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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Flower Fields and Floppy Hats.

White Dress: Kohl's.
Grey Vest: Steve and Barry's (Bitten by SJP)
Long Pearls: Thrifted.
Silver Locket Necklace: Thrifted.
White Pearl Bracelet: Thrifted.
White Basket Weave Shoes: Thrifted.
Wide Brimmed White Hat: Thrifted.

I am officially in love with this hat! This was the outfit I wore to school today, however, unfortunately I didn't get to wear the hat with it. My school doesn't allow us to wear hats! I think that the hat actually makes the outfit so much more exciting. Lately, I've been dreaming of summer...wearing floppy hats and airy sundresses in a big field of flowers. That's something I really want to do this summer. Take blog pictures in a big, open field. I have been looking at some different field pictures on flicker, and I hope to do an inspiration post soon. (along with a million other posts I have in mind, tehe.)
In continuing my challenge of wearing different pieces I usually don't, the dress and the vest are today's pieces. About three years ago I went to Steve and Berry's for the first time and I got this little vest. Unfortunately, that was my first and last time going to S&B's, for now the chain is nonexistent! Only a few times have I worn this vest. I feel like it's not really my style. With some more feminine elements though, I was happy with the way it looked!
The dress is also not an item of clothing I wear very often. I wore it for my Confirmation when I was a seventh grader, which was three years ago. It was probably one of my first "fashion-y" items that got me started in my interest for fashion. I don't wear it as much now because I have a different white dress I prefer better, and the dress has accumulated various unremovable stains through the years. i.e. paint, blood..ect. I just used the vest to cover up the stains. No one will ever know!

Jeez...I feel like I have been so behind on blogging lately. I recently purchased a clutch for prom that I need to post pictures of. Also, I have a little rain inspirational post planned, along with the field inspirational post I already mentioned. For about a month now, I have had pictures saved on my computer to do a spring wish list post, and I have a "interesting" outfit post to show you all. ;) Oh, and with prom this Saturday I will of course have those pictures to post! So much to do, so little time!

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Jolie said...

You are too cute! I adore your outfit and I love floppy hats. Cant wait to see more!

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