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Friday, November 4, 2011

Bows and Bears.

Bow Dress: H&M.
Grey Cardigan: Kohl's.
Red Scarf: Target.
Black Bow Heels: Deb's.
Red Hair Bow: Claire's.
Panda Socks: Who knows!

Hello there everyone!
Yesterday was 'crazy sock day' at my school because we're having some sort of spirit week...(for reasons I have no clue why) I decided to pull out my favorite pair of socks with my absolute favorite animal on them: pandas! Pandas are just so cute :D

All I've got to say though is thank golly gosh it's Friday... It was just a terrible, stressful week at school. I studied for five hours last night for a huge Anatomy test that I took today. Even with all of the studying I still feel like I didn't fair too swell... Sigh, I can't wait to be done with this class. Or even more so, I can't wait until I graduate!

Hope you all have a lovely Friday evening...
With much love, Lauren.


Jana K said...

adorable! I think I'm in love with your dress.

Zane said...

lovely dress and socks, adore the cute bow in your hair too

Jessica Celebre said...

Oh my god you are SO CUTE. I WANT TO HUG YOU.

EmilyCinnamon said...

Aw, I hope you did good on it! Anatomy sounds difficult.... Cute outfit! I love all the different colors and patterns:) I wish we had crazy sock day at our school. Stay gorgeous Lauren!<3

Greetings from Texas! said...

Super cute. Especially your bun and bow. Love it! Just discovered your blog and am a new fan! Check out mine if you get a free sec!!


Wild Flower said...

Did you know pandas aren't really bears? Interesting fact of the day! Oh gosh, I am nerdy aren't I? I really like the socks and super really like the dress, how cute is that bow print! I know what you mean about Friday, it's a shame the weekend is so short though!


Unknown said...

Adorable dress & socks! So cute! This week has indeed been stressful, glad it's OVER


Marisa Noelle said...

You are darling Lauren! The bow print/panda print combo is too sweet for words. I'm such a sucker for cute printed socks like that. Senior year goes by so fast...though it feels long now, just wait till June and you'll wonder where it went:) Thanks for your kind condolence...you are a doll!

Juli Photo Diary said...

OWW so pretty! You look like a doll!!


Jul said...

You look too cute for words! I love the dress, and the hair bow and the socks are just adorable ;)
Life is a romantic poem

Sylvie said...

the socks are soooo cute! i have that dress in blue:) xxx

Hannah said...

I hope you won with the crazy sock day. Those are precious! I love your scarf by the way; I have one similar to that, so yes, I'm a little bias. :)
Your outfit is darling, and so are you. :)

Em [The Writer] said...

You my dear, are the definition of poise and fashion! Love the outfit!! Oh and I'm sure you did just fine on your test!

Unknown said...

Those socks are such a fun addition to this outfit and a great way to celebrate crazy sock day at school. I really enjoy the mixed prints between the dress and your socks. Very cute look!

Laura said...

I love this outfit, the little bows on the dress and in your hair are very cute! I really wish that Australia had an H&M and Forever21.


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