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Thursday, April 8, 2010

I'm On A Socks Kick...(Ha, No Pun Intended!)

Blue Silk Flutter Sleeve Top (actually a dress): Forever21.
Hounds tooth Wool Skirt: Thrifted.
Black Patent Belt: Kohl's.
Black Silk Bow Headband: Kohl's.
Black Socks (actually knee socks): Stolen from mom!
Black T-Strap Shoes: Target.

Why do I have a odd fascination with wearing socks lately!? Perhaps, is it because I never wear tennis shoes; therefore, I have been "sock deprived" all my life. I have always thought socks just plain-and simple do not look good on me. I have short, stumpy legs, and it seems socks just my my legs look even shorter. With the right pair of heels though, I think maybe my legs look long enough to carry off this look!
I have never been much of a mixer of prints and colors. I'm a matchy-matchy sort of gal! Black with black, brown with brown. Recently, however, I have been attempting to step out of my comfort zone (slightly!) and mix it up a bit. Usually with this skirt I would just wear a black or white shirt. Eh, too boring! I need to add a little excitement to my outfits! A baby blue flutter sleeve top is just the key...
It was rather cold out today... All of the nice weather lately has made me spoiled and wishing more would come. All the neighboors think I'm crazy for going out in the freezing cold to prance around my yard and take pictures of myself. This is probablt their thoughts....
" That poor, silly girl doesn't know it's only 45 degrees outside. Where is her coat?! And why is she taking so many pictures of herself? Oh, teenagers...so self-centered!"
From the looks on their faces this is my guess of what they are thinking, lol!

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