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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Your the Only One I'm Dreaming Of You See.

Floral Cream Skirt: Forever21.
Tan Trench Coat: Kohl's.
Cream Ribbed Sweater: Forever21.
Brown Gladiators: Gabriel Brother's.
Silver Double Headband: Old Navy.
Silver Heart Necklace: Gift from Matt two Christmases ago.

And the item of little use today? The sweater I'm wearing. It's not that I don't like it, I do. I have this one little cream blouse though with lace that I always wear because I think looks better than any other cream shirt/blouse I have. So, this little sweater usually gets the short end of the stick!
On my way home from school I saw a sign for an estate sale and thought, " why not take a chance and try my luck?" However, luck was not on my side. The sale was sort of a dud., and there was nothing I was interested in. Some over priced cheap jewlery and sewing patterns from the 90's were about the best things there. I did happen upon a box of soveniger spoons that were very interesting. They were interesting because my grandma collects spoons from around the United States and world, and I thought about buying her one. I didn't end up buying any though because she has so many, and I'm afraid I don't know the ones she already has. Also, I think she likes collecting them because people she actually knows visit the places and bring the spoons back to her. It's not as special to just buy one from a garage sale.

I'm am super excited for tomorrow though; for I have a church rummage sale to go to! My hope is staying alive; this should be a pretty good one. The church is big and full of fairly wealth people, (which is awful of me to say) but hey, wealthy people give good stuff to rummage sales! Crossing my fingers and praying to the thrifting gods that I find something good tomorrow. :)

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