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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Life's Snapshots #7.

The past few weeks this is what I've been up to:
1. Munching on delicious red velvet cake... courtesy of my wonderful grandma.
2. Reading my latest magazine issues I received in the mail. It always makes my day!
3. Eating warm, homemade chili on a cold day.
4. Finding my red lipstick I've been missing since June. Ironically enough I lose my other one a day later.
5.Witnessing the most beautiful, vibrant rainbow I've ever seen.
6. Sipping on delicious Carmel Hot Chocolate from Starbucks (in a red cup!).
7. Cleaning out my closet of unwanted clothes and shoes... one and a half trash bags later.
8. Don't ever paint yourself blue. E-V-E-R.
9. Baking delicious snowman sugar cookies...and okay maybe I ate have the sheet.
10. Receiving my winter formal dress in the mail.

See you all tomorrow!
With much love, Lauren.


leah jean said...


this post made me smile. hope you're having a lovely day!

Sara said...

Wonderful snapshots!


Bri said...

Yay for grandma's that make delicious red velvet cake, lucky!

Kittens are so cute. mine never ceases to amaze me with her cuteness!

Unknown said...

Oh I love these type of posts!!! Awesome pictures and your kitty<3<3

Mae said...

Oh my! What, pray tell, are you doing with all your discarded clothes and shoes? ;) Have you considered selling them to your beloved readers? =)

Unknown said...

beautifulllll....awww look at that adorable kitty <3


Unknown said...

Hey, if you want to throw some of those unwanted clothes my way go for it!!(=

Unknown said...

Ahhh those snowman cookies are so adorable!! :) And that rainbow is stunning.. I love rainbows! :)

Anonymous said...

Mmmm...Red Velvet Cake! I have a pack of red velvet cupcakes on my bar as we speak :)

Clean closets make me happy :)

Sugar cookies- tis the holiday season

Have a good week!!!

Midwest Muse said...

I love these little posts and can I please get a piece of that cake?!

Also my hair DID have blonde for the past couple of months, it was the under layer of my bangs/side pieces. I just dyed it dark brown!!

Unknown said...

That cake looks amazing!



Kezzie said...

These are brilliant! I'm so glad you're so excited about the rainbow- I saw one that was soooo beautiful and vibrant recently with a secondary rainbow like yours and I took a photo on my mobile phone which I desperately want to post but can't find my dongle to post it! I keep showing it to people expecting them to be as excited as me but sadly they're like, 'Oh that's very nice Kezzie' but I don't see that youthful excitement- I'm glad you have it!

April said...


EmilyCinnamon said...

Ohhhh, I just love every single one of those pictures! Haha, I have totally been there with the dirty bathtub- I decided to fill my hair with sand from my sandbox and roll around in the mud when I was 3- you couldn't even see the bottom of the tub! And your cat is very cute:)

Alison said...

What a sweet snapshot post. I love red velvet cake!

Anonymous said...

Wow, wow, wow! I really want some of that cake! It looks wonderful!

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