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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Life's Snapshots #15.

My comfort zone outfit of peter pan collar, beret, and red I wore for my college orientation.

Proud to be a Kent State Flash! :)

My gorgeous roommate Michelle and I. Ironically enough we were both donning red that day.

I was so stressed at college orientation I needed about 12 of these mocha cookie crumbles...

I saw this book in the college bookstore and HIGHLY considered buying it...I think it fits my life mantra pretty well.

Pretty Lilac nails with a rose ring.

This mint chocolate chip ice cream was cute AND good.

I was featured on TeenVogue.com for the only makeup trend I ever sport- red lips.

Always preferring T-straps heels over every other shoe choice...

Bought an Audrey H. poster for my dorm room (and okay, maybe for my room until I move in).

Sporting all red before going into work one day.

So obsessed with my new plum purple lipstick! :O

Anndddd I was at work from 11:30 to 9:30 today. Yeah, yikes. These are the pretty earrings I wore though.

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Laura said...

Red lipstick really suits you! The outfit you wore to your orientation was very cute. Congratulations on reaching 600 followers!


K. said...

Beautiful make-up!;)
You look great! Nice dress!

Unknown said...

Mm, I could go for a Mocha Cookie Crumble right now! :-)

ylenia said...

Lovely pics and blog! I'm an new follower now, hope you will have time to visit my blog too and maybe follow me back =)
New outfit on my blog, check it out here and let me know your opinion!

Kezzie said...

You always make me hungry with these! Mmmm, mint ice-cream! My fave!

and so it goes.... said...

I love all these photos! The ice cream is super cute! And congrats on the teen vogue feature!!


MissMelissa said...

In love with your blog you rock vintage!

Anonymous said...

I do covet the red lips. I am trying to come to terms with the fact that I look better with lips au naturel. Love the cameo earrings. So unique.

Teddi said...

i like seeing these fun snapshots, lauren dear! congrats on your 600 followers & mention on teen vogue. :)

Jess said...

So cute! Was it purposeful that you put the picture of you under the picture of Audrey Hepburn, making me think "OMG she looks like Audrey!!!"?

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