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Saturday, April 10, 2010

I am not the "Party Girl," and That's Okay.

Black Sleeveless Dress: Thrifted.
Gold Pumps: Thrifted.
Pearl and Gold Statement Necklace: Thrifted.
Pearl and Gold Clip On Earrings: Thrifted.
Blue Silk Quilted Bag: Thrifted.
Wide Black Belt: Kohl's.
Today was an amazing day! This morning I went thrift shopping with one of my friends from school, and it was cool to show her what I like to do! First we went to What Goes Round, and I helped her find some great things. One thing I was really happy that she bought was a pair of wedges that were brand new; for three dollars! If they had fit my fat feet I would have gotten them... I am glad they went home with a good person though! My friend also got some other goodies, but I restrained myself from buying everything in the store. I came home with just a new pair of clip on earrings that were three dollars. I've been looking for a silver pair for quite some time, so I was pleased to finally get a pair that I like.
After spending awhile at What Goes Round, we went across the street to the little antique place. I know I've said it a million times, and I'll say it again... This store is unbelievable. I could spend all day looking at the wonderful treasures, all of the magic is endless. There was no shortage of magic today, that's for sure! I found the perfect pair of little vintage gloves... They're from the 1940's, white, and go up about half of my forearm. It's been very difficult to find a pair of vintage gloves that fit me. Women back then had very skinny and small fingers! These gloves, however, fit like a glove; ha! I am super pleased with them, they make me feel like a lady!
This evening my boyfriend come over (nothing new, he comes over all the time!), but tonight him and I went to the little bike trail near my house to take blog pictures! It was fun to have someone there with me, and it was much easier to have him take the pictures than use the tripod! I think the pictures turned out pretty nice. Thanks Mattie! :) It was just a nice evening in general...Matt and I went for a nice walk, and then went to DQ.
Tonight I was just really appreciative of having Matt... Maybe it was because when we were taking a walk we saw a bunch of girls from school getting ready to go to a party. Both of us kind of just felt like losers sort of. Neither of us have ever been to a party in high school, and our weekends consist of watching Deal or No Deal on the living room couch and playing board games! I was just comforted to know that he's like me, and feels the same way sometimes. He makes me feel like I'm not a total loser. Sometimes I don't feel like a normal teenager. When I go back to school on Mondays, I hear everyone talking about this party and that party, who slept with who, and about what big fights there were. I feel so...abnormal sometimes. I feel almost like I missed out in being a teenager. It's okay though, I know that I am not the "party" girl, and I have to accept who I am. I'm just glad I always have Matt by my side :)

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