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Thursday, April 1, 2010


The clock says seven thirty-three
My head is spinning, fast and out of control
The voices in the room are deafening
Bouncing off the walls, they smack me in the face
They keep getting louder, and louder until I am engulfed
I want, no need, to get out of this cramped classroom
The walls are slowly closing in upon me
Like a carnivore getting ready to devour its prey
Faster, and faster my heart beats
My mouth is numb, I cannot speak
The clock says seven thirty-four
This just one of the poems I created for a big poetry project in English class. It was my best one my English teacher said, and it really shows my personal feelings. This poem shows how I feel at school frequently. All of my classmates will be laughing and talking, having a good time, and then there will be me. I usually sit quietly and don't talk to anyone in class, wishing I could just get away from the classroom as fast as possible. Sometimes it seems as if the clock ticks so slowly, just making my time in the classroom so much longer than it really is. Since I have been on spring break I have felt so much more free and happy. There is not the constant pressure to make friends and talk to people. I can be me;just me...

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When I feel that way, I know I'm having an anxiety attack!
Spot on expression of feelings.

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