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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Teach Me Gently How To Breath.

Floral Skirt, Black Wedges: Thrifted.
Striped Peter Pan Collar Shirt: Forever21.

Hello everyone!
I haven't too much going on in my life right now other than I've desperately been looking for a dress to wear to my school's winter formal dress in December... This is the first year that we've had one and I'm somewhat stumped on what to wear. The dress code is 'semi-formal' and at my school that pretty much means completely casual. I want a pretty dress that stands out, but not one that is too dressy for the occasion. Not to mention I'm on a very tight budget and don't want to spend a lot. I'm looking to buy the dress online, and so far I've checked out Modcloth, Lulu's, JcPenny's, Delias, ASOS, Deb, and Forever21. I have a few dresses I like, but nothing that really has spoken to me yet. Do you all have any suggestions on other online stores I could possibly look at...?

Hope you all are having a great evening!
With much love, Lauren.


claire said...

you should get something from forever 21, that way it won't be too expensive and I feel like you always find the best things there :)

Sara said...

cute outfit! i love pattern mixing! so daring! anyways you should check out charlotte russe! i love that store!


Unknown said...

Cute cute mix of prints in this outfit. The collar on your top is really nice too.
For your dance, I would keep checking out Forever 21 for a cheap party dress. You can always style it with unique shoes and jewelry or maybe even a fur wrap or something to that extent.

Unknown said...

This is the first year my school is having a Winter Formal as well. Our's is also semi formal and i have no clue what to wear. I wish you luck on finding a dress :)


Hannah said...

Gosh. First of all, I love your outfit. It's really sweet and girly. I love it.
Second. When you put a budget constraint, the choices narrow! I hope you have luck with that. If I find something, I'll let you know. Either way, you're going to look gorgeous.

Marisa Noelle said...

A striped peter pan collar and pretty floral skirt...definitely a match made in heaven. This is darling in every way. Have you looked at Topshop.com yet? They have lots of pretty things...they can be a little pricey depending on what you buy...similar to stuff on Asos. They have a student discount though I believe. Also check chicwish.com or even Miss Patina Best wishes lady!!

Cee said...

I must say, your hair is looking particularly pretty in these photos. I just love your bangs! Your striped and floral ensemble is lovely, too. Have you looked at Shabby Apple for a dress for your formal yet? They have really pretty designs that I think would really suit your style, and the prices are quite reasonable.

Jessica Celebre said...

Ah, that peter pan collar on your shirt, YES! My favourite! Anyway, for me it's always go vintage or go home, and vintage styles really do suit you and your aesthetic so well. Plus, with vintage you're sure to stand out. In my experience I've found that the 60s are excellent for more casual, darling pieces. 50s stuff is more elaborate, yes, but I've found great dresses that can be dressed down with ease. And they look spectacular! There's some incredible, fairly priced stuff on Etsy. Plus you're supporting independent businesses, which is always a bonus. Hope that helped, m'lady!

Stacey Kay said...

Great top! Try Shabby Apple - I absolutely love their stuff!

Goodwill Huntingg

Zane said...

you look wonderful, love every single piece here

- said...

Modcloth is a good bet! A little expensive but so cute and they always have stuff on sale. Your hair looks so nice here!

jess said...

I love the mix of prints. Maybe try etsy or ebay. Sometimes you can score vintage dresses pretty cheap there.

Kezzie said...

That's a cute outfit! I'd like to get buy this shirt -it's so pretty!!! Er- online? I can't think of ANYWHERE!!!

OrigamiGirl said...

At the moment I am obsessed with dress from inlovewithfashion. They have really affordable beautiful clothes but they sell out of things super fast. Im still heart broken over a dress I loved that was gone by the time pay day came round.
Oh and romwe have some cool things too.

Anonymous said...

Have you looked on Etsy? There's a lot of independent designers on there and vintag stuff as well!

alexandra grecco said...

so sweet!


Anonymous said...

eBay! and I look at some secondhand shops because they usually have some formal dresses being brought in from people who no longer want them and opt for another dress.

Anonymous said...

tj maxx!!!

Anonymous said...

You should try renttherunway.com! The only bad thing is that you don't get to keep the dress, but they are designer dresses for really cheap!

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