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Saturday, April 3, 2010

My Pale Legs See The Sun!

Black High waisted Shorts: Forever21.
Pink Tank Top: Target.
Chunky Flower Necklace: Forever21.
Black Bow Headband: Kohl's.
Gold Pumps: Thrifted.
Wow! A person never realizes how white their skin really is until they wear shorts lol. Yesterday it was 80 degrees out, sunny, beautiful! This was the outfit I wore, however, I couldn't post pictures yesterday because something was wrong with the memory card. I'm so glad I got it working today!
Very, very rarely do I ever wear shorts, but the high waisted ones I have on in the pictures are my favorite pair of shorts! I got them while on a shopping trip for my birthday right before school last year, and was ecstatic to find them because I had been searching for high waisted shorts everywhere! Unfortunately, it was just getting to be fall, and my school has a very strict dress code, so I didn't get to wear them too much last fall. Now that the weather is warming up though, my shorts are coming out!

I felt funny though yesterday to tell the truth. I love the way I dress and am totally comfortable with my style, but some people made me uncomfortable yesterday. I kept getting all of these people staring at me while I was out and they just wouldn't stop! Then I went to Wal-Mart last night and this girl who I have never ever seen before gave me the dirtiest, meanest look. She looked at me like I had just stolen her boyfriend! I was kind of hurt by other people's reaction to my outfit. I mean, do I look fat in it? Is it too "skanky." I didn't think I looked too revealing, but maybe my judgement was wrong. My mom said that maybe people just aren't used to seeing someone dress differently. I want to believe her, but I just feel..I don't know, a little embarrassed? I think from now on I'll just wear the shorts around the house. Perhaps my small town isn't quite ready for anything different.




Honey, you look like a milion bucks in this outfit! Bombshell ready, NOT Walmart ready! This girl has an insecurity problem, not you!
Don't change your standards to make someone else feel better about themselves!
Happy Easter, Darlin'



Million, oops

Mila said...

Aww, don't let the meanies bother you!! Happens to me too...I'll be walking down my school's hallway and people just turn their noses up at me:( Just try to ignore them or pretend they're just jealous. And they are.:)

ps. I love your outfit!!

Jennifer said...

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Anonymous said...


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