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Saturday, November 26, 2011


Polka Dot Trench Dress: Forever21.
Tan Trench Coat: Kohl's.
Red Beret: Target.
Tan Heels: Thrifted.
Red Tights: JcPenny's.

Hello everyone!
I've been thinking about my future a lot lately. About what life has in store for me next year and years to come. I have a beautiful and long life ahead of me full of possibilities. Everyday I realize more and more how my life is totally in my hands, and that I can do anything and everything I want with it. Sometimes it's a scary thought. I could screw my life up with one choice, or I could change it for the better with one choice. It's terrifying.

Moving away from my family next year is one of the scariest things I can think about right now. I just love them so, so incredibly much... My parents,little sister, grandparents, Matt... I'm leaving them all for an unknown place with unknown people. I want to live the life I dream of and travel around the world: to Paris, Barcelona, London, and Venice... I dream of leaving this small town with small minded people and being me. But I feel like my love of home holds me back. I want and dream of this brilliant life of living, but my sometimes I don't know if I'll ever get the chance to do and see all of the things I want to. What if I'm too scared?

I hope that by this time next year I can read this post and be changed in my thoughts. I hope I'll be living at college, by myself, independent, and living my dreams. I don't want my fears to hold me back next year, or for the rest of my life.

With much love, Lauren.


Unknown said...

First off let me say i am so jealous that you get to wear tights and jackets, I actually wore soffee shorts today while working on my Science prjoect with the windows and doors open. I wish for cooler weather.
Secondly i know what you mean about being scared to leave I also have that coming right around the corner and you and I both know it comes at you faster then you could imagine.If we both just keep thinking about how great life will be when we get out and get to do things we have always dreamed of, and know that our families are always gonna be here for us when we come back and,that they are going to be so proud of us for chasing our dreams! They want what's best for you, and that would be going after what you want. Don't let the fear of leaving them hold you back, you have so much potential they would be crazy not see that Lauren! (Sorry for writing a book!)

xoxo TaylorMarie

Anonymous said...

I'm leaving home next year and I have the same fears. I think, though. that when the time comes, you will be ready. There is still lots of time between then and now to think and plan and get everything sorted out. In the mean time, i think it's good to focus on spending as much time as you can with your family instead of worrying!
I adore your polka dot dress. It's very cute and it looks great with all of the red, especially the beret! <3

Midwest Muse said...

I love the colors in this outfit. Basic but classic. You will be fine once you're on your own. You will love things, hate others, miss some things, but the great thing about home and family...it's always there. <3<3

Hannah said...

Ah. You are so beautiful. :) I love your outfits.
And yes, moving on is scary. I had a freak out one night that I would never make it out of my tiny little town, and that is seriously my biggest fear. I just know that when I move on, that I'll have my parents and friends in my heart, and they're supporting me no matter what. And you should know that not only are your family and friends are supporting you, but everyone who follows you are! haha.
Good luck with everything. :)
A Little Burd Told Me..

Angelica said...

Amazing look! Love your blog:D
Love that polka dots dress and the beret:)and the way you matched the socks with beret, great:D

Carys said...

I had/have exactly the same worries about leaving home. I want to travel so much, but I am really close with my family and can't stand leaving them! But I'll give you some advice-do it!! I stayed in Paris all by myself for two months this year, and even though I missed my family, it was so worth it, and after the first few days you get used to it.
Also, I love your matching tights and hat!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

Tiina said...

Such a cute outfit! And don't worry, I think everybody is nervous about moving away from home and in the end you realise it's actually really exciting: you get to know new people and see new places :)

Unknown said...

Moving away from home is always a bit scary, but it should be a lot more exciting than it's scary! You still have a lot fo time to grow and get used to the thought of leaving, and like you said - you have your life in your hands! I'm sure you'll be just fine at the end :)

Zane said...

beautiful dress and coat, love the perfect red accessories

mai said...

i have the same dress! love seeing how you styled it :)

Elanor said...

since we are in the same place in life (aka seniors in highschool) i know exactly where you are coming from with this post. it truly is scary. i'm exhilarated and excited for the future, but my doubts always creep in...

what schools are you applying to? any on the west coast? <3

Kezzie said...

You won't be scared- God is with you and he will be your strength and shield!

the golden rose said...

love the beret! i don't think i've ever seen someone rock one as well as you.
xx sylvie


Unknown said...

Love this look. I really like that dress!
But I totally know how you feel! I am terrified of going to college next year. I'm not a very social person, so I don't know how this is going to work out. I'll be about 4 hours away from my family and 5 hours away from my boyfriend! Ugh.

Unknown said...

The future can be really scary. I never realized how complicated it could be until I got a little older and realized that wow, I had to make up these serious choices by myself!!! But all I have to say is don't be afraid to dream, and don't be afraid to live the life you want!! It is totally worth it and truly beautiful! :)

Anonymous said...

Once again Lauren, such a beautiful outfit. You have the most adorable style!

Growing up is scary. I'm 32 and it still scares me. You will be totally fine. Your smart, you will make all the best decisions. The unknown is scary but it is also what makes this life exciting.

aki! said...

As a college senior, I just want to let you know that so much of college is about how you look at it. If you're determined that you're going to be scared and lonely and friendless, that might be the way you end up. But if you're going to rush into it and try everything and make the most of it, you can as well.

Good luck.

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