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Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Jackpot of Thrifting!

In the paper the other day I was looking around in the things for sale section and came across a church rummage sale that was a fairly close drvie . So yesterday I ventured out to the church to check it out, and I was so very pleasantly surprised! There was a multitude of gorgeous treasures at this rummage sale, I couldn't have possibly bought everything! I could only bring home some of the things I loved the most...
  • A Floral Pleated Skirt ($1.00): My family always makes fun of me, saying they are for 90 year old woman, but I love this type skirts so much. Pleated skirts are so flowy and easy to wear; no hassle!
  • A Purple Dress ($3.00): I fell in love with this dress the minute I saw it. The color is gorgeous. Usually, dresses are too big (skirts are my most frequent find at thrift shops); however, this one fits almost perfectly! The only problem is it is a bit too long for my taste. I'm going to get it shortened to my knees, and I have a feeling that once that is done this will be one of my favorites!
  • White Basket Weave Heels (.50): They are in perfect condition; never been worn! It's like the thrifting Gods looked down upon me yesterday because I have been searching for white heels for quite sometime!
  • Satin Purple Heels (.50): These babies I could just not pass up! Even though I already have two pairs of purple heels, these were in too good of condition. Oh, and you can never have enough purple heels! :)
  • Hot Pink Satchel Bag (.50): I have a feeling that this will be, along with the purple dress, a summer staple! It's actually more roomy than it looks, and I love the long strap that goes across the chest. The color is just a bonus!
  • Silver Locket Necklace ($2.00): I just loved this little locket when I saw it. There's something so romantic about lockets.... I can't wait to put a picture of my boyfriend and me inside it :)

Total: $7:50



Mila said...

Wow, you found some amazing things!! I love them all, but especially the purple dress:D



Wow, $7.50. That's amazing! Nice score

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