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Friday, April 30, 2010

Brown Eyed Girl.

Brown Dress: Thrifted.
Gold Pendant Necklace: Thrifted.
Brown Riding Boots: Thrifted.
Red Bag: Thrifted.
Straw Dried Flower Fedora: Antique Store.
Brown Shell Bracelet: Gift from Matt.
Gold Bracelets: Gift from Grandma.

I'm so excited for Prom tomorrow! Here's my schedule:
  1. Getting my eyebrows done tonight.
  2. Starting tomorrow: painting my nails and toenails red.
  3. Going to get my hair done.
  4. Come back and get my dress on :)
  5. Put on jewlery and shoes.
  6. Do makeup: red lip, mascara, eyeliner.
  7. Lotion and perfume to smell good.
  8. Go and take pictures.
  9. Eat out at Applebee's for dinner.
  10. Prom from 8-12 o'clock.
  11. Prom after party at the bowling ally till 2:30.
  12. Come home and crash...
Hope everyone has a lovely day today and tomorrow,as well!


Floral Suspenders: Thrifted.
Silk Light Blue Top (actually a dress): Forever21.
Cuffed Jeans: Kohl's.
Silk Purple Open Toe Heels: Target.
Gold Cameo Necklace.

Those who know me know that I am not a big risk taker. If there is a yellow light, I stop rather than run the red. If there's anything with danger involved, I'm no where to be found. When I go to confessional all I can confess is being mean to my sister. However, there is one thing I do enjoy taking risks with, and that is fashion. Fashion risks are so much fun. I get this giddy feeling in the morning when I wake up and think about the new trend or piece I'm trying out for that day. I ask myself, " I wonder if I'll get made fun of at school? Or will everyone love it?" Truthfully, I don't care if they do love it or hate it.

My family and boyfriend weren't all too enthused about me wearing suspenders. Why would I want to look like a 80 year old man? I have been searching for suspenders for two years and was so excited when I found the pair in the pictures. I always thought suspenders were so cool, and wanted a pair of my own. I had to admit, I was a little hurt by all of their reactions, but I knew in my heart I always have to stay true to my style.

When I was getting ready yesterday for school I really started thinking. It's risks like my suspenders that got me to where I am today. If I had never made the risk of wearing my first dress to school, walking in my first pair of high heels, or wearing not your normal things, I would have never become me. I would still be the girl who wore tennis shoes everyday with a old swimming t-shirt. I would still be the girl who hid her face behind books. I would still be the girl who was so unhappy with herself and lacked confidence.

So here's to fashion risks, they make us who we are. Without them, we would all be same, and that's so boring! I'm glad I wore the suspenders yesterday to school. So, so glad. I felt so confident. So invincible. So me.

P.S. I didn't have to worry about the kids at school, they loved them. :)

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Riding Boots, Red Purse, Straw Hat!

Here are the lovely items I thrifted today at the church rummage sale!
  1. Brown Peasant Dress ($2). Perfect for summer/spring days... I'm wearing it to school tomorrow!
  2. Lilac Kitten Heel Shoes ($1). I couldn't be more happy with these little babies. The flowers are adorable, and are actually made of zippers! Who would have wanted to give these away?
  3. Straw Hat (.50). What is my obsession with little straw hats lately?! I just couldn't pass this one up...
  4. Red Purse ($1). I have been in dire need of a new school bag. The one I carry everyday is white (although not white anymore), and needed to be replaced. This bag was big enough to fit all my extra school items, and I adore the color! So much more fun than plain white.
  5. Brown Riding Boots ($2). I felt like I was stealing these like I felt with the winter coat I thrifted last week. The boots are pretty much brand new with not a scratch on them. They were my best find of the day! I have been looking all over for a good pair of riding boots, and I certaintly am glad I stumbled upon this pair. So much cheaper than any other ones. ;)
  6. Long Pendant Necklace (.50). Usually not too much jewlery catches my eye when I go thrifting, but this little piece did today. Something about it is just so alluring.

Today's Total: $7.00


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Your the Only One I'm Dreaming Of You See.

Floral Cream Skirt: Forever21.
Tan Trench Coat: Kohl's.
Cream Ribbed Sweater: Forever21.
Brown Gladiators: Gabriel Brother's.
Silver Double Headband: Old Navy.
Silver Heart Necklace: Gift from Matt two Christmases ago.

And the item of little use today? The sweater I'm wearing. It's not that I don't like it, I do. I have this one little cream blouse though with lace that I always wear because I think looks better than any other cream shirt/blouse I have. So, this little sweater usually gets the short end of the stick!
On my way home from school I saw a sign for an estate sale and thought, " why not take a chance and try my luck?" However, luck was not on my side. The sale was sort of a dud., and there was nothing I was interested in. Some over priced cheap jewlery and sewing patterns from the 90's were about the best things there. I did happen upon a box of soveniger spoons that were very interesting. They were interesting because my grandma collects spoons from around the United States and world, and I thought about buying her one. I didn't end up buying any though because she has so many, and I'm afraid I don't know the ones she already has. Also, I think she likes collecting them because people she actually knows visit the places and bring the spoons back to her. It's not as special to just buy one from a garage sale.

