know that? To that saying 'thank you' simply isn't enough...

My blog has been a wonderful little escape from real life lately. It seems as though I live at the restaurant, waiting on rather rude and unappreciative customers or wrapping silverware in the kitchen while the cooks and dishwashers give me creepy stares. (not to mention asking if I'm 18 because that way they aren't staring at a minor). If you think I'm exaggerating; sadly I am not...getting paid $3.70 and hour is hardly worth it, but the tip share I get saves me. I'm thinking about using a bit of it and buying a pair of Gavinas from Blowfish Shoes...hmm, thoughts? This girl right here needs a pair of red heels (that won't kill walking on an 800 acre campus). 

EDIT: Okay, I caved right after this I published this post and went ahead and bought them :)

Me and the family went to DQ tonight and I switched out my regular favorite of chocolate x-treme for double fudge cookie dough. I haven't had cookie dough ice cream in years and years but it's what I got every time we went out for ice cream when I was a little girl. Always looking for nostalgia this girl right here is ;)

Tomorrow it's going to be 96 da greez here in the big O-H which is practically unheard of. Going to bask in my day off sitting by the pool, relaxing!

Hope you all are swell, swell, swell.

With much love, Lauren.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Life's Snapshots #15.

My comfort zone outfit of peter pan collar, beret, and red I wore for my college orientation.

Proud to be a Kent State Flash! :)

My gorgeous roommate Michelle and I. Ironically enough we were both donning red that day.

I was so stressed at college orientation I needed about 12 of these mocha cookie crumbles...

I saw this book in the college bookstore and HIGHLY considered buying it...I think it fits my life mantra pretty well.

Pretty Lilac nails with a rose ring.

This mint chocolate chip ice cream was cute AND good.

I was featured on TeenVogue.com for the only makeup trend I ever sport- red lips.

Always preferring T-straps heels over every other shoe choice...

Bought an Audrey H. poster for my dorm room (and okay, maybe for my room until I move in).

Sporting all red before going into work one day.

So obsessed with my new plum purple lipstick! :O

Anndddd I was at work from 11:30 to 9:30 today. Yeah, yikes. These are the pretty earrings I wore though.

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