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Monday, June 4, 2012

Grad Party Outfit.

White Lace Dress: Delia's.
Flower Bracelet: Claire's.
Flower Ring, Necklace, Black & White Heels: Cato's.

Hello everyone!
This was the outfit that I wore to my graduation party on Saturday. I'm in the process of making up the post on the party right now and it is HUGE. I just can't pick my favorite pictures! I thought it would be a good idea to do a separate post of what I wore so that I won't totally overwhelm you all (but I probably will anyways).

I wanted to match the black and white theme of my party (typical fashion blogger) and got this dainty little lace dress in April when I bought my prom dress in Columbus. It's everything I could have hoped for- retro shape, lace, and the perfect length for a short gal. I also wore it underneath my grad gown yesterday so it was a double whammy!

I bought all of my accessories locally and thought they reflected each other nicely from being from different collections. And I don't know why, but my feet KILLED after wearing those shoes all day! Usually I wear heels twice that high and they never bother me. 
Anywho, I'll be back later with a ginormous post on my grad party and then hopefully I can get back to regular posts

With much love, Lauren.


Jana K said...

Wow girl you look stunning! I love the black and white look. Very cute :)

Carlee, Little Sloth said...

Such a great outfit and totally fit for summer and a graduation party! That dress is so pretty. Cant wait to see the photos from the graduation party.


shay said...

that's a beauuutiful dress! I love the accessories too. hope you had a great time at your grad party, and a belated congrats on graduating as well! class of 2012 unite :)

Hattitude said...

Hattitude Style Blog
oooo lovely outfit lauren!!! congrats girl!

talk soon wild child
Hattitude Style Blog

Emily said...

Aw, Lauren, this is perfect! I absolutely love it, your dress is really pretty, and the shoes go really well with it. You look beautiful:)

Elanor said...

girl, you're such a babe! :) your hair is gorgeousss and i love the black and white theme.

i hope your party and graduation was everything you dreamed of!

Teddi said...

when i saw this outfit, after looking at the party pics, i knew you were matching the color scheme. girl are you going to get rid of those painful shoes? i would! ;)

Unknown said...

You look beautiful! You have gorgeous hair too by the way, in case I've never mentioned it before. :-)

Zane said...

Classy, love it

Katie Burry said...

Aw, you look so pretty! Everything matches so well, and I *love* your hair curled (not that it doesn't always look great)! <3

I went major glam for my grad party dress since I never got any high school formals - it's bright red tulle with a huge, tutu-like skirt. <3 I cannot *wait* to wear it!

Unknown said...

I'm loving the black and white theme! You look so pretty in that white dress. The black accessories really pop against it. It's too bad those shoes hurt too because they're super cute and classic.

karneval kinder said...

Whoa! I love the combination of colors. You are very good in choosing your accessories.

Jusltoa said...

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Brian said...

Whoa! I love the combination of colors. You are very good in choosing your accessories.

Unknown said...

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