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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Riding Boots, Red Purse, Straw Hat!

Here are the lovely items I thrifted today at the church rummage sale!
  1. Brown Peasant Dress ($2). Perfect for summer/spring days... I'm wearing it to school tomorrow!
  2. Lilac Kitten Heel Shoes ($1). I couldn't be more happy with these little babies. The flowers are adorable, and are actually made of zippers! Who would have wanted to give these away?
  3. Straw Hat (.50). What is my obsession with little straw hats lately?! I just couldn't pass this one up...
  4. Red Purse ($1). I have been in dire need of a new school bag. The one I carry everyday is white (although not white anymore), and needed to be replaced. This bag was big enough to fit all my extra school items, and I adore the color! So much more fun than plain white.
  5. Brown Riding Boots ($2). I felt like I was stealing these like I felt with the winter coat I thrifted last week. The boots are pretty much brand new with not a scratch on them. They were my best find of the day! I have been looking all over for a good pair of riding boots, and I certaintly am glad I stumbled upon this pair. So much cheaper than any other ones. ;)
  6. Long Pendant Necklace (.50). Usually not too much jewlery catches my eye when I go thrifting, but this little piece did today. Something about it is just so alluring.

Today's Total: $7.00


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