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Thursday, June 28, 2012


Linen Sailor Dress, Square Bracelet: Forever21.
Polka Dot Head Scarf, Tan Heels, White Bracelets: Thrifted.

I used to go on photo adventures a lot. After the first year or so of taking my blog pictures in my front yard, I decided to venture out into new, unexplored territory in my town. I fell in love. That summer I went to every nook and cranny of my town. The brick laid streets, nature centers, kiddie parks, and even the secluded no trespassing properties. I even went adventuring into that next winter,despite the cold, and into my second summer of blogging. This past fall and winter though something changed. I found myself going to routine, familiar spots. Not wanting to adventure any more. If you look in my archives from September to May, you'll see me standing by the same, molding tree in almost all the pictures. I got into such a habit of being hardly present for blog photos. It was something I just 'did' rather than enjoyed anymore. It was a monotonous task of running back and forth (trying not to slip on the ice) and taking pose after pose, after pose in the same position by the same tree.

Even though I eventually got out of my habit of posing by the tree the past spring (but only because it became overgrown with poison ivy) I found that I explored for different photo op places, but hardly much more than I had been. Today it hit me. I don't want to be doing the same poses by the same tree every single day for the rest of the time I have this blog. I remember how much fun and giddy I used to get upon finding a new, beautiful little cove and the funny little memories I made. I vowed to try and change my habits.

I went adventuring today. I took these photos in a place I never have before. A little shady spot by the resavoir, where you can see the river stretch on endlessly. It was hot. 96 degrees and I was dying. If my skin seems shiny and glowing, it's not from the magic of makeup. It's from the sweat, as gross as it may sounds, but hey that's the details bloggers don't share with you. There was a lot of goose poop, a creepy man sat in his truck for a good 15 minutes and watched me (I thought about calling the cops), and I nearly tripped and fell into the water when trying to run in these heels....but you know what? I had fun taking these pictures. The sunlight was so beautiful, the water glistened, I watched the geese float away in the water, and I got to blast my car radio on the 20 minute ride here.

People ask me a lot why I post so many pictures on here. They tell me not to, that it's annoying, that I really shouldn't so I can 'gain more readers.' I love to post a ton of pictures because it captures a beautiful, sincere, real moment in life that memories sometimes just can't live up to. Looking at these photos...they mean so much more to me than the ones by the molding tree. All of my favorite photo shoots I've done are in obscure, new places I adventured to for the first time. No amount of badgering is going to get me to lessen the pictures that represent me and my life.

I really need to do go adventuring more often this summer.

With much love, Lauren.


Unknown said...

You look so cute in this dress! I'm so in love with it. :) Have fun with your adventures this summer, girlie!


Angel said...

Cute outfit.
I've actually gotten used to the amount of pictures you post. You can't please everyone!
And you know who this blog is for? you. You post for you. So you keep doing what you do.

katie said...

I love all of the photos that you post! Granted I've been to blogs where all I could think was, "Please! No more photos, no more photos!" But those were 40+ photos of the SAME picture, over and over and not even very good qualitly of photos. (Worse than mine and that's saying a lot!) You always tell a story in your photographs and I always get super inspired looking through them. So I say, do whatever you want, I'll look at all of the photos you post happily!
That being said, these are so beautiful! I love photos by water, there's just something so magical about it. That white linen dress looks so lovely on you as well and those heels are so pretty and summery looking. :)

Carlee, Little Sloth said...

I love all photos! You always look so lovely. Adventures are so much fun!

Ashley Holloway said...

As a photographer, I'm all about the photo adventures! These are lovely, what a great location! Such pretty lighting and I absolutely love your outfit! So cute and summery!

Elanor said...

what a pretty dress! you're a darling girl, lauren. :)

i definitely want to try to adventure more for photoshoots this summer. this is a beautiful location, despite the geese poop and the man watching you...eeps

Ellie Balangue said...

I agree with you! I think people should respect a person's way of showing their interest whereas to you through this. I love posting a lot of pictures too. Because I love taking pictures or posing on camera, its like a memory put into picture that you can go back anytime and feel the same feeling you felt during that picture just by seeing it.

Lovely photos! Missing out your blog, Hope you could check out my latest outfit post too. Thank you!


ellie x

Nila Kussriani said...

cute dress and cute bow <3

find me♥
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Unknown said...

Do you take your photos yourself? I am so bad at self timer, I always have better luck with someone helping me! lol. I always love how many photos you post. It would be boring if they were all the same, but they never are! I love all of the creative angles and close ups. :-) So post all the photos you want. I love them!!

Cel said...

I love all these photos! Don't listen to the crazy people saying you should have less photos. These are gorgeous and fun and lovely. I really aught to explore more for my own outfit photos, but I lazy out most of the time and just take them on my terrace haha. I don't have a car anymore though which makes it a little more difficult to go around adventuring in crazy outfits.

Kezzie said...

I love the photos you take! There's always one I like best, so it's nice to have a choice to look at (by the way, I totally stole (and quoted you) your technique of hanging jewellery on a tree! for a post 2 days ago!)
I hoped you'd wear this dress again, I remember seeing it before and being so so envious! Why doesn't our F21 have it?!X

Kezzie said...

I love the photos you take! There's always one I like best, so it's nice to have a choice to look at (by the way, I totally stole (and quoted you) your technique of hanging jewellery on a tree! for a post 2 days ago!)
I hoped you'd wear this dress again, I remember seeing it before and being so so envious! Why doesn't our F21 have it?!X

Jodie said...

Lovely photos! Your dress matches the setting beautifully. I wish the weather was as nice here in Scotland.
Jodie xx

claire said...

i love these photos! and i am sooo jealous of your tan! xx

Teddi said...

here's to adventuring, while looking fantastic, & posting as many photos as you want! :)

Unknown said...

I love your blog... that is such a cute dress on you, you look very lovely

xx Shey


Unknown said...

Oh man I love your dress so so much! It reminds me of my sailor dress I bought from Forever 21 last summer. It's very similar; mine just has a sailor collar. You look gorgeous!

Lilianajcardoso said...

I really like this look, and the pictures. I'm your new follower! :D

Elena said...

I just wanted to say one of the reasons I just LOVE your blog is the amount of pictures! I mean I want to see every detail in an outfit so I really appreciate bloggers that post as much pictures as possible...You're a great inspiration, Lauren!

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