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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Goodbye November.

Pink Cardigan, Green Pussy Bow Blouse, Blue T-Strap Shoes: Thrifted.
Floral Skirt (actually a dress): Forever21.
Hello lovelies!
Today is the last day to cherish and reminiscence of November. Tomorrow a new month arrives, but it is one of my favorites: sweet December. It's a month filled with joy and hope. Laughter and family. Sparkling lights and shiny wrapping. Cold wind and warm fires. Hot chocolate and warm soup. Stocking filled with goodies and jolly Santa Clauses on every street corner. Glittering tree ornaments and candy canes. Soft snow and warm smiles. Ahh December how I adore you.

In other news, today was the first snow we've had here in Ohio! I must admit I was getting quite jealous of all of you gals who have had snow falls already. Seeing the glistening white powder adorning the backgrounds of your photos made my heart ache... It wasn't much snow (about an inch!), but it was just enough to get me in the mood for the coming season...

With much love, Lauren.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Slug Bug No Tap Backs.

Pink Dress: Thrifted.
Floral Mary Janes: Forever21.
Cream Cardigan: TJMax.
Black Scarf: Target.

Hello there everyone!
Usually I try to fight off the weather to take my outfit pictures at the local nature center, but today was just all too dreary... It poured incessantly all day long with out letting up until it turned dark this evening. Not to mention the wind was a wonderful companion to the rain, however, not a pleasant combination for me! So, I was forced to take outfit photos on my front porch (which I absolutely abhor). Long story short I'm awfully sorry for the terrible quality of these photos. Please forgive me!

With much love, Lauren.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Sweets and Treats.

Hello everyone!
A wonderful new bulk food store opened up in my town a few weeks ago and I just had to go over the other day and check it out. I was blown away by the abundance of sweets and goodies they had in stock...So mouthwatering! So instead of spending all my money and gaining fifteen pounds, I thought snapping a few photos would be just as good. Well maybe not but I'm trying to convince myself, okay? ;) The last three photos are also some delicious desserts that I did get to eat though on Thanksgiving. Mmm, I never grow tired of pumpkin ANYTHING!

With much love, Lauren.

Sleepy Hollow.

Floral Blouse, Lavender Cardigan: Thrifted.
Navy Pants, Nude Oxfords: Forever21.
Pink Bow Headband: Claire's.

Sleepy Hollow is where it always drizzles a steady and damp mist. The rain soaks the crumpled and dead mud brown leaves on the ground and mud runs through the rivets down into the nearby babbling creek bed. A dark, like the night, black raven swoops and soars above and lets out its cawing cries of longing. Hopeless and desperate. Branches and twigs snap with the gentle and dainty step from creatures within the forest. The tall willows hide the secrets of the woodland and keep its magic hidden from the sight of prying human eyes. Outside the forest Sleepy Hollow sits. Cold and wet. Dreary and filled with souls longing to live. To be free. To be whole. The people walk about like mindless bodies, never caring to lend a helping hand or kind hearted smile. Their hearts as cold as stone and their faces carved from speckled granite. Their faces show beauty, but their hearts show hate. A little girl dreams of breaking free. Of soaring with the birds and tasting air other than the dirty, polluted air filled with despair. This little girl is naive and lonely. Hopeless at times and desperate. She believes there's a place outside of Sleepy Hollow. This girl is me.

With much love, Lauren.
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