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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Life's Snapshots #14.

Pretty, new, pink makeup I bought with a Target gift card.

The darling iPhone case I received in the mail today!

The rose bush is so beautiful this year :)

Freshly painted nails and pretty rings.

Daw' my baby all tuckered out.

Mcdonald's has chocolate dipped cones now; score!

Rented and watched The Help a few days ago- one of the best movies I've seen in awhile!

Nom nom nom.

My new red pants! From American Eagle (I know, I'm surprised, too).

The sweet card and giftcard from my roommate. My heart melted.

Double fudge chocolate shake from Steak N Shake. Gahh, it was SO good.


Being an 80 year old woman, ya know?

It was an orange lipstick kind of day.

We had a sudden cold front here in Ohio and that meant I got to sip on my beloved Salted Carmel Hot chocolate again!

Chocolate Xtreme blizzard- My fav!

A self shot of myself on the day of my graduation party.

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Mila said...

All of that delicious food is making me hungry! Especially the ice cream/shakes...yummy. Your kitty is so adorable, I was never one for cats, but your little cutie has me swooning. That's so sweet of your roommate! I can't wait to see what you spend it on...Forever21 is the best. These pictures are all so beautiful, you are one of the few people who actually uses Instagram well! :)


Miranda said...

Cute!! Your cat is adorable. I might have to go out and get some ice cream now haha...yum!

Katherine said...

such beautiful photos and things. i love mcdonalds ice cream - i cant believe i can get it chocolate dipped now! and that random cold front was so weird. also i LOVE your orange lipstick!

Ulrika said...

I absolutely love your blog ! These instagram pics are gorgeous, I absolutely love the pics of you.

Follow each other ?

Kisses sweetie,


Marise said...

That iphone case is the prettiest! Can I have it please? (And I don't even own an iphone) :D

You are the most beautiful girl ever, gaah!

Unknown said...

These pictures are absolutely adorable! I especially love your iPhone case. And the "80 year old lady" headband, which is just too cute for words!


Camille said...


I love when you do posts like this because it almost like we get a glimpse into your life. First of all, can I just say that the blush you got is totally adorable! I need that in my small collection of makeup. What brand is it?

Your Iphone case is so adorable! I wish I had an Iphone so I could give it a pretty case like yours.

I am in love with your two rings! They are so cute and girly!

I can't believe you got some colored jeans. I have been wanting some for quite awhile.

I think it was so sweet of your roommate to send you that gift card and sweet note. When I go to college, I want a roommate as sweet as yours. I'm sure you guys will be the best of friends. Also your floral turban is so pretty.

I have one request. When you start school, can you do a post on what is like to be a fashion merchandising major because I want to major in fashion too. I'm a rising senior and I'm very curious!


inmypocket said...

Hey Lauren,
How did you do the light effect on your instagram? Is it another filter app?

Btw. In case you have no idea what I'm talking about you can see it in the picture of the roses (beautiful btw, whoever does the gardening in your family should be proud!) and a couple other pictures.

Ps. Whenever I see you in that modcloth pumpkin chai dress I always think you pull it off so well! I was tempted to get it as I love Peter Pan collars and wanted more orange shades in my wardrobe and it was on sale, but I thought the tiers of ruffles (even though they are small) would overwhelm me (as I'm quite short!)

Pps. All of those American drinks look so dangerously good! Hahahaha. Good thing we don't have them in Australia (Starbucks has pretty much closed down everywhere here).

Emily said...

Ohmygoodness, I am so glad you got an Instagram! I love following you, you have some of the best pictures ever! Most people on there just post selfies all the time, and that gets a little annoying. But I love everything you post!

katie said...

Haha, you did get your red skinnies from American Eagle! Are they not wonderful or what? (That's where I got my first pair and I've been slowly going back for a pair in every color, those just fit SO well! So soft and comfy and they don't lose their shape.) Can't wait to see you wear these dear!
(I know too, so funny that AE has such great pants! I always wrote them off as catering only to super, super slim girls, but these pants fit a curvy body so well, so much better than any other pair I've ever found.)

Unknown said...

That dipped cone looks delicious! :-) Those things are the best. Love your new red pants too... can't wait to see how you wear them!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Lovely snapshots! I really like the last photo of you - you look so pretty :)

Love, Susann
Fashion in Pepperland

SM said...

Aww, the kitty's so cute!
Lovely pictures <3

Jenna H. said...

Love these pictures!!! Would you wanna do a guest post on my blog??????????? Thanks! :)

Follow me: http://www.chiccupcake1.blogspot.com
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Jamie said...

I just found your blog and I LOVE it! It's one of my new favorites for sure! Your cat is adorable! Where did you get that great phone case?


Teddi said...

i always like looking at snapshots. it feels like such a fun peek into someone else's world. :)

alovelylittleblog said...

i love all this!!! where is the phone case from?! LOVE the head wrap!! you look awesome on graduation day! :)

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