I'm am super excited for tomorrow though; for I have a church rummage sale to go to! My hope is staying alive; this should be a pretty good one. The church is big and full of fairly wealth people, (which is awful of me to say) but hey, wealthy people give good stuff to rummage sales! Crossing my fingers and praying to the thrifting gods that I find something good tomorrow. :)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Flower Fields and Floppy Hats.

White Dress: Kohl's.
Grey Vest: Steve and Barry's (Bitten by SJP)
Long Pearls: Thrifted.
Silver Locket Necklace: Thrifted.
White Pearl Bracelet: Thrifted.
White Basket Weave Shoes: Thrifted.
Wide Brimmed White Hat: Thrifted.

I am officially in love with this hat! This was the outfit I wore to school today, however, unfortunately I didn't get to wear the hat with it. My school doesn't allow us to wear hats! I think that the hat actually makes the outfit so much more exciting. Lately, I've been dreaming of summer...wearing floppy hats and airy sundresses in a big field of flowers. That's something I really want to do this summer. Take blog pictures in a big, open field. I have been looking at some different field pictures on flicker, and I hope to do an inspiration post soon. (along with a million other posts I have in mind, tehe.)
In continuing my challenge of wearing different pieces I usually don't, the dress and the vest are today's pieces. About three years ago I went to Steve and Berry's for the first time and I got this little vest. Unfortunately, that was my first and last time going to S&B's, for now the chain is nonexistent! Only a few times have I worn this vest. I feel like it's not really my style. With some more feminine elements though, I was happy with the way it looked!
The dress is also not an item of clothing I wear very often. I wore it for my Confirmation when I was a seventh grader, which was three years ago. It was probably one of my first "fashion-y" items that got me started in my interest for fashion. I don't wear it as much now because I have a different white dress I prefer better, and the dress has accumulated various unremovable stains through the years. i.e. paint, blood..ect. I just used the vest to cover up the stains. No one will ever know!

Jeez...I feel like I have been so behind on blogging lately. I recently purchased a clutch for prom that I need to post pictures of. Also, I have a little rain inspirational post planned, along with the field inspirational post I already mentioned. For about a month now, I have had pictures saved on my computer to do a spring wish list post, and I have a "interesting" outfit post to show you all. ;) Oh, and with prom this Saturday I will of course have those pictures to post! So much to do, so little time!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Now That's A Big Bow!

Pink Plaid Bow Dress: Target.
Brown T-Shirt: Vanity.
Pearl Necklace: Kohl's.
Pearl Screw On Earrings: Thrifted.
Nude Pumps: Thrifted.

Bleh...it was such a rainy and dismal day today! I was hoping that it would be nice and sunny out for blog pictures. No such luck. Anyways, today I started the little challenge with myself to wear the pieces in my closet that have never been worn, or haven't been worn very often. This dress is prime example number one!
I bought it at the beginning of last summer and loved it when I first saw it. The big bow for the top was what I loved most. For some reason as time went on, I didn't like the dress as much. It didn't really go with anything I had, and I felt like it made me look short. Well...I never even ended up wearing it, so today was the first day that I have ever worn this dress. Yes, it's not the most creative outfit in the world, but I realize that I still do like this dress a lot. Bows are some of my favorite things to incorporate in my outfits; and why not have a huge one!? Wearing high heels helped me look less short, and made me like the dress more, as well. I rather like tomorrow's outfit I put together with some other clothes I don't wear usually. Oh, and I'm super excited! Tonight I put together some outfits with my new suspenders; can't wait to wear them to school soon! :)
I haven't gotten to post about it yet, but Matt and I went and saw Sinbad, a comedian, on Friday night. You know Sinbad; he played in Jingle All the Way, and Houseguest. Back in January for Matt's birthday I bought us tickets to go seem him live, and Friday was the night! It was really a good time listening to Sinbad... he was so funny and had Matt and I laughing hysterically. Unfortunately, one little thing ruined the night for us. Some foolish parents brought their six year old son to the show, and they had seats right behind us. The whole time the kid did this fake laugh at every joke Sinbad made, although he clearly didn't understand the joke. I'm not kidding. Every.single.joke.this.kid.laughed.at. It was a loud, gut wrenching laugh too. So hard that it would make the kid bend over and gasp for air. It was so irritating and it pretty much ruined the night, but we still had a fairly good time. Oh well, I guess we were all that age once! (although I hope I wasn't that obnoxious...)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Thank You Thrifting Gods!

Today I went for a little thrifting adventure and had fantastic luck! I first went to a church rummage sale, then to What Goes Round, and finally to the antique store. Here's what I found...

    *Disclaimer* Sorry for the terrible photo of my in the pea coat! It was very late when I took these pictures! I hope the circles under my eyes, and my ratty hair don't make you go blind.

