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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Clear Blue Skies and Blooming Daffodils.

Turquoise Shirt: Forever21.
Beige Skirt: Given to by a co-worker of my mom.
Brown Belt: Kohl's.
Brown Bracelet: Given to me from my boyfriend from Myrtle Beach.
Assorted Stone Necklace: Stolen from mom. ;)
Turquoise Pumps: Thrifted.

Oh, today was such a beautiful day! It's hard to believe it's only the beginning of April. Today it was 81 degrees out! Everything around me is beautiful and fresh...the flowers are blooming out of the dirt , the grass is a bright green shade, birds chip happy tunes. All of this wonderful weather does wonders for a mood boost. Any winter blahs I may have had recently have totally disappeared and are no where to be found...
It is a shame though that I have to be at school all day instead of enjoying this gorgeous weather. Spring Break is sadly over for me, and it's back to the grind! Strangely though, school has not been too horrid, but just stretches on endlessly... Homework hasn't been too bad;yet.
P.S. I'd like to give a shout out to Matt, my boyfriend, who recently started reading my blog!

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