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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Thank You Thrifting Gods!

Today I went for a little thrifting adventure and had fantastic luck! I first went to a church rummage sale, then to What Goes Round, and finally to the antique store. Here's what I found...

    *Disclaimer* Sorry for the terrible photo of my in the pea coat! It was very late when I took these pictures! I hope the circles under my eyes, and my ratty hair don't make you go blind.

  1. A Red Pea Coat ($1) . This coat is seriously the.best.find.ever. Guess how much I got it for?!! ONE DOLLAR! It's like brand new and by Ann Taylor, so it was probably a lot of money when the person bought it. Too bad they probablt paid over a hundred for it when I only paid a dollar :) I felt like I was stealing from the church rummage sale... This coat will be perfect for next winter. It actually makes me look forward to winter a tiny bit!
  2. Straw Hat with Flowers ( Free). A few weeks ago I discovered this delightful little hat at the antique store and didn't pick it up when I should have. I had been thinking about it lately, and hoped no one had snatched it up yet. To my my relief, no one had! I ran into my aunt and uncle while at the store, and while I was looking at some other antiques, my tricky aunt bought the hat for me! I was very thankful and tried offering her the money, but she wouldn't take it! I can picture myself wearing this hat in the summer time with a flowy white dress and sandals... Oh, I can't hardly wait...
  3. White Belt (.50). I have been looking all over for a white belt! This will go with so many of my outfits!
  4. White Wide Brimmed Hat (.50). This purchase made me so excited! As you probably know I have been on a search of a floppy straw hat, and this one is close to what I want. It has the floppiness, but it's not exactly made of straw. However, this hat is going to be just as good. It matches perfectly with a black and white polka dot retro bikini I have, and also some other suits. I really honestly cannot wait to wear this hat in the summer time. It's going to be a summer staple for me!
  5. Suspenders ($1). Silly. Yes, I know, but something I have been searching for for ages! Finally, while at What Goes Round today I spotted a tray assorted colored men's suspenders. I bought a pair with flowers on them, and the question I must ask is... What man wants to wear floral suspenders!? Lol. That brings a funny picture to my mind. I'm planning on attaching them to a high waisted skirt for a look that is unique. Crossing my fingers that it won't look too weird!

Today's total: $3.00



The Queen of Fifty Cents said...

Your disclaimer wasn't needed, I can't see any of the supposed flaws that you see. You look wonderful in that coat, and such a deal! And those suspenders are fabbo. I knew a lawyer back in the 80s who wore colorful paisley suspenders; he probably had some like this too.

OooKellyNicky said...

SHUT UP!! That red coat was one dollar! Wow, you so lucky, what a great find.

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I'm with The Queen of Fifty cents...
I want that Coat, and the white hat.. :)

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