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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Fading Sun.

Black Sweater Dress: Thrifted.
Red Beret, Leopard Scarf, Leopard Flats: Target.

Hello everyone!
I had an absolutely lovely and oh-so relaxing first day of break...I got a lot of my Christmas shopping done which is a true feat for me because I'm usually the person who waits until the very last minute! I also got my bangs cut today and it feels so much better to have them back. It's been almost a year since I originally got them cut: oh how time flies!

Before I went home I stopped by my favorite railroad tracks to take some pictures of my outfit. This is actually what I wore yesterday to school, but the rain prohibited me from snapping any shots. It turned out for the best though because I love the golden sunlight that I captured in these photos!

Hope you all are doing lovely and see you tomorrow for turkey day :)
With much love, Lauren.


April said...

Love those shoes!

Rachel said...

These pictures are soo beautiful! You look amazing and what a great setting! What about the bag?! Love it!

Shady Del Knight said...

There's something about train tracks that adds a nostalgic touch to your pictures, Lauren. Very nice, indeed! I hope you and your family have a very happy Thanksgiving, dear friend!

Mila said...

Goodness, these photos are so absolutely gorgeous! I love the colors of the sky, and the railroad tracks. Some of my favorite pictures from your blog are the ones you take with the backdrop of railroad tracks. I also love your outfit, and it has definitely inspired some new ones for me.

I am terribly sorry I haven't commented in a long time. I missed talking to you so much! I've still read all of your posts, but when time runs short for me, I don't always comment. Anyways, love everything about this post, including the outfit, scenery, lighting, and vibe.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!! :)


Sampada said...

What a pretty location! I love the combo of the red beret and leopard accents :)

Also, it's great that you got started on your Christmas shopping...I'm so caught up with birthday presents, it's gonna be hectic during the holidays.

Happy Thanksgiving!



Zane said...

beautiful photos, adore the pieces with leopard print

Jul said...

These photos are so beautiful and retro, I love them ;) and I also adore your outfit and how you wisely used the animal print. Very well done (as always, haha) ^^
Life is a romantic poem

Unknown said...

Those shoes are amazing! And a hatbox too? So cute!! Happy Thanksgiving! :)

Cindi said...

Love the touch of leopard and red - you totally own this classy outfit. You look amazing as always :)



Kathryn from Schoolmarm Style said...

This is an amazing outfit. I love everything about it. I wish I had a pair of perfect leopard flats. They are eluding me!

Unknown said...

This look is perfection! Love the red with the leopard accents. So beautiful.


Aspiring Domestic Goddess said...

Great photos! The hat box is a great touch.

Hannah said...

Such a cute outfit. I love the accents of leopard. Really chic. :)
You're lucky to have gotten your shopping done; I haven't even started! haah.
Happy Thanksgiving.
A Little Burd Told Me..

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

That is so great that you have most of your shopping done and all. I adore the bag!!!! that is so cool.

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