  1. A Red Pea Coat ($1) . This coat is seriously the.best.find.ever. Guess how much I got it for?!! ONE DOLLAR! It's like brand new and by Ann Taylor, so it was probably a lot of money when the person bought it. Too bad they probablt paid over a hundred for it when I only paid a dollar :) I felt like I was stealing from the church rummage sale... This coat will be perfect for next winter. It actually makes me look forward to winter a tiny bit!
  2. Straw Hat with Flowers ( Free). A few weeks ago I discovered this delightful little hat at the antique store and didn't pick it up when I should have. I had been thinking about it lately, and hoped no one had snatched it up yet. To my my relief, no one had! I ran into my aunt and uncle while at the store, and while I was looking at some other antiques, my tricky aunt bought the hat for me! I was very thankful and tried offering her the money, but she wouldn't take it! I can picture myself wearing this hat in the summer time with a flowy white dress and sandals... Oh, I can't hardly wait...
  3. White Belt (.50). I have been looking all over for a white belt! This will go with so many of my outfits!
  4. White Wide Brimmed Hat (.50). This purchase made me so excited! As you probably know I have been on a search of a floppy straw hat, and this one is close to what I want. It has the floppiness, but it's not exactly made of straw. However, this hat is going to be just as good. It matches perfectly with a black and white polka dot retro bikini I have, and also some other suits. I really honestly cannot wait to wear this hat in the summer time. It's going to be a summer staple for me!
  5. Suspenders ($1). Silly. Yes, I know, but something I have been searching for for ages! Finally, while at What Goes Round today I spotted a tray assorted colored men's suspenders. I bought a pair with flowers on them, and the question I must ask is... What man wants to wear floral suspenders!? Lol. That brings a funny picture to my mind. I'm planning on attaching them to a high waisted skirt for a look that is unique. Crossing my fingers that it won't look too weird!

Today's total: $3.00


If Nautical Nonsense Be Something You Wish.

Lacy Navy Shirt: Forever21.
Navy Button Up Cardigan: Forever21.
Navy Skinny Belt: Charlotte Russe.
Red Skirt: Thrifted.
Gold Cameo Necklace: Thrifted.
Navy Knee Socks: Mom's.
Gold Pumps: Thrifted.
I never wear nautical styled clothes to school because everyone always ask me why I'm wearing red, white, and blue if it's not the fourth of July. Jeez, has no one ever heard of sailor inspired?! So, when I put this outfit together to wear for school, I was determined to have no one ask me why I looked like Uncle Sam. Instead of wearing white accessories, I went with gold to spice things up.
I hardly ever wear this lace shirt. It's not that I don't like it, it's just that it doesn't go with a lot of my other clothes. Also, it's kind of a weird length. Too short to be a dress, almost too long to be a shirt. Matt got it for me for Christmas two years ago, and I've probably only worn it three times! I really do love it though, the lace has such a vintage look.

I've made a new goal for myself;I'm going to try and wear every piece of clothing in my closet for a picture on my blog! It will definitely be a real challenge... I have a ton of clothes that never see the light of day. Some just don't go with anything, and others I just don't know how to style! It will be interesting to see if I can complete this little challenge. Of course, it is going to take awhile to have pictures of my whole wardrobe on my blog. This is not a project that just happens over night.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Being A Lady Is Always In Style.

Pink Trench Coat: Kohl's.
Polka Dot Dress: Kohl's.
Spectator Pumps: Thrifted.
White Beaded Necklace: Mom's.
Cameo Clip On Earrings: Thrifted.

Man alive have I been busy this week! It's the last week of the grading period, so all of my teachers shove projects, tests, and quizzes down my throat! Tonight I have so much to do because tomorrow I have... an English project due, a Spanish test, and history test, a chemistry lab, and a math test! Boy... it's going to be a late night for me.
The spectator shoes I'm wearing in the pictures reminded me of something I have been meaning to talk about on the blog! I have been giving updates on my whole look for prom, but I have yet gotten a chance to write about what Matt is wearing! I'd say that his fancy clothes are just as good as mine... A guy's clothes for prom are always over looked! Everyone just wants to see what the girl is wearing...
So for prom, Matt will be wearing an all black suit with a black vest with paisley design and a black shirt. His tie will be white, and he will have white suspenders! (how cool is that, suspenders!?) His cuff links will match my gold and pearl jewelry, and the best part of his attire in my opinion are.... HIS SHOES! They are spectator shoes, and couldn't be more perfect for the whole "1940's" theme we have going on. I couldn't have picked a better look for Matt myself. We are going to be one snazzy looking couple ;)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Oh, How I Wish It Was Summer...

Floral Maxi Dress: Kohl's.
Wide Black Belt: Kohl's.
Black Peeptoe Wedges: Target.
Brown Bead Necklace: Mexico.

This is just yesterday's outfit, I didn't get a chance to post it last night!
I had so much homework, and ended up falling asleep before I got to do the post... Opps!